2015:Journey to Transparency

I do not write to tell you what to do.
I write to help you reflect, evaluate, appreciate, discern.
To humble thyself, to love, to achieve, to debate, to criticize….constructively.
To dream, to believe, to smile, to cry.
To reminisce, to plan ahead.
To hope, to pray, to be thankful always.
To share, to cling.
To remember what it is to believe in your dreams.

This year is a great year to be a Hey Girl Hey!!! Reader, and I do not take lightly  the likes and comments. We are all creative beings, dancing with the emotions of art acceptance from others. So, I feel at peace stating my joy for each opinion.

Be in light mind of me, as i am of you. I will for the success of this year for us all who are willing to go get what is for us! When you speak it into the atmosphere, it is forever there, awaiting your actions to pull it into your territory. 
Continue everyday to speak what your heart desires and follow through with moves of action.

And i will do the same.
Peace and Blessings



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