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Motivation for Perspective: Countdown to My Blog-a-versary

Good Monday Morning Beautiful People!

Today I thought about doing some sort of countdown to commemorate my first year of blogging. April 3 will mark one full year that Hey Girl Hey!!! has been a functioning and thriving source of my creativity and my writing. I am overjoyed with how quickly time has seemed to pass by, only because I was so busy trying to push the limits of my blog, I did not notice the months quickly merging into the next.

And so from my thinking, I gathered some motivation to share with you. You know how I do!

But seriously, I want you to know there is always time to do what we desire and what we love. It takes courage. And some may say, it takes courage to start a blog? And I will answer; yes, it takes courage to start a blog. A personal platform, in which you are either informing others about particular topics or sharing your life experiences, can be a daunting task, at times. But that is the thing to remember when embarking upon new adventures.

In the beginning, it is fun, it is exciting and it is something you look forward to engaging in daily. However, as time goes on, the initial fuel can begin to deplete and the energy you once had to go after your desires, can fade. In those times, it is important to step back and regroup and try not to scare yourself or discourage yourself from attempting again. Sometimes it is a matter of incorporating new ideas or people and sometimes it is a matter of overthinking the process; seeing what others have accomplished and fast tracking your goals by what you think you should be in your craft, in your journey.

Stop doing that to yourself! Their journey is supposed to look how it looks, because of what they have gone through to get where they are. And honey, everything that glitters….is not gold.

I want to encourage you to stay on your path. Focus on your dreams and visions. Stay committed to what you have given your word to accomplish; to complete every task and learn from each of your mistakes. Because one day, you will look up and see that the anniversary of beginning is just a few days away. And you will have the opportunity to look around at what you were able to accomplish or create in a year’s time; from a thought to an anniversary…..the reward is real.

You just have to what?

Go Get It!

Flyy Girl Friday Feature: Drea Hall

Well ladies, we have come to the end of Women’s History Month,


however, we are still celebrating

Flyy Girls everywhere!


It is so fitting to have this next blogger to end out this month, as she has inspired some of our featured Flyy Girls!

So get ready to know a blogger who has found her niche and is steadily becoming

a Brown Girl on the rise.

Ladies and Gentlemen


Please introduce yourself to the readers:

Hi, my name is Drea and I reside in Chicago, IL.

Tell the readers about your blog, The Drea Daily:

The Drea Daily is my lifestyle blog where I write about a myriad of topics but mostly style, beauty, food, music, books and my musings on just about anything that I am fancying at the time.

Why did you begin blogging?

I started blogging as an assignment for a college course I was taking at the time. It was called ‘Sociology of Leisure’ and at the beginning of the course, the professor instructed us to choose a leisure activity that we could see ourselves sticking with for the remainder of the semester, and I chose blogging. When the semester ended, I could’ve deleted my blog but I didn’t. And here I am four years later, still blogging

What motivates you to dedicate time to blogging?

I’ll preface this by admitting there are some days that I don’t feel like stringing a single sentence together, much less an entire blog post. That said, the one motivating factor that drives me back to my blog week after week is my selfish need to document what’s happening in my life — from the clothes I’m wearing, to the makeup I’m obsessed with, to the TV shows I’m watching, to the music I’m listening to. During my early years of blogging, my motivation for blogging was less self-serving; I wanted to have a blog that helped and inspired people. These days, I’m much more candid about my selfish reasons for blogging. I blog because I enjoy blogging about my life — that’s it. My intent is not to empower or enlighten anyone in the process, but if that happens, I’m okay with it.


In one year, what do you hope manifests from your blogging?

In one year, I hope that my photography skills sharpen and my email newsletter gains more readers/subscribers.

Name two of your favorite bloggers you follow:

Two of my favorite bloggers to follow are Candice of because she has a very inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and I’m always curious to see what she does next. Plus, her blog posts are remarkably succinct and straight to the point; I never walk away from her blog befuddled by what she’s written. Also, Mary of Verily Merrily Mary because she’s an undeniably good writer with an extensive vocabulary. More than that, though, she’s a blogger who thinks. I can tell she wrestles with her thoughts and thinks before she writes, and I have a great admiration for that.

What legacy do you want to leave behind for others to know about you?drea-the-drea-daily-01

Frankly, my mind is never occupied with thoughts about what others will think of me when I’m gone. Leaving a legacy is just not something that crosses my mind when I’m blogging or doing anything else for that matter. If anything, I’d say that I would want others to know that I was an honest, transparent person. There is nothing about me or my life that I am ashamed to speak or write about. I own up to every bit of who I am and who I’ve been — the good, the not so good, as well as the nice and not so nice.

Be sure to follow Drea to keep up with her latest updates!

@DreaEHall |Twitter

@drea.elise | Instagram

Short Story: Difficult to Satisfy Pt 5

Clinton was wound up with undeniable anticipation of seeing Kerra at his party. He knew in his mind he was behaving like a hormonal fifteen year old boy, but his heart always beat louder than his logic. From the moment he laid eyes on Kerra at a community fundraiser event her previous employer hosted, he knew that she was one of a kind. The appeal of Kerra was not her look, but what she evoked from within. How she felt about the causes of inadequate fresh food supply into communities cut off by transportation and poverty and what she did to help bring the monies to grow food locally and train residents to maintain their crops, all with no corporate or federal backing; she was some special kind of woman! The fact that she was breathtakingly beautiful was a happy bonus!

That night he made it his business to introduce himself; with his family’s history for good measure. The Judges were a family who were known throughout the community for their service excellence and sustainable efforts with community programming. He figured he would have no problem catching Kerra James’ attention that night. And although he wanted to speak about business, his logic told him that it was not all he was after. Thinking it was the alcohol, Clinton put his glass of scotch on the passing waiter tray. He settled into a corner of the room, enclosed by two columns that adorn the Herndon Home, and watched Kerra, more carefully than before.

She seemed to move throughout the crowd as if she were a gracious Queen. No arrogance shown in her demeanor, her effortless smile and the intent look of genuine interest she gave each person who wished to speak with her, made him want to reach out to her. God! How he wanted to pull her tall frame into his and slowly guide her around the room, slowly basking in her glory, savoring the rays of her goodness. It made a man like Clinton feel good to have a woman who draws other unto her, without being provocative. Her femininity was intoxicating, he wondered how her tall frame would feel hugged closed to his. Without another moment to waste on his far-fetched fantasies, he gathered himself to approach her.

Clinton let out a deep sigh as he brought his mind back to the present. He was awaiting the arrival of his best friend Matthew Pitts, who also served as his business partner. The two had been building their marketing firm for the past five years. Just as he were about to call Matt, his friend entered the coffee shop wearing a wide grin across his face.

Either you have good news or you found a parking space close to the shop? Clinton spoke cheerfully.

Ahh my good man, not only do I have good news, but I too found a close spot! But before I get ahead of myself, lemme place my order. Did you order yet? Matt removes his jacket and picks up his menu, peering over the top to get Clint’s reaction.

No, not yet. I was waiting on you. And instead of ordering at the counter, now you just fill out this cards and take it up front. He pushed a card towards Matt, who speedily filled his out and waited for Clinton to pass his.

After their orders were in, the two sat across each other in the booth as Matt got settled in to share his good news.

Remember the chick I use to date who does the PR for the LemonLime Restaurant Group? Shelly. Shelly Kilmer?

Clint nods his head.

Well, she tells me that they are preparing to open a new restaurant on the main entrance of Lenox Mall. They aren’t currently working with a marketing firm and they don’t currently have an in-house personnel….she put our name in the hat man! We could totally get this bid!

Clinton looked at his friend’s grin and felt his spreading across his own face.

Man, this is great news! We have been waiting to bag a top brand, this could be the start of many more to come!

I know. Matt spoke. This is why it is important that your party is beyond what it normally is. We have to show these people what we are capable of even on a birthday party level! Matt was so excited his arm movements help to exaggerate his words.

Clinton understood what he was saying; however he was positive that what he had planned for his special night would have everyone leaving in high spirits. The party was handled.

Listen, I know you have everything handled already man, it’s just, I am so pumped about this opportunity! I’ve been so excited, I haven’t had time to find a date for the party. He thought for a quick second. Maybe Shelly? Nah. Too soon for business and pleasure….although, we’ve had our pleasure before. He grinned despite his efforts not to.

Clinton shook his head at his friend as he chuckled.

What about you Clint? Who are you bringing to the party? Matt asked.

Clinton thought about telling Matt of Kerra’s invite to the party, but decided against it. The two never really seemed to hit it off. Matt did not understand the affection Clinton held for her.

I honestly have not yet decided if I should have a date present.

Would that have anything to do with the fact that a Ms. Kerra James is in town? Matt asked casually as he seasoned his piping hot breakfast plate. He looked up to meet Clinton’s gaze, awaiting his friend’s answer.

How did you kn…

Man, how many times do I have to tell you? I know people everywhere. They see it all and figure to tell me. Besides, when were you going to tell me that you knew?

Clinton sighs. I don’t know. You always give me so much crap about Kerra. I guess, I didn’t want to hear it this time. Plus, it’s just a party, not like she and I will be alone. He turned to look out the window as he ended his sentence. In his mind he could see her again at that fundraiser, looking beautiful and regal. And he thought about how he’d wanted a moment alone with her then. He dragged his hand down his face as if wiping off the emotion of the memory.

And so it begins. Matt muttered. Chasing Kerra.

In his mind, Kerra should be falling at her knees to have the affection of Clinton Judge. He could have anyone he wanted, and he wanted her, a Black woman.

Motivation for Perspective: Red Flags

A red flag is the same thing as a helping hand.

Sometimes we can become so caught up in what we want the situation to be, we neglect to see it for what it is.

The danger in defying our intuition, is the inability to accept that we know better. And the fact that we proceed any way guarantees us the short end of the stick.

It’s time to ask yourself; is it really worth the risk?

Flyy Girl Friday Feature: Dorie

Spring is upon us and with the change of the seasons,

brings a bright and endearing attitude about new goals and adventures.

Dorie of Dee Grows Up embodies this winning attitude through her

diverse blog posts and fun photography.

This twenty-something has a fresh lease on life and she wants to help others

find their way to individuality.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome


Hi, please introduce yourself to the readers:

Dorie, (Dee) from Miami, Florida.

Give us a brief description of your blog, Dee Grows Up:

My blog is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the 20-somethings out there still trying to define this thing called adulthood. It’s where I talk about the experience of being an awkward 20-something navigating my way through life and the many lessons I learn along the way. It’s about my trials and my triumphs. I also share everything that inspires me from music, fashion, and art to other 20-somethings that I admire. I know I won’t be in my twenties forever, so as I grow my blog will grow with me, hence the name DeeGrowsUp

Why did you begin blogging?

I began blogging last summer when I graduated early from college. I felt like I was catapulted prematurely into adulthood territory and left to figure it out all on my own. But with prayer and guidance from my family, friends who didn’t mind reading my annoying and desperate 5-paragraph text messages, AND pouring myself into starting up a blog, I was able to survive that summer in one piece and with my sanity.


What motivates you to dedicate time to blogging?

Writing and designing have always been a hobby for me, and I really do feel, I have interesting stories to share. If I can dedicate at least one hour out of my day I can knock out a decent post. I love getting feedback and responding to comments. Although I don’t have a problem writing and talking to myself, it’s motivating to know that someone out there is listening.

In one year, what do you hope manifests from your blogging?

I want to focus on growing my readership and knowing that I’m having an impact on others someway and somehow. I also want to branch out of my comfort zone and start doing interviews, and also blogging about my spiritual journey. I’m also going to start selling a few products this year so be on the lookout! But more than anything I hope this year manifests more opportunities to connect with and work with other bloggers
Name two of your favorite bloggers you follow:Dorie3

Two of my favorite bloggers are Miranda Elise from and Krystal Scott from Miranda, blogs about college life, and keeping God in the midst of your relationship; her blog posts are like excerpts from a novel and are so interesting to read. I admire Krystal because her blog is a place to stay inspired and have faith in God.

What legacy do you want to leave behind for others to know about you?

I want others to know about me that I have a rebel heart. I am known for going against the grain and doing things that people would totally not expect from me. I have a spontaneous personality and a YOLO attitude. Life is too short to second guess. By the way I live my life, I want to inspire other people to not live confined in what they doubt that they are capable of doing, or what other people underestimate of them. I’ve actually had to grow into this type of attitude. I used to be painfully shy and it was only about 2 years ago that I started taking risks and REALLY living my life. The benefits and opportunities have since come knocking in abundance and I have never looked back.


Be sure to connect with Dorie via social media


Motivation for Perspective: I am Open


The art of accomplishing goals is one that is delicate and rough, especially when attempting to establish yourself from your dreams, into your reality.

The sheer idea that you could live the life you have dreamed of, desired, fantasized, should be enough to make any Go Getter find the courage to begin.

A beginning is all we need.

A thought. An action.

Each motion forward in effort, secures our destiny.

God does not need us to be totally sure what the outcome will be, God only needs us to believe.

I believe that this journey, this journey in which the rules of life, the ones I thought I had to follow, no longer apply to me.

I am unstoppable. I am without mental, spiritual and creative limitations.

The sun shall rise on my dreams. The moon shall overshadow my fears.

I am open to the art of accomplishment. I am open to the art of perseverance.

I am open to all which is in store for me.

I am not shut.

I am wide open.

Short Story: Difficult to Satisfy Pt.4

Paula parked her car and headed towards her friend awaiting her inside their coveted shoe store. She was happy that Kerra was back around more often. When she and Dorien were together, Paula rarely saw her friend. Their whirlwind romance had taken everyone aback, but nobody was more affected, in her opinion, than Clinton. Although he and Kerra had always only been friends, anyone with half a mind and the eyesight to go along with it, could see their was a natural and organic attraction between the two. And sure, Paula understood her friend’s hesitancy about moving forward with a relationship with Clinton….it was no small feat. So, she had always kept her thoughts about their budding romance to herself. Who was she to complicate someone else’s thought process, especially when hers seemed to be slipping away from her, rather suddenly.

When she entered the store, Kerra was sitting with about ten or so shoe boxes surrounding her. As she stuck her leg out from behind her long flowly skirt, Paula admired her friend’s awesome legs. Paula always thought Kerra would have made a great shoe or leg model, people can make a living doing anything these days!

Those look fabulous on your feet. You should definitely get those! Paula half – teased Kerra.

Spinning around elaborately, Kerra smiled at her friend as she theatrically elongated her legs, strutting in a small circle, clearly enjoying the attention Paula’s compliment had drawn. The two giggled like sisters and gave way to a warm and genuine hug. Time could never manage to drive them a part. The were made to be friends.

I had begun to worry that you were not going to make it. Hope you don’t mind, I had to start without you, the shoes were beckoning me to them. I gave in.

Paula laughed gently at her friend, Kerra had always been the more artistic one when it came to fashion. Not that she was frumpy, but Paula enjoyed a more causal chic approach, while Kerra was definitely content to be dressed to the nines, despite the weather or activity. She believed looking her best capitalized her appeal, and it did.

I am really excited about Clinton’s party. It has been so long since I have been out amongst friends and good music. You know he throws the best shindigs.

Paula nodded in agreement. Since the first time they met Clint DJing out in the Highlands, at this seedy and tightly packed sardine bar, they knew Clint was the go-to-party guy around town. It amazed Paula to this day that Clinton was the man behind the turn tables. It was a huge shock to both of them that night….Kerra more so than Paula.

She let out a knowing giggle at the memory.

What are you over there thinking about? Kerra asked.

I am thinking about the first time we met Clint at that hole in the wall bar over in the Highlands. That tiny place was packed tight with people and everyone was there to hear Clint spin. She shook her head from side to side. And when we went up to the booth to meet him, I was expecting someone different. It makes me giggle every time, because I just wasn’t ready. Not at all.

Kerra nodded her head. She too had been stunned to learn Clint’s identity. He was a young and handsome, physically fit man…..he was also not Black. In fact, Clinton is white. And while the world spoke of progressive attitudes and behaviors, in the real world, it was completely different. Although she and Clint had never been intimate or displayed any physical affection, she cared deeply for him. She never thought she would connect with a man in the manner she connected with Clinton. It was as if, they had known each other their entire lives, the chemistry was definitely there.

However, so were her parents, friends, colleagues and community. The looks and stares she would receive from Black men when she and Clint would go out for drinks or dinner or a walk in the park, were scary. It was almost as if their eyes alone had permanently etched a scarlet letter into her chest. She never quite understood why it was blasphemy for her to be seen out in public with Clinton, but Black men dated, married and reproduced with various nationalities…what was the big deal with her then?

Well, despite his appearance, Clinton has been a great friend to the both of us. His endless connections and reach have afforded each of his friends advantages we may not have had.

Clinton’s family was a wealthy family who accumulated their wealth through construction and environmental advances. When Kerra was looking to work with a new environmental group in the city, it had been Clinton who made the connection stick. She appreciated him stepping in when she needed him. It was a relationship that she still engaged in today, her experience with that company helped her to develop her career.

I think I will take these and the strappy knee boots. Kerra spoke, pulling herself from her nostalgic thoughts.

Okay, I think I will just go with the t-strap platform. Allows me to show off my arch and my pedicure. Paula wiggled her toes in the shoes as she spoke the words. There was nothing like a little retail shoe therapy to take her mind off her previous thoughts.

As both ladies gathered their selections and headed towards the cashier, they each were simultaneously wrapped up in their own thoughts. Each thinking what the next move was ahead of them.

Exactly what was to come?

And they each would soon find out.

Daily Halo – Sat March 14

Yo, today is a great day. Live Your Life.

pieces of me

Photo by:  My American Husband, Walt Babinski Photo by: My American Husband, Walt Babinski

For Saturday, March 14, 2015

  When we are on the right path, and are living our inspiration, forces will pull together every little thing that we need to help us on our way.  As Rumi says so beautifully, “what you seek is seeking you”.  This is the heart of the law of attraction.  We are magnetically drawing to us that which we are resonating with.  Like attracts like, so if we are ebbing low with our energy and emotions, then we will attract to ourselves experiences and people that will resonate with that low energy. 

 Mar 14Happily, knowing this truth, we can do everything in our human power to bring our energy to the level of that which we are hoping to attract.  We want a shiny happy life filled with sparkly happy people, then we should do our best to see…

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Flyy Girl Friday Feature: Artesia Rochelle

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

It is once again that time of the week when we showcase a woman who exemplifies the meaning of a true Flyy Girl.

Today on the blog we have more of an artistic flare to present to each of you.

With a compilation of music reviews, popular tv shows, books and the randomness of life,

Artesia Rochelle has quite a variety of content for every reader.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Flyy Girl Artesia Rochelle.

Artesia Rochelle

Artesia Rochelle

Please introduce yourself to the readers:

Artesia Rochelle, Dallas, Texas

Tell us about your blog, is a personal blog dedicated to ART.   LIFE. LOVE. LITERATURE. MUSIC. NEWS RANDOMNESS.
Why did you begin blogging?
Writing has always been a form of self-expression for me so I began blogging as a way to simply share my voice with others.
What motivates you to dedicate time to blogging?
My passion for writing and the personal desire to share certain life experiences with potential readers motivates me to dedicate time to blogging. On the occasion that I may not be so motivated (we all have them), I have unexpectedly received emails and social media messages from readers of the blog, encouraging me to get back on the horse so to speak which is motivation at it’s finest!
In one year, what do you hope manifests from your blogging?
I’m looking forward to sharing even more of my life story in the year to come and hope that my blog will become more of a source for readers to relate to and share their experiences as well.
Who are two of your favorite bloggers you follow?
There are so many great blogs out there these days. Two of my favorites however, are the ladies of and
What legacy do you want to leave behind for others to know about you?Artesia3
I would like for others to know that there’s so much more to me than what’s on the surface. Because I am an introvert by nature, a lot of times people will meet me and have one impression then read my blog and have a totally different impression. So needless to say, blogging has certainly become a part of my personal legacy by allowing others the opportunity to really get to know me. I hope to continue using this platform as a way to build other aspects of my legacy with things that are equally important but all fall under the umbrella of making a difference in the lives of others. Being a true friend, life mentor, voice of encouragement, force of reason, solid supporter and an overall genuine spirit, that’s what I want to be remembered by.