Boy Stop! 20 Year OutKast Anniversary @ Coachella?

So if you haven’t heard by now or watched the Youtube video of the long awaited return of the Atliens to the stage, you should( )A true fan of their music would appreciate the constant flood of memories the epic Atlanta formulated group brought on April 12….but the concert goers at Coachella seemed to be underwhelmed by the privilege.

When the group opened with B.O.B. I figured, okay they gonna start it off hype, something nostalgic,yet commercially successful….the crowd was lukewarm. From there on, as I sat in my living room jammin and rockin’ around my living room, those ungrateful persons stood in place. Moving and screaming only when prompted.

Who can afford a $300 ticket to witness the 20 Year Anniversary of OutKast and not be crunk,is down right lame as hell. What’s the point? And I know there were other acts, but OutKast is The Act, and that dope ass experience seemed to be lost on the crowd.

Now had the 20 Year Anniversary been in the A!….now you talking about CRUNK! I can guarantee the atmosphere would be electrifying and one the A would never forget. The talk of the town!

Fish and grits…mannnnn what does that crowd know about Delowe and Headland? Jelly Bean Skating Rink? Old Nat Hwy? The AUC? Westend Mall?
20 Years of history developed through the experience of the city who experienced it with you. Better yet, a culture of people who experienced it with you.

So why didn’t they bring the long awaited return of Daddy Fat Sacks and 3000 to Atlanta?
Why didn’t they grace the very culture they speak of with a walk down memory lane of Box Chevys and Caprices?

The South really embraced OutKast, they are the best to do it in our eyes. It would have been nice to share in that experience with them. The Home Team and the Home Crowd, epic! But I guess, there are always underlying factors behind the scenes.

Certain decisions and moves that are taken for certain reasons. I just hope the lackluster reception of Coachella, doesn’t deter the historical duo from gracing the stage again. You can always come home OutKast!We’ll turn up wit’ ya!

Even the sun goes down
Heroes eventually die
Horoscopes often lie
And sometimes why
That nothin is for sure
Nothin is certain
Nothin lasts forever
But until they close the curtain
It’s him and I
-OutKast, Aquemini ’98


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