Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday


We hear it far too often people speak of allotted times in our lives when it is the proper time for certain goals, dreams or desires to happen.

For prayers to be answered.

And the more I push, the more this saying proves to be true and certain.

Sometimes we are attempting to hold onto more than one thing at a time, and it causes a conflict of interests for our goals; simply because at this time, one cannot exist with the other.

And the scenario which comes to mind, is love and personal ambition.

For the selected masses, they come into contact with someone who shares their passions and sees nothing wrong with motivating their partner to greatness; it’s in their genetic make-up to be supportive.

I greatly applaud them. We seek more like you.

And then there are those of us who seem to sequester ourselves to those who feel that you accomplishing a dream for yourself, somehow is unfair to them. They cant see that motivating you to be great is a direct benefit, so they find ways to distract you or belittle your efforts to simply focus on them…and what they may have going on….most times they aren’t doing anything to progressively change their lives, so they figure why should you.

This is a true example of what you really need to let go. Standing up for your future is important. And being an active and engaged factor in your present is critical.

Now is the time to start setting boundaries to secure our success and peace of mind. It may hurt. You will be alone a lot. You will cry. You will wonder.

But let me tell you what you also do:

You will create.

You will pray more often.

You will pay closer attention to yourself; how you feel/think/move/react/communicate.

You will reflect.

And you will create some more.

So although love seems to keep missing you, it may simply be a blessing in disguise. You have so much to create and discover in the mean time between now and forever after.

Start showing love to yourself. To your dreams. To your soul.

Until you find the light that reflects what you have to give, keep shining.

It will come.

Just do what you can for now; Love You First.


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