Motivation for Perspective: Countdown to My Blog-a-versary

Good Monday Morning Beautiful People!

Today I thought about doing some sort of countdown to commemorate my first year of blogging. April 3 will mark one full year that Hey Girl Hey!!! has been a functioning and thriving source of my creativity and my writing. I am overjoyed with how quickly time has seemed to pass by, only because I was so busy trying to push the limits of my blog, I did not notice the months quickly merging into the next.

And so from my thinking, I gathered some motivation to share with you. You know how I do!

But seriously, I want you to know there is always time to do what we desire and what we love. It takes courage. And some may say, it takes courage to start a blog? And I will answer; yes, it takes courage to start a blog. A personal platform, in which you are either informing others about particular topics or sharing your life experiences, can be a daunting task, at times. But that is the thing to remember when embarking upon new adventures.

In the beginning, it is fun, it is exciting and it is something you look forward to engaging in daily. However, as time goes on, the initial fuel can begin to deplete and the energy you once had to go after your desires, can fade. In those times, it is important to step back and regroup and try not to scare yourself or discourage yourself from attempting again. Sometimes it is a matter of incorporating new ideas or people and sometimes it is a matter of overthinking the process; seeing what others have accomplished and fast tracking your goals by what you think you should be in your craft, in your journey.

Stop doing that to yourself! Their journey is supposed to look how it looks, because of what they have gone through to get where they are. And honey, everything that glitters….is not gold.

I want to encourage you to stay on your path. Focus on your dreams and visions. Stay committed to what you have given your word to accomplish; to complete every task and learn from each of your mistakes. Because one day, you will look up and see that the anniversary of beginning is just a few days away. And you will have the opportunity to look around at what you were able to accomplish or create in a year’s time; from a thought to an anniversary…..the reward is real.

You just have to what?

Go Get It!


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