Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Rest Stops along the path towards success, are not meant for us to stay and become comfortable.
They are REST Stops for a real reason; use that time to reflect, regroup and take action.
Sometimes, I get to chilling so hard at the Rest Stop, that I don’t just rest, I come to a complete STOP.
And that is dangerous for not only me, but those around me. Because if I were living my true purpose, they would better understand who I am and where I am coming from.
When we take an extended Rest, we start to tell ourselves and others, this is all I am….which is a lie.
And when we are using our Rest Stops appropriately, hopefully we are reflecting the right light and inspiring those around us.
For it is truly our calling in life, to imprint good upon this Earth and how can we do that if we are resting all the time?

Time waits for no man nor woman, so what is now won’t be later. Take full advantage of those opportunities presented to you. Make something from  lack and I know it will come back ten times more.

Time to pull off….



  1. Yes! This was so motivating! I myself am guilty of falling into self pity or complacency when life throws me an unexpected Rest Stop. I to believe that God placed us on this earth to do good and I want to share my light so this post really connected with me!

    1. All praise is to God! Totally makes me smile to know my writing helps to motivate! Thanks Nate, have a great week!

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