Let The Righteous….Protest

Let the righteous call upon the ears of the down trodden, the fear-filled, the weary and worn.

Let them be filled with peace and hope and strength and courage.

Let the righteous walk into the fields of desolation and despair and plant seeds of truth which bare fruit of wisdom.

Let the land be filled with knowledge and wise counsel so the children will not fall.

Let the righteous sing praises unto our God, that the rain will be made as a waterfall and cleanse the anguish from the hearts and minds of the people.

Let the righteous be not afraid to lead. Be not condemned to the ways of the wicked and untrustworthy.

But glorified examples of fearlessness and love.

We stand in peaceful protest to unjust practices of corrupt law enforcement and government nationwide.

Peace and Blessings,

Stay Safe


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