Month: April 2020

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Take your hands off.

We can over work the goal and strong hold the dream when we aren’t allowing the natural order of things to flow.

We spoke it.

We wrote it.

We sought it.

We lived each day as if that were the day it may manifest.

Now that it is in motion, we need to get out of the way and prepare for what is to come.

Because at this moment, the best thing we can offer to the situation, is a grateful and positive attitude.

Do not find new things to stress about; of it is not flowing naturally, leave it where it be.

This is a time to simply welcome what is to come and prepare yourself for it, not worry or to become anxious, because that means all the work we put in was for naught—void of faith.

Our works are not dead, our faith can move anything that may seem to block our way.

So with boldness and confidence, we take our hands off the situation and know that what happens next is truly divine intervention.

It will work out this time, be still.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

So often we tend to ride the wave of complaining how 2020 has not turned out to be the year we planned it to be or we hoped for it to be.

It’s unfortunate because the irony of it being a symbolism for perfect vision, we seem to be extremely near sighted or completely blinded.

So many wonderful blessings have come forth, if we truly take a moment to do our vision test check.

Cover your doubt and look around you, look to see that you have been spared from illness and loss.

Cover your negativity and look to see all the positives that have arised: rest, money saved, grace periods extended, time with family.

Cover your impatience and see that the Universe is healing nature and allowing what once polluted the air, to bring clearer skies.

Cover your anger and see so many peaceful nights of knowing exactly where your loved ones are; home and safe.

We are fortunate, where others are grieving. We are blessed, where others are struggling to figure it out.

We have to cover what does not give light and eradicate our feelings of entitlement

Cover what does not serve you and see you have what you need.

Be blessed.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

The best way to welcome more is to appreciate what you have.

Because even in what you think you lack, you’re still standing and able to see a new day!

Take moments to enjoy that victory and know that nothing has happened that has not worked out for you.

Believe in your ability to remain resilient and lean towards gratefulness when tempted to doubt.

Its all in your attitude!