Happy Birthday Ms. Jill Scott

Well what do you know?! The same day as my debut of Hey Girl Hey, is the same day as Ms. Jill Scott’s birthday!

The stars are truly aligned with love and light lol. I have and still do admire the audaciousness that is Ms. Jill Scott. The way she lights up a room with her smile and intellect, while exuding a glow of nurturing energy; despite possessing one of the finest voices this generation has heard, Ms. Scott is known for her warmth and her none compromising stance in this new world of “Bad Bitches.”

Her nature makes you want to pay attention and her voice makes you want to develop a deep connection for love or a cause, so you too can feel what she is feeling.

Her live performances are a magical trip to talent and artistry musicland. She never sings a song the same way and I applaud her for her willingness to share her gifts with us.

Blessing us.

Raise your glass for a Queen who only gets better with time.

Happy Birthday Ms. Jill Scott.

Light of the Sun  album cover art

Happy Birthday Ms. Jill Scott


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