Month: March 2017

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday 

It is easy to blame and complain

It takes no effort.

This behavior allows you to sulk in pity and pain in stead of beginning the process of healing and progressing forward.

Your life is full of choices, however choices dont matter until you put actions with it.

Deciding to do the better thing and DOING the better thing are two different concepts.

Nothing comes to a wisher but missed opportunities.

Make A Plan

Take Action 

Set Up Shop 

Go Get It 

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

There are times, when you need someone…

Be that someone

Be there for yourself like you desire someone else to be;

When you’re messing up, correct yourself. And do better. Much better.

When you’re empty, fill yourself with positive words and love. Give yourself a hug, squeeze tight like you mean it.

When you’re feeling lonely, remind yourself that you a lone are enough. No one else like you in the whole wide world.

That light you’re waiting to shine through your darkness, 

Lies within you.

Strike the match.