Month: July 2016

Word of the Day

The time and effort it takes to get someone on board with your ideas, is the same time and effort you should be putting into making your ideas a reality.

If you would just start, a lot of what you feel you need to begin, will come along.

The action is the catalyst to what you are seeking. You have to go beyond thinking and begin to do.

Take what you know and what you already have and work from there

The rest is sure to follow; the right people, the proper location and the fulfillment will come into place.

You first have to start the process towards manifesting your dream.

It all starts with you.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

I have moments when it seems like I am spiraling out of control because there are things happening which I am not prepared for nor do I understand how can I make the situation better or disappear altogether.

And when I am standing in the storm, watching the currents steadily head my way, I keep working like it won’t make it to shore, but I also pray that should it touch down, I won’t be destroyed to the point of I can’t rebuild.

So I guess that’s the point of stressful or confusing times, they have to happen, I mean that’s a fact of life; however when the storm clears, somehow you are left with exactly what you need to build again.

Though it may be scarce resources. It may not be a lot of people around you can call on for support. You may be removed from your original space and now placed where you thought you’d never be…it will be exactly what you need to succeed.

The storm isn’t about destroying what we have, but making a way for what we truly need.

I will see you on the other side of the storm.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It

Note to Self…4? 

When you set out on a will

To do

And it gets done,

Don’t stop!

Move on to another one!

Build upon your established dreams, for they remind you dreams become tangible beams upholding the lifestyle you’ve been reaching towards for so long. Your mind is better. Your tongue is slower to react. Vibrations higher so your Understanding is more Empathetic than critical analytical. It’s not just about you…your vision includes people, some you know, but mostly of those who have never physically interacted with you, but have connected through your gift and their mutual understanding of what your gift is for. And so giving your very best begins to take on a new meaning…because you have to be real with you first and do the steps, take the time to center yourself and your thoughts…think them out fully, all of them. Be there listen to what you’ve fed yourself. And meditate in that moment of reflection, where you experience in that time who you’re turning yourself into. And lay it out. And seek guidance. Seek love. Seek peace of mind. First, above your interests, I’m talking about your NEEDS.

We must be anew to be prepared for the new. Whether its lifestyle, love, spiritual, parenthood, job…whatever the case we have to have a new perspective one which motivates and encourages growth.

It does hurt at times, Growth…but pain is “weaknesses living the body.”  We can tough it out, remember we’ve been through worse and survived, what’s another battle scar for a Go Getter?

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It


Good morning world!

The show is steadily forming into a solid and sustainable platform. I am so excited to see what heights the show will progress towards.

I want to thank each of you who has tuned into HEY GIRL HEY!!! RADIO.

I invite you to hit the link and get a taste of HGH!!! RADIO and become a regular follower of the show if you haven’t yet tuned in!

Thank you for your continued support in pushing me towards my  goals, my dreams and definitely my passion.

I hope I inspire you to do the same.


Make A Plan

Set Up Shop

Take Action

Go Get It


Ode to Romance

The term is hopeful romantic.

I enjoy being around people in love.

Like, they like each other in love!

Their vibration is so high,

It makes me feel special to share in it.

It gives me hope 🙂

I love and enjoy romance. I am a Pisces, can’t help it.

And I am a Black Woman; Man Please

Love is supposed to feel good, that why its a necessity.

God says to love. You were created in love.

How could you not desire love?

Make love.

See love.

Be love.

Feel love.

Taste love.

Hear love.

Speak sweet words from your lips love.

Love that is strong enough to correct.

Trusting love.

I am just a hopeful romantic,

who bubbles over a the slightest thought of real love.

Enthralled with the idea of cool breezes

And clear skies

Sandy beaches

All within reach of us.

Who ever usis?

I am just a hopeful romantic.



Yesterday was the second episode of the show and I am so happy and thankful that JordanL (Detroit, MI) stopped by the studio for an amazing interview.

The topic of the day: The Benefits of a Support System and recent events of police brutality.

Check me out on Google Play for the show’s playlist: HEYGIRL HEY!!! RADIO 2–2016

Make sure you catch up with JordanL via his website: for the latest on his album T.A.P.-THE ART OF PROCESS


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