Month: October 2014

Special Edition Feature: Morisha Danee, The New Voice of Feel Good Music

This Special Edition Feature is truly a magical moment!

This Feature is made for the lovers,

the lovers of Feel Good Music

the lovers of Soulful Melodies and Uninhibited Lyrics.

And She?

She is your new favorite Feel Good supplier.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Morisha Danee Interview

NOVEMBER 4, 2014

Morisha Danee1

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Twitter: morishafans

Instagram: morishadanee

Fall Beauty/Fashion Edition: Beautiful Textures Natural Hair Care Event Atlanta

Last night I stepped out in the town of Atlanta, to partake in some lively conversation about Natural hair care and the secret codes as to what is deemed as a real naturalist.

The atmosphere was real chill, cute and polite.

The bright lights and excellent marketing material were well thought out and placed, I must say,

I kept thinking how well the Garner Circle PR team executed the event. I applaud anyone able to successfully pull together anything which involves people rsvp’ing…it can be the blues.

DJ Princess Cutz kept the atmosphere high and full of fun energy as Beautiful Textures gave out nice goody bags. Each guest attendant received one product from the new Beautiful Textures’ line.

DJ Princess Cutz

DJ Princess Cutz

After reading the product ingredients and what each product seeks to achieve, I found that Beautiful Textures goes a step further to educate the consumer on how to properly use the product with other products to achieve maximum protection for healthy natural hair.

Sure the products stem from the Beautiful Textures line, but you could always take that advice and apply it to your budget for hair care at home.

Tangle Taming  Shampoo Curl Control Creme

20141020_190606 20141020_190753

Starting at $7 for maintaining your curl pattern and the price varies by store for the anti-reversion products, naturally straight hair products.

The guest panelists were Lexi( blogger and digital marketer) Myliek (Founder and Creator of Lindsay Thompson (co-owner of Loop Salon) and Taniqua Russ (Social Media Manager

Lexi, L. Thompson, T. Russ, Myliek, Hostess

Lexi, L. Thompson, T. Russ, Myliek, Hostess, Kimberly Walker

All in all, it was a fun, fabulous night! Special thank you to Beautiful Textures for putting on a great FREE event. it goes to show you can be fabulous on any budget in anywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open and follow through.

And as far as what is deemed a real and true naturalista?

It is all in the mind.

Happy Fall Fashion to you!

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Morning Thoughts: Spirituality. Religion.

Up early this morning scrolling through my Instagram timeline, and I came across a post from one of my favorite young Black researchers, @blackloudproud.

The post read:

Religion is for people afraid of going to hell.

Spirituality is for people who have already been.


There is a lot I can say on this matter, but I am more interested in what you have to say.

What does this thought mean to you?

Do you agree? Do you have further insight?

Share. Comment. Engage.

Dear America: Black. Life. Matters.


Think about that.














The language of United States Governmental policies, laws, amendments and memorandums, do not speak of the Life we seek to live on a daily basis. The message has been learned from the beginning, to implement practices which blatantly harm innocent persons and the community, without  punishment, precautions, moral recompense, financial reparations, verbal apology, and/or death for law enforcement officers when using such tactics as “No Knock Warrants” “Fleeing Felon” “Pedestrian Stop” “Stop & Frisk” “Traffic Stops,” to name a few.

Grand jurors are turning their heads the other way, in order to protect a system that inevitably, does not care about anyone other, than the people who help to make the system the killing machine that it is.

And even they are disposable.

Black People have been the target of this system for over 400 years, and it is the reality of that; to remain in America, in its present and historical condition, Black life will continue to be the daily target of a white supremacy racial system.

 The past two years the national local news accounted for several stories of Black People being shot to death, without any reason, other than a white person was afraid.

Renisha McBride (19yrs) shot in the head while trying to get assistance when her car broke down.

Jonathan Ferrell (24yrs) shot 10 times by a police officer after being involved in a car crash, seeking help. Some nervous white person called the cops.

Darius Simmons (13yrs) shot by neighbor who claims the boy stole from his house. He shot him in front of his mother. No proof the child stole anything.

Jordan Davis (17yrs) shot because he wouldn’t turn down his music at the gas station. After almost two years, the jury recently found his killer guilty of first degree murder.

Trayvon Martin (17yrs) shot for wearing a hoodie while walking down the street. His murderer is still free.

The list goes on and on, with senseless crimes ending in the lost of Black Life.

The recent escalation in more Black Life being taken by the hands of police officers, has caused an awakening for a lot of Black People, who are tired of standing by, awaiting leadership. The mobilization of Black community advocates and supporters, who have risked their lives to speak out against the improper practices and policies, of a morally corrupted system in Ferguson, Missouri, regarding the slaying of eighteen year old college freshmen, Michael Brown, has caused more people nation wide to begin to link up with like-minded persons to form a strong coalition of prevention in their communities.

Social media has been a champion for people on the grounds experiencing the harsh treatments and witnessing the brutality of the police and has helped to keep falsified information from the controlled national media from having the final say-so. No more are we allowing ourselves to believe what the system feeds us or tries to force feed us by fear.

Black Life matters because it was created for a purpose. And that purpose was not to be killed senselessly by inferior mindsets of fear. No, Black Life is the essence of creation. The beginning of human existence.

And no amount of bullets, nor chains, nor systematic illnesses can drive out that which created everything.

Don’t believe that last statement? Do your research. Everything derives from people of color. Black People created it and the information was either “discovered” or taken.

Black labor and intelligence and strength and spirituality, were used to build America, and it still is. Our very culture is used as a carbon copy to sell, market thousands of products to the public.

Now is the time to remind ourselves of just how great we are. To remind us of what we are capable of creating and producing. Every voice needs to be raised and heard over the chaotic deafening sound of silence and actions of complacency.

Voting in your local and state elections helps to ensure the proper officials are in place to rectify policies and legislation which does not seek to protect the interests of all citizens and serve them in humility, honor, trust and excellence.

Black Life.



Clark Atlanta University Alumni Feature


Good Tuesday morning readers!
Today is extra special, as I will be the featured “Alumni of the day,” for my Alma mater: Clark Atlanta University.

Please be so kind as to click the link below to read my write up; speaking on my lessons learned while at CAU, as well as my present day and future goals.

I cannot possibly explain how excited I am without sounding obnoxious, so I’ll just leave it up to you to check out the article for yourselves.

Have an amazing day! Peace and Blessings