Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

It’s so much easier said than done.

Whenever change is factored into the equation of effort, a lot of people hesitate for far too long.

But naught you.
You wake up each new day planning your day and actively seeking new opportunities to exercise your talents.

Yes, one can be born a Go Getter. Self-Motivated. However, it takes a steady mindset of this is what I want, therefore I have to be willing to change the things that need to be changed, in order to do what i want to do.
The first step of action towards your goal and the next step and so forth, allows you moments of victories by glancing back, and you see 2 weeks worth of steps. A month’s worth more.
Six months…One whole year of stepping in a better direction.

Imagine yourself now in the path, living that lifestyle. What does it look like?
How does that make you feel?

Now know this! You can have that same feeling every single day, by taking the first step towards greater.
Do more of what you visualized. Find things and most importantly, people who relate to you and your goals. Whatever is accessible to you that helps better align you with your goals: DO.

Each of us are worthy and deserving of our desires, however we must walk right. Do good in your steps, be of service to others.

Here’s to Stepping in the name of:
Mental Health
Spiritual Wellness
Feel free to add what you’re stepping forward in the name of in the comments.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It



  1. This is so true! Especially “we must walk right. Do good in your steps, be of service to others.” So many of us forget that when we give and be of service, it creates a return. Many of us just want success for the sake of success, not to help others. Great post!

    1. Thank you for reading Jontae. I am glad when my thoughts are communicated well enough for reception and dialogue. Lol Have a great day.

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