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The Feast: A State of Mind

Lagoon-Green-Water-WallpapersIt is a another end of another year. It is also the time when we most reflect upon our lives, for the future and the past. We seem to coherently draw to one accord, to reference human life, no matter our own, but we all seem to silently turn over its value in our minds.

I for one am so consumed with what I am doing and if I am readily prepared for what is to come. And other than that I say, girl please don’t worry about not knowing and therefore elaborating the worst in your mind, so that you feel absolutely petrified at the work of change.

The Feast is the manner in which you feed those things in your mind, which either help to motivate you towards your dreams or motivate you away from your dreams.

I am realizing with all things, The Feast comes into play; our relationships with positive and negative people, illness and hardships, our attitudes and our actions determine the outcome of The Feast.

When we focus and visualize and plan for the positive thoughts of energy and creativity, we bring forth other great spectrums to the biggest picture. When our light reflects exactly who we are and what we utilize as sustenance, it will draw light-minded people and an over flowing abundance of extras.

Extras, are the “I can’t believe this” moments. When what you have been attempting to reach, is now something bigger than what you perceived it to be. Those are the moments we always remember; How our blessing double folded.

When we focus and give energy and time and value to the negative thoughts in our minds and lives, we will bring forth habits, people and judgment, which will take away from the things we have worked to obtain. These are also moments we will always remember; Hardship.

The Feast can either be plentiful or it can be scarce. The choice is always up to you to have the life you desire.  Your mind has to be aligned with positivity, not only for yourself, but for others as well. We cannot win without the collaboration of light-minded persons.

Build up your mind. Build up your soul.

Allow The Feast to be in abundance and shared with many.

Peace and Blessings

Listen to Give

Memory Lane

I am an avid game player on my phone. Whether it is a word game or a card game, specifically uno and spades, and board games like dominoes. In playing these games, sometimes you luck up to get a game going versus a real life human, rather than a computer. You have the option to chat with others, if you so choose to. One particular day, I was challenged by a fella to play a word game. He was no one I knew or had met before, which is not a prerequisite to play, but after some time of playing, he messaged me through the game chat.

He told me he was thankful I accepted his game challenge and thankful I helped him to think harder about his word plays. And then what he said next, surprised me. His mother passed away about two months ago, and he found playing games online as a way of not thinking about his grief.

At first I thought, here goes another person telling me their story, without me asking. How can I possibly understand the magnitude of such a lost? But then, my spirit said, listen.

I engaged in the convo to thank him for deeming me a worthy opponent and I took the uncertain step of asking him questions about his mother and what else he has a means to heal and move forward.

His mom died of cancer and she is the same age as my own mother.

It made me think and it made me grateful.

It made me think because, I sometimes worry if my mother will live to see me walk into the greatness I envision for myself and the faith she has in me to obtain it. And it made me grateful because she has been here every step of my journey, rooting me forward. In any measure, it’s a lost I am not ready to take.

In our chatting, I was able to recommend my blog to him, as a means of motivation and hopefully some inspiration about healing. I wanted to say, you are so strong and awesome to still decide, to still choose to be happy, to be forward moving in a time when life can seem to stand still.

All in all, I am glad I listened. I am glad I did not miss the opportunity to share in someone else’s life. In that brief conversation, I learned that I have a lot to be grateful for, and it is imperative that I acknowledge that every day, as cliché as it sounds, it is the realist thing you will ever hear.

So, if and when you come across a stranger, whether online or off, should they reach out for conversation, calm your spirit enough to hear what they have to share. It could be a ramble of incoherent thoughts or it could be a golden nugget; either way you never know how much you taking the time to listen could be the difference between someone having a better day or a sad one.

Share your joy.

Give your light.

It is not the will of God that we keep these things for ourselves. Listen to Give.

The Two Races in America

Shot in the USA: Gun Violence After Newtown

b Müller

There are two races in America. The race I’m running is the 100m. It’s tiring (I didn’t bother training properly), it’s intense but if I keep hauling my bones along eventually I’ll get to the end. Even if I don’t, someone can probably help or carry me over the line. I’ll need to make a big effort, at the end I’ll be short of breath and exhausted, but I will have run the race.

But next to me there’s another race going on. From high above the stadium, in the TV blimp or police helicopter, both races look pretty much the same in a bird’s eye view. But come down closer until you can see the faces of the runners and feel the texture of the track: These two races are different.

The race next to me is the 110m hurdles. It is slightly longer. It is harder fought…

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Music Review: J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive


Yeah I know, it’s a male feature on HeyGirlHey!!! ….but once you finish reading this review, you will understand why.

I must admit, I previously listened to J. Cole in passing,  therefore I’m gonna spare you the search engine biography and lyrical acension thesis.
However, being a lover of music and having longed missed the days of lyrical storytelling and unapologetic views of life; I am thanking God for 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

This has to be the motivational record of the century! When was the last time you heard a mainstream, commercially successful rap artist tell you to love? To unite? To be an example? And to challenge others who are as successful to pay it forward, with love? Yeah, ponder that.

Now this ain’t a Ghandi album, because Cole goes hard with all his viewpoints. For instance G. O. M. D. (get off my d) where he definitely was feeling his space. It is definitely a “haters beware” groove, without the tiring, redundant reference. Definitely a banger.

While listening to A Tale of 2 Cities, I imagined myself taking all current albums and stomping them beneath my feet while waving my arms and hands in the air….when you listen to the album, you will understand.
  No Role Modelz, could be the anthem for a lot of us. The 80s baby. The “I’m only getting older, what do I want outta life” anthem. Funny how a song can sum it up perfectly. Who and what are we looking to for inspiration? Who and what are we gravitated torwards?
  -that”s a whole new topic

What I hope to convey through this review is, J. Cole gave us our musical sanity back. We can let the entire album play and never skip a song. We can bare the burdens and those ever growing boughts of traffic. The unfairness of society. The beauty of God given things, family, friends, love and happiness.
We can be inspired to be creative and produce something epically dope as well.

This album reaffirms the sentiment of being a big changer on a small everyday level.

Do You Wanna be Happy?, Cole asks. I say, listen to this album, it is a start.

2014 Forest Hills Drive


Do You Wanna Be Happy?
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J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive
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