Personal Decision

Quick time in the limelight.
Forever a legacy.

Sure they shine for right now. But aint you tryna shine forever?

That’s why you go deeper than the surface. Exploring your purpose.

Shiny things do not matter. Them dim in due time.

But a soul that shines in this lifetime, finds reward in all times of life to come.

Look, but do not envy.
Let not your heart be consumed with petty thoughts.
You have no time and the world is so deceitful, it will have you to believe what you seek, aint worth seeking.

That is why you see so much carbon-copying.

Tell yourself, there is nothing else.
This is all it has to eat.
Your purpose, to fuel you. Your passion to drive you.

So you must change your mindset in order to survive off what you got to give.

We aint following no body.

We be the trend.


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