Motivation for Perspective: No Time Off

A Go Getter never has a moment of rest. If we aren’t doing something to improve our hustle, we think about what can be done.

I won’t encourage you to turn it off, because it is one of the many reasons you are who you are, and you preside in your current status.

We did not get from there to here by turning off our gift, but by turning it on!

If you feel the need to do your thing, do it! Who else will fulfill your promises? Your dreams?

Your legacy is a direct result of what you think, say and do.

How will it be if ya gift is sometimes on and sometimes off?
Are you a machine? No, but your vision can be, constantly imploring you to see the biggest picture and to understand all the physical, mental and spiritual effort is worth the sacrifice.

You are a Go Getter for a real reason; you see the purpose and work to implement what is needed to fulfill it.

How much more do you need to know to keep pushing forward?

You Got This! Go Get It!


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