Growing: Bite Off What You Can Chew

When I was younger, I was a fanatic for the Barney Show. I knew what time the show came on, the characters’s names and even the names of the kids on the show.

Barney had a song for any type of situation a child may experience growing up; I think that’s what I enjoyed most about the show, Barney not only spoke about certain issues, he had a catchy song to help you remember the moral of the stories.

One of the many songs that stick out to me is the “Growing” song. Now in the song Barney is referencing the physical form of growing. Here’s a snippet:

Growing, we do it everyday

We’re growing when we’re sleeping

And even when we play

And as we grow a little older we can do more things

Because I’m growing, and so are you.

Growing can be a wonderful experience and it can be a not so wonderful experience. Sometimes we look so forward to future developments of our lives and other times we dread the thought of what may be to come. 

I think we can become so comfortable with what we have accomplished, because we struggled for a season to reach a plateau, that we become complacent, not even seeking to make what we have evolve into something more _______. Any positive word will do.

For instance, you finally started making a salary, but you don’t invest or save. You finally have a place of your own, but you don’t keep it clean. You finally begin a relationship with someone you love, but you don’t implement action for contingency. 


Effort is the root to Growth. You can not gain a wholistic sense of growth, without effort. Everything you acquire in life will take some effort on your part somewhere. To expect things to change and to development in your life without you preparing and making decisions and PHYSICALLY moving, is cra cra on a whole ‘nother level.


You have to focus your breathing on your desires, your positive thoughts. Focus your tongue on speaking the words from your desires and your positive thoughts. Then move your feet and hands to the rhythm of your words spoken. It is a wholistic effort of the body to produce those thoughts and desires. To produce the growth you know you need and should be seeking.


Life as we know will continue to go on, with or without your participation, ask a deceased person; but seriously don’t let not putting forth effort be the reason you never grow, you never stretch your limitless talents and gifts. Bite off what you can chew, digest it, and then bite off some more.

I believed everything Barney said about growing, that as we grow older, we can do more things! 

Because when we put forth the effort, growth is inevitable.

Here’s to you my fellow man, to effort, to growth, to us all.

Peace and Blessings



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