Month: September 2014

I Am Committed

If I do not find it within myself to sacrifice for the benefit of tomorrow, then I am not committed to my vision.


If I do not take the time to make something happen for myself, I am not committed to my success.


If I do not suffer for now, I am not committed to enjoying the relief of the future.


You have to take the risk of failing in order to show yourself what you are capable of accomplishing.

Seek out the opportunity to be turned down.

Learn to be bigger than a rejection.

Learn to be bigger than your doubts.

If you are capable of envisioning the dream.

You are capable of achieving it.

A Go Getter is not bred from success. And a Go Getter is not bred from failure.

It is the commitment to achieve at all costs, that births a Go Getter.

The commitment.

Be so optimistic to the point it becomes contagious.

When you set the tone, others cannot help but get on board.

They will join the positivity or they will leave.

Either way, you win.

Never, ever, quit speaking those things you desire into existence.

Because everything you put forth your foot to accomplish, God will increase.

It starts with the mind and travels through the body for action.

Your Perspective sets the tone.

What will yours be?

Flyy Girl Friday Feature: Miss Jill Scott

Flyy Girl Friday is back for the second  feature and you guys are in for a special treat.

This week’s Flyy Girl is none other than

Miss Jill Scott


Light of the Sun  album cover art

Ms. Jill Scott

Jill is a dope lyricist, songstress, poet, actor, mother and possessor of a loving and shining spirit. She came onto the music scene with a Roots collab back in 1999, before releasing her debut album Who is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds in 2000, and has successfully released six follow up albums since her debut. Miss Scott has also made the transition into films quite smoothly, spreading her mass appeal to all areas of expressive art. She completed a run of the Broadway play hit Rent, during a Canadian tour, just before releasing her debut album. Miss Scott is so many things to me for so many reasons, but most notably, she carries herself in the magnitude of a righteous Queen and speaks to heal and to help us to overstand the power we each possess. May her legacy live on beyond this world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Miss Jill Scott.

Try to Understand

There are times when I have to chin check myself, mentally, when I am too focused on the business affairs of others.

Those moments when I become too consumed with figuring out “why” in someone else’s life, rather than placing all of that energy on my own ‘whys,”  shows up when I am faced with challenges, because;

Those things we find easy to pick out in others, always finds a way to show itself in our lives, while we are focused on screen-shooting the problems others are facing.

When you understand that your moments of struggle are only temporary, you will learn to be slower to speak or give an opinionated statement, about the trials and tribulations others are enduring.

No one is made perfect. Every single person breathing will make mistakes, we have to learn to allow people to make the mistake and be poised to help when they are willing and ready to turn the situation around.

Take the time to understand, so that you may know how to help, rather than to hinder.

Before you begin to “put your mouth on a person” or speak about their situation in a non-positive light, reflect on a time when you were not as you are now.


Flyy Girl Friday: Khalilah “KG” Gordon

Today marks the very first Flyy Girl Friday feature and I could not be more excited to introduce each of you to HeyGirlHey’s debut Flyy Girl.

Khalilah “KG” Gordon

KG is the Founder and Executive Director for The Freedom Now Academy for Girls.

She is a motivational speaker, educator and Toastmaster whose passion is speaking life into others while educating and inspiring the youth.

Ms. Gordon’s Flyy Girl Friday feature is courtesy of Mr. Julian Smart, a fellow Toastmaster and youth educator.

Khalilah "KG" Gordon Founder & Executive Director; The Freedom Now Academy for Girls

Khalilah “KG” Gordon
Founder & Executive Director; The Freedom Now Academy for Girls


Make sure you get in your nomination for your Flyy Girl-worthy lady, friend, mom, daughter, sister, Aunt, co-worker…whomever! Let’s show all the women in our lives love for doing only what they can do!

Peace and Blessings

Question of The Day

Hey Girl Hey!!! has not posted a poll discussion in a hot minute, so today I’ve decided to give you something to ponder about.

I was discussing the topic of stay at home mothers with a male friend of mine and I had an unusual thought to pop into my mind.

I want people to really focus on this poll discussion and think about the functions of a stay at home mother and what we have learned for it to “look like.”

Without further ado, I give you Question of the Day: