Spring Queens: It’s Good To Have Something of Your Own


It is that time of year where the environment around us begins to come alive with new vigor and energy. The sun shines longer and brighter…..and the mosquitoes come out!

But seriously, Spring time is a great time to gather inspiration for you! Yes, you!  You deserve to accomplish and obtain your dreams and goals.

You deserve to be the Boss.

This Spring will be a focus on women who are starting anew this year with promising entrepreneurial ventures destined for success!

Tune in each week starting April 7, 2014 to catch the featured Spring Queen of the week.

I will post information about each Queen’s services and the newest and latest products.

If you or someone you know would like to be featured during this season of Spring Queens, please fill out the following form to ensure proper protocol for having you and your business featured.

Join me in celebrating the hard work of perseverance and determination as these ladies go for what they want.

Remember: “good things come to those who wait  HUSTLE!”



“It’s liberating. It is your baby.” {Phylicia Fair, Owner of Phab and Phierce Accessories Online Boutique}


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