Try to Understand

There are times when I have to chin check myself, mentally, when I am too focused on the business affairs of others.

Those moments when I become too consumed with figuring out “why” in someone else’s life, rather than placing all of that energy on my own ‘whys,”  shows up when I am faced with challenges, because;

Those things we find easy to pick out in others, always finds a way to show itself in our lives, while we are focused on screen-shooting the problems others are facing.

When you understand that your moments of struggle are only temporary, you will learn to be slower to speak or give an opinionated statement, about the trials and tribulations others are enduring.

No one is made perfect. Every single person breathing will make mistakes, we have to learn to allow people to make the mistake and be poised to help when they are willing and ready to turn the situation around.

Take the time to understand, so that you may know how to help, rather than to hinder.

Before you begin to “put your mouth on a person” or speak about their situation in a non-positive light, reflect on a time when you were not as you are now.



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