Month: August 2014

Fashion Queen: Melba’s Boutique

One may never know the wonderful places their current city has to offer, if you don’t take the time to stroll through. This past Saturday, I decided to head over to the Lee Street Flea Market to catch a deal on some much-needed Cast Iron Pots and Pans, but as I put on my best bargain hat to shade my eyes and precious blowout (it’s a natural hair thing), I stumbled upon a lovely shop, Melba’s Boutique.

I could not believe a gem of this kind, could be found right in my back yard…well, close to it. Melba has some gorgeous pieces, that are sure to catch the eye of any true vintage fashionista. If the quality doesn’t get you to open the coin purse, the prices will! My favorite piece is the “Pastel Princess Petal Dress,” a steal at $12!

The moral of this lovely fashion story is this, never judge a place by its location, you could be passing up the outfit of a lifetime. Support your local businesses and support your community. The relationships you build with them, can be beneficial to you as well…I mean how much can you get for $12 at the mall? Exactly! So, if you are in the SW Atlanta area, stop by the Lee Street Flea market on Saturday and look for Melba’s Boutique, tell her Audrey sent you!

Stay Focused…They Will Follow….They Always Do

To say that I am excited about becoming a first time business owner is an understatement, so imagine my total surprise when I receive a less than celebratory response from my peers and loved ones…I know you aren’t suppose to care whether or not someone else finds your accomplishments appealing, yes, in theory that seems to be okay to believe, but in reality, I want a big deal cheer.

Why does the over exaggerated gestures become so special occasion reserved once we reach a certain age? Is it now the norm’ to say, “You don’t get a pat on your back to do what you are supposed to do?” But if that were the case, wouldn’t more people be business owners? In fact, more people would risk a failure, just for the sake of an opportunity to succeed. So, why aren’t more people entrepreneurs?

When it comes to the world of “know it alls,” why aren’t more applying all of what they know?

I admire people who are able to take a craft or skill set they love and turn it into a profit, without destroying their love for what they do. When I go to certain shops or read articles about business owners who have been entrepreneurs for 10+ years, I think, I am so glad it is possible.

Faith, is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1) Yet, I am thankful for examples of what having faith will produce, because it is times when I share my news with my friends and with my loved ones, and I do not receive the feedback I believe I should receive, I think about those who have gone before me when starting out on the journey of being a successful business owner.

And I stop pitying myself and I think to myself. And I speak to myself, mentally and sometimes a loud and I remind myself of how far I have come in such a short period of time, and I find the energy to move forward in my craft, in my skill set.

Being a Go-Getter is more than a saying to me; it is my life. Every day I will constantly remind myself of how much more creative I can be and how far I am willing to push myself to create the legacy I want to live and pay forward.

The point is this: If you are waiting for the cheers from the crowd to keep your energy up while you run this race, honey child, I have news for you: get ready to pass out. People are not assigned the same faith as you for your situation, which is something you have to walk in alone…and that is okay. But do not give up. Keep your head focused on the cause and they will follow…they always do.

Let The Righteous….Protest

Let the righteous call upon the ears of the down trodden, the fear-filled, the weary and worn.

Let them be filled with peace and hope and strength and courage.

Let the righteous walk into the fields of desolation and despair and plant seeds of truth which bare fruit of wisdom.

Let the land be filled with knowledge and wise counsel so the children will not fall.

Let the righteous sing praises unto our God, that the rain will be made as a waterfall and cleanse the anguish from the hearts and minds of the people.

Let the righteous be not afraid to lead. Be not condemned to the ways of the wicked and untrustworthy.

But glorified examples of fearlessness and love.

We stand in peaceful protest to unjust practices of corrupt law enforcement and government nationwide.

Peace and Blessings,

Stay Safe

New HeyGirlHey Feature: Flyy Girl Fridays


Hi Ladies and Gentlemen!

HeyGirlHey!!! is introducing a new feature entitled Flyy Girl Friday.

Starting September 5, 2014 each Friday a Flyy Girl will be featured on the site along with a brief write up of why she is considered a Flyy Girl

Whether it is your sister, mother, aunt, cousin, best friend, girlfriend, god-sister, co worker…send in a photo and tell why you think she should be the week’s Flyy Girl Friday Feature.

Everyone has the chance to be featured, so make sure you nominate your friends and family, make their day by showing them some love and let them know just how flyy you know they are.

Please email photo, your name and name of nominated person, along with a brief  description of why you think they are Flyy Girl-worthy.

Please also add your twitter or instagram id so I can tag you in the postings.

Send in your nominations early, so you have a better chance of having your Flyy Girl featured!

Peace and Blessings

Melanated Productions LLC

WP_20140402_010 (2)Today is the day that I, Audrey Prim, took my first steps into entrepreneurship.

I am the proud business owner of Melanated Productions LLC.

With this company I intend to bring forth awareness events, t-shirts , books, web series production and motivational speaking engagements.

I am thankful to God, that this moment is here, it is finally here.

Let this be a sign of encouragement and motivation to all of you:

What ever you want to do, do it.

Don’t continue to say, next year, next week, tomorrow…today is the day, you can celebrate your victory too.

As long as you have the passion and the mindset to go after your dreams and goals, they will come to life.

Happy Goal Digging Readers

Trying Times

I have been in a state of anger since Eric Gardner passing, by the hands of New York City Police.

I am now beyond words in what I feel and think with the police killings of 18 yr old Brown Jr. (Ferguson, MO) 24yr old John Crawford and another 22 yr old man in LA.

All men are Black.

All men died at the hands of police.

I have heard some crazy things come out of the mouths of Black People during these times, and it saddens me, that some have removed themselves from the emotion of the situations occurring against

Black People, specifically Black Men.

I’m just not ready to write yet, so I thought to say a little bit about my disappearing act this week.


But know this, I am not to pissed to not seek ways to prevent the same murders from happening in my neighborhood.


I am a warrior. I am Black. I am valuable. I am a purpose within God’s light.

To my Black People, who are my community, I love you enough to fight for you, anyway I can. I pray we all will do the same.

Beautiful and Unexpected: HeyGirlHey 500 Views!!!


Today marks 500 views of HeyGirlHey!!!

Can you say super geeked and excited?!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who comes to my blog and reads what I have to say and shares my articles and commenting with your own.

Goal digging has its rewards.

Stay woke! Keep following your passion, it will take you where you need to be.

Judging: A Weapon of Weakness

I was sitting watching the special of a religious reality program and my spirit brought this thought to mind:

When you judge others, you bring the scrutiny back to you. 

Then my next natural thought to my spirit was; how so?

And my spirit answered back, the things that you do, which you are self conscious about, the things you do to cover the scent of your decisions, is a direct result of you judging others for being transparent about theirs. 

If someone were to openly discuss their displeasure about your lifestyle and your choices, could you handle it or would you be condemned/shamed by their words?

If someone were to pick up your scent, what would they “smell”? How much would what they “smelled” tell them about you, that they did not sense before?

Judging others is a sign of weakness and jealousy; we judge those who have accepted who they are, where they are, and because we would not have the strength to walk their path, we cast our narrow minded thoughts and opinions upon that person. We speak words of ill manner towards their mindset and situation, rather than to uplift them from their mess and despair.

As much perfume and soap and lotions I apply to me, there are some scents, cosmetics cannot mask. And for those things about me which are not appealing to the senses, I am thankful for those who do not find it robbery to love me despite my “smell.”

Really self evaluate yourself, what are you not transparent about, but you long to be, so that you feel free? What are you afraid for others to know? When you are bound in fear and secrecy, you are holding yourself captive to self judgement, which in my personal experience, is the worse kind of judgement.

Who is gonna love you if you don’t free yourself to love you?

You cannot appreciate the honesty of someone else, until you begin to accept it from yourself.

If you want to change someone, change you. Commit yourself to what you need to do for you and watch it happen.

Be strong in truth, not judgement, for it comes to weaken our mindset, so we forget that we are ever evolving in this life; trials and tribulations will come to test us, truth will help us to prevail, not judgement, which seeks to shame us into despair and hopelessness and repetitive behavior of shame.

So, if you pick up a scent from someone, try a little patience, try a little understanding, try being motivating and nurturing. Prayer works too.

Just don’t judge.

It will come back to weaken you.