Thinking Out Loud

There are so many amazing things God is able to teach you. I have an awful habit of comparing my life to other people’s lives; rather friend or foe.

I don’t think my life is bad, sometimes I think about how others have used what means that had to accomplish their goals or dreams, then I look at what I have been blessed to obtain and wonder have I wisely utilized my gifts wisely to expand my territory. It often comes to me when I am witnessing the life celebratory events of others; graduate school….engagements….marriages….baby showers…new homeowners.  And although I am old enough to know better, to know that there are hidden journeys behind each moment, sometimes I can’t help comparing my moves in life to their moves.

But that perspective changed for me recently. I was speaking with a homegirl of mine and while we were chatting away, she said something that struck me. She told me that she did not feel that she had accomplished or experience a life changing moment. I literally had to remove the phone from my ear and stare at it. Here was someone who I admire as a young successful professional woman who has seamlessly made the transition from college girl to grown woman. She has traveled for her job, purchased her own home and recently received a promotion with her job.

As I reminded her of her life accomplishments, it was then that I noticed mine. How sometimes because the scale we view success its on and the scale we live daily can seem eons a part, but all it takes a quick assessment of where I use to be, to tell me I have accomplished a lot. My life is no where near what it was five years ago, and for that I am thankful.


I have to teach myself that having those things; marriage, kids, a home are wonderful goals to accomplish, but what if those things were to happen now. Would I be ready, prepared? Would I appreciate the gravity of there presence in my life? Would I know how to manage my life and the new roles I would have to take on with those changes? Would I feel cheated in some way, cheated that I didn’t get a chance to fully focus on me and my needs and my life.

It is then, that I view in love. Excited and joyful to share in the experience that others create and are so gracious to include me. I have forever for those things to happen to me, if I so choose to


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