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Resist The Urge To Go Off

nostress_coverI was speaking with one of my dearest friends yesterday, who just happens to be over eighty, and she said a statement which could not have summed up my string of thoughts better:  Everyone wants to be grown. Everyone wants to be the boss. No one wants to listen.

I thought to myself, you ain’t never lied about that. I despise being in position of authority over adults. Why? Because adults have come to believe that being of a certain age entitles them to never have to learn a lesson ever again. Adults believe that age accounts for intelligence and know how, and that they are always at liberty to question any and all authority.

I am experiencing only my second time being a supervisor and for the second time in my life, I hate it. I have always worked better alone, because I appreciate the quiet, I welcome the solitude of the company of none, especially in matters of completing an important task or project. Yet when you couple a loner with know it all adults, it can create an energy like no other.

So here are some strategies I am adopting for the next month, as a trial basis to a new way of life.

1. Meditate before leaving home; I’ve even found a meditating station on my internet radio.

2. Learn to explain all instructions thoroughly and provide them in writing; I have to learn everyone receives information differently. In taking the time to effectively supervise, I in turn lower my stress levels.

3. Accept the fact that confrontations are a part of the role. It is time to embrace them as a way to finally clear the tension; whether your co workers know they piss you off to no end or not. Confrontations are the perfect time to be honest about how you feel about their work performance. All with respect and tact no less.

4. Leave work problems on your work desk. Do not. I repeat Do Not take work home with you. Your anger and frustration becomes an ant bed of irritation…and if others aren’t careful or aware, they could step into a mine trap. Don’t explode on the ones you love.

5. Pray for a successful and productive day for not only yourself, but for your co workers and the population you service. Ensure you speak positively into the workday before you begin. This way, your spirit can remind you of your request when you feel your temper rising.

6. Talk yourself off the ledge of “going off.” Sometimes before I respond to a co-worker, I have to tell myself to be mindful of my tone and my language. Pick a smile over a frown and a soft, steady tone over one filled with venom.

We have to be strong-minded enough to disengage from moments of pettiness. A lot of times, people will get off your back, when you no longer allow them the opportunity to get you all worked up. So shoulders back, head up and one foot in front of the other. Take the time to invest in your spiritual so when the attacks come to hit you with stress and frustration, you are prepared to win.

Have an awesome Peace of Mind today.

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HIV/AIDS Awareness: Public Health

red ribbon Today is the start of our HIV/AIDS Awareness here at Hey Girl Hey!!!

So gather your notepad, pens and friends,  move in closer and get informed on what is happening in our communities.

Introduce yourself to the HeyGirlHey readers please mam.

Hello, I am Latronda Davis, MPH and currently I work for Clayton County Board of Health as the HIV Linkage Coordinator. I have my Masters in Public Health (MPH) from Morehouse School of Medicine and a BS in Healthcare Management from Albany State University, and I was recently accepted into Emory University’s Nursing Program to become an RN. My professional background includes working with different federal, state, and local governments as well as with community-based organizations on various public health projects and outreach activities.

How did you become so passionate about Public Health?

Being involved in a public health internship with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Morehouse College, gave me the opportunity to see health in a different light. I was able to see preventive measure that were being implemented to safeguard the public’s health. That experience coupled with other practicum experiences, helped to form my passion and knowledge surrounding public health.

Most people wonder what public health is and when asked the question, I always say “public health is everything.” Everything we do involves public health. It is the science of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research for disease and injury prevention. It involves the social determinants of health which include socioeconomic status, education, housing, access to health care, etc. These are shaped by social policies, politics and economics. I am passionate about public health because it is my everyday life, everyone, should be passionate about public health because it is you!

How did you become involved with HIV/AIDS Awareness?

I became involved with HIV/AIDS when I took my first testing in undergrad. The first test meant that I was taking control of my health, my life and I was not to allow anyone to be the determinant factor for my sexual health and well-being. After that, I interned with the South West Georgia Health District promoting STD and HIV awareness on my school campus. Years later, HIV fell into my lap again at a community based organization called STAND Inc., with whom I worked with for two years. Our primary work focused on substance abuse, domestic abuse, re-entry population as well as HIV/AIDS. I provided HIV testings and counseling to the public, as well as worked with HIV positive clients. 

Before becoming educated and involved with HIV/AIDS prevention, what preconceptions did you have about the disease, that you now know better about?

The only preconception I had about the disease is that it was only sexually transmitted. I learned about this disease very early in life and when I found out that it was transmitted more than one way, it made it clearer and helped me to understand the virus more. There are four modes of transmission: 1) vaginal fluids, 2) semen, 3) blood and 4) breast milk.

What are some of the steps being taken within the area of preventive care for HIV/AIDS?

Promoting condom usage, abstinence, encouraging individuals to get tested regularly and monogamy are the most effective preventive measures. HIV causes AIDS so the only way to prevent AIDS, is to prevent HIV. One preventive measure that is taking place is the implementation of the PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) drug. it is targeted towards individuals who do not have HIV, but who are significantly at a higher risk of of contracting HIV. The pill is to be taken once everyday and the effectiveness of this drug has been shown to reduce the HIV infection by 92%. But to reiterate, condom usage, abstinence, regular testing and monogamy are still the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

What are some changes would you like to see implemented in prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS?

Right now, I think there should be more education about HIV and efforts to reduce the stigma around HIV to the public. Individuals with HIV are living long, healthy lives. It is not a death sentence. It is a result of a choice that was made. No one wants to have any type of illness, but we all make choices that result in some form of consequence that were not in our favor. In public health, we try to modify behavior so that make better choices. The better choices we make, the less likely we are to put ourselves at risk for disease.

Please tell us about upcoming programs with your organization.

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day; Clayton County Board of Health (Jonesboro, GA) will provide free HIV testing 5pm-7pm (we also offer free testing every Wednesday 9am-3pm)

Also CCBOH will partner with the local Walgreens Pharmacy in Clayton County to provide free testing June 26-28, 2014

Please visit these websites to find free and local testing sites in your area: and


Forgive my lapse in posting. Life is doing what it does best: moving.

Send up prayers if you will for peace and order.


Peace and Blessings

red ribbon

Hello my dearest readers!

June is HIV/AIDS Awareness here at HeyGirlHey!!! This month will feature interviews with public health care professionals who work in the field of preventive care, as well as aftercare, individuals living their life diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and other activists who are standing in the trenches to combat and eradicate this myth fill disease.  Stay tuned for the articles and discussions!

Get Informed+ Inform others=Community Awareness=Community Engagement=Change!

Early Morning Thoughts

Good morning World Citizens!
I hope each of you are peaceful and in good mental health. I’ve recently returned to my bookshelves for reading, that is a result of no cable. I’m on a roadpath to recovery after reviewing my credit score, but that’s another topic…I digress.

But in reading one of my fav (insert dramatic expression) The Rosalyn McMillan’s One Better, I had a string of thoughts, which led me to this question and poll. Leave me some feedback if you will. Let me know your thoughts! 😊
Make it a great day!
Peace and Blessings