Trying Times

I have been in a state of anger since Eric Gardner passing, by the hands of New York City Police.

I am now beyond words in what I feel and think with the police killings of 18 yr old Brown Jr. (Ferguson, MO) 24yr old John Crawford and another 22 yr old man in LA.

All men are Black.

All men died at the hands of police.

I have heard some crazy things come out of the mouths of Black People during these times, and it saddens me, that some have removed themselves from the emotion of the situations occurring against

Black People, specifically Black Men.

I’m just not ready to write yet, so I thought to say a little bit about my disappearing act this week.


But know this, I am not to pissed to not seek ways to prevent the same murders from happening in my neighborhood.


I am a warrior. I am Black. I am valuable. I am a purpose within God’s light.

To my Black People, who are my community, I love you enough to fight for you, anyway I can. I pray we all will do the same.


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