Motivation for Perspective: The Waiting Game

When we envision success, I honestly don’t believe we factor in the amount of patience we must have in order to achieve our success.

Sometimes what looks in theory to be a quick turn around, is a waiting game in reality!
How faithful we are to seeing it through, will be tested. The waiting game is probably the biggest factor which deters a lot of people from going through the process.

They want and need it now!

I mean, we all feel and think that way on certain things, but hopefully by now we also understand that type of thinking is not logical. Nor healthy.

What we can control, we must do our best at managing. And what is out of our hands of control, we must do our best to maintain positive and focused.

I know it can be difficult to patiently await an answer, trust me, I am awaiting an answer now; however I ask that when you feel that anxiety creep up on you and try to persuade you to become negative about things, you stop, take a breath and start speaking a positive for every negative thought.

Reassure your mind and spirit that what is for you, is yours no matter what. As long as you do your part and wait, the answer will come.

So, here’s to a new Monday, a new perspective and a renewed spirit of patience.

May you seek to see the light despite the darkness.



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