Namaste: The Choice is Yours

The choice is still yours. imagery imagery

It is still within your power to make it happen, to have it become what you have been dreaming it to be. No matter how many obstacles stand to deter you, it is your choice to push forward or to turn around.

To turn around to the lifestyle that is light years from where your passion is, to a place where no amount of things can compensate for your desire to attempt and achieve.

How hollow of a life are you willing to live? How half assed of an existence are you willing to endure, simply because of challenges and people?

Because those are the situations we drag ourselves into, when we do not actively pursue our true happiness. The happiness we were created to live, and to serve in. Imagine being at peace and creating things from within that place of peace.

Can you visualize the results? Can you begin to feel what giving of yourself when you are constantly full can do for not only others, but for you? Everything you would set out to accomplish, would be successful, because you are at peace with what is being pursued.

There are no dead ends. There are no set backs. There are no missed opportunities. Because everyday we will function with the intent to reach our creative source. imagery

The choice is still yours.

You have the power to make it happen.


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