Month: February 2017

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

You can’t ask for the strength, then be afraid of your own power.

Even if there is a nay-sayer in your corner, you only fail when you begin to stop believing in yourself.

Nothing will ever completely go the way one wants it to, but a lot of times, things actually go much better than we plan.

So, stop putting so much effort in hoping it will work out. And start believing it already has.

It is what you say that becomes what you see.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It



*photo courtesy of the Ephesus School

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

You honestly don’t have the right to put your expectations or experiences on the next person.

You aren’t called to do that.

You aren’t qualified neither.

Our role is to be humbled by what we’ve been through and overcome.

It is to teach us how to better relate, not how to look down or judge others.

What worked for you, is what was allowed to work for you; remember that.

In the meantime know that a loud voice is heard, but an empathetic spirit is sought after.