About the Queen

I am a product of a loving family who never discouraged me from standing out and allowing my light to shine and for my voice to be heard.

My mother is a blessing which I could not have prayed for and gotten every single wonderful detail and gift she possesses. Her father is the first man to ever spoil me and to make me feel as if I am so special, others need to hear what I have to say or receive what I have to give. My sister is my connection to worlds I had and have yet to experience; growing up, it was music, now it is motherhood. I thank God for allowing me to have her by my side in this life. She keeps me laughing.

Numerous mentors, like Dr. Johnny L. Wilson, Mrs. Johnnie Jones, Elgin Carelock, Sirjames Buchanon, Pastor and First Lady Herman H. Dyer and Oprah Winfrey, are a few of the people who really stood out throughout my 29 year lifetime, people who chose to feed me their knowledge and in turn helped me to develop my skill set for service to others.


If there is one thing in this life I am learning, no matter where I go, who I encounter and whatever I choose to do, how I treat people is a direct result of the quality of life I will live to carry on. Customer service is a lifestyle,not a job description. And community engagement is a necessity, not an option.

And being proud of your heritage is important to your survival. Love who you be and where you be from. Those who shun you, soon come need you! #doyou



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