Month: September 2015

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

All things are working for your success.

Every achievement.
Every failure.
They come to make you wiser, bolder and stronger.

If you believe in what you are called to do, there is nothing or no one that can stop you!

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

I woke up to his creativity.
Better than love making to me
I was absorbing his energy
New wave frequency
Reaching within me, scratching that mfin itch I just couldn’t seem to appease.
He got me rethinking how much happier I can be. Will be. Shall be.
If need be, I will carry all his seeds
Planting them each carefully in fertile ground. Space them out evenly. Give em room to grow. Fresh air to breathe.
Nurture his carefully planted growing legacies…
That’s what waking up to his creativity takes me.

Word of the Day: Happiness


Is a state of being which stems from a positive mindset which guides you toward positive places and positive people.

If you want a drama and stress free life, you gotta
1) be drama and stress free.
2) think no drama, think not to stress
3) be in places of positive energy
4) surround yourself with positive minded people

Everything we seek, begins with ourselves.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Sometimes we have to encounter moments or extended moments of hard lessons because the greater reward causes for thick tough skin, logical thinking, resourcefulness and patience.

Because if we were to obtained what we believe we should have and when we should have it, things would fall a part quickly and all the effort was for naught.

Therefore in order to come into what is rightfully our own, we must endure some crazy and challenging things and people to help us better prepare, plan and manage what is to come.

Here’s to hanging on with all your faith and all your strength.
The very best is yet to come.
Believe that.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Life isn’t always sweet, sometimes it’s bitter and tart. But so is lemonade….. And you haven’t given up on drinking it!

So speak life what you want it to be. And then act accordingly.
Make the best of it, sweeten it and dare to love through the bitterness!

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Flyy Girl Feature Friday: Char Reynolds

Happy Flyy Girl Feature Friday Mofros!

I am so happy to present to you another, Fabulous Brown Blogger Beauty, whose personality definitely makes bringing you features on them, that much more fun for me. I get a chance to find new bloggers to follow and befriend and that’s cool for me as much as I hope it is for each of you!

Today’s Flyy Girl Feature has a blog that not only gives you the curvy layout of Plus Size fashion, but fun, engaging stories of real life experiences.

I love Optimistic Women.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ms.Char Reynolds

Please introduce yourself to the readers:Charnoglasses

Char Reynolds, NYC (by way of Louisiana)

Tell us about your blog; Evolution of a Fat Fashionista
Evolution of a Fat Fashionista is a fashion, body image, and beauty blog. It’s pretty much an extension of my personality: a mix of nail polish, pretty shoes, and learning how to love the skin I’m in.
Why did you begin blogging?
 I am getting back into the blogging game after taking a break from my other (now closed) blog, Hyde and Seek. There, I focused more on just body image issues and fat acceptance. With Evolution of a Fat Fashionista, I am adding in the fashion and makeup side to my activism, because I am always evolving (pun intended!) and learning that I can be beautiful, fat, and fashionable and these don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
What motivates you to dedicate time to blogging?
I have to have an outlet. Writing has been a way to keep myself sane and focused,and I love being able to either uplift someone or make them laugh with my antics. It’s just been an overall amazing way for me to connect with people, and I love it!
In one year, what do you hope manifests from your blogging?
 In one year, I hope to continue to grow my readership and build up my YouTube channel I have connected to the blog.
Name two of your favorite bloggers you follow:Charwglasses
On the fashion side, I’m a huge fan of Gabi of Reading her blog has pushed me to attempt different trends I wouldn’t have tried before. On the beauty side, I love vlogger Missy Lynn (, she has such wonderful, easy tutorials.
What legacy do you want to leave behind for others to know about you?
I want people to know…that I was a person. A perfectly flawed person who lived her life learning to love all of herself, and (hopefully) taught others to love themselves too. As they are, because they’re enough. You can wear and eat what you love and love yourself all at once.
Upcoming projects or events:
 Upcoming projects: I love to cook and I am writing a cookbook. I’m going to add some recipes to the blog as part of a new feature starting in September. Look for the cookbook to be out at the beginning of next year!
Make sure to keep up with Char via social media to get heaping eye candy on her fabulous meals and recipe ideas. And don’t forget to stop by her blog and subscribe!  Have a Happy Flyy Girl Feature Friday.
Social Media Links:
Twitter: @Fashion_Amateur (
Instagram: @EvolvingFatshionista (