Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

I recently had a talk with a colleague who is also a good friend, and I shared my frustrations about wanting to step out as a full time entrepreneur, but naught having a tangible product or vision.

So many ideas are running through my mind, and I know the passion is there to promote the brand, but my work ethic has taken a spiral for in that area.

Laziness leads to a total lack of commitment.

And in listening to and realizing the truth and my part in allowing things to go so far left, I understood that I changed.

I wasn’t focused on the biggest picture, and I lost the lesson of:
Complete One Idea at a Time
1) Make two columns
     A. What am I actually doing
     B. What I actually want to do
2)Prioritize your columns
    What are you most passionate about
3) Decide how your lists overlap
     A. What things go hand in hand
        ¤ create a flow chart of how one completed passion fuels the next
4)Plan your effort
    A. What’s your new routine for success
        ¤ i.e. 9am -meditate
        ¤       9:30am-work on sketches
What are you willing to do to bring your passion to life?

5) Make it work
    You are the only determining factor in how successful you are and will be.

Energy can naught be denied, it attracts what it puts out.

I felt my power source to be weak, but that is because my mindset was weakening, I wasn’t focused nor active and I wasn’t seeking the right energy. It reflected in my creation of….well, nothing.

Moral of the story is, don’t let lazy take hold of you. It’s okay to chill and relax, but watch that!

Don’t allow lazy to become your routine.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Flyy Girl Feature Friday: United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch

lorettalynch1I am so glad to finally close out this week and get into the weekend.

But before I do, let’s get into today’s Flyy Girl Feature!

Loretta Lynch was officially inducted as the first Black Female United States Attorney General on April 23, 2015.

Hailing from a career which stems from her beginnings as a litigation associate to her tenure as a U. S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, in 1999 under President Clinton’s administration. She later left her position to become partner at Hogan & Hairston, until she was nominated by President Obama as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York in 2010. From the years of 2003-2005, she served as a board member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Lynch’s nomination followed the departure of her predecessor, Eric Holder, who previously stated his resignation pending confirmation of his replacement. And on November 8, 2014, President Obama made her nomination official.

While her transition into the office of U.S. Attorney General has been met with some pushback from Republicans and the city of Baltimore, Maryland is in a current state of extreme tension from the result of Freddie Gray dying in police custody, I hope that she will bring a better and effective plan to the table that serves to protect the rights of all U. S. citizens.

Here’s to Change!

Flyy Girl Friday Feature: Shae Collins

Some of us wear who we are like an armor.

Some of us wear who we are like a mask.

And some of us are who we are because of what others think or expect.

Today’s Flyy Girl is none of the above.

Equipped with an assuring personality and a clearly defined mission,

she is well on her way to awakening many with the knowledge she has to offer.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

                                                      Miss Shae Collins.Shae Collins

Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Shae Collins – born and raised in sunny Los Angeles.

Tell us about your blog; A Womyn’s Worth.

A Womyn’s Worth aims a Black feminist lens at all pop culture, examining race, gender, and sexuality. AWW discusses several hot topics including respectability politics, twerking, women in the media, and more. Link:

Why did you begin blogging?

I started blogging my senior year in college because I wanted to jumpstart my writing career and learn more about how I fit into society. The blog really took off when I started writing my senior thesis on Women in Hip Hop, and explored the ways in which capitalism and white supremacy influenced the ways women artists are portrayed. That thesis changed my thinking and the goal for the blog, and A Womyn’s Worth became a way I could express what I learned about Black womanhood.

What motivates you to dedicate time to blogging?

Writing is my first love, so I always find moments in between work and school to write. I’m motivated by how much I learn through my writing. Whenever I have a blog topic that requires a bit of research, I get the opportunity to explore diverse ideas. Blogging has definitely taught me a lot about myself and the way others in society view me. A Womyn’s Worth forces me to confront dissenting opinions—and that’s what keeps me going.


I’m also motivated when others tell me how inspired they are by my work. My goal is to present alternative ideas for people to consider. For example, I have a series on the blog dedicated to debunking myths about the usefulness of respectability politics, which many black people still cling to. I like to challenge people’s ideas about Black sexuality and culture. So when people hit me up on Facebook or the comments section telling me that they learned something, I feel my job as a blogger has been accomplished.

In one year, what do you hope manifests from your blogging?

I hope to inspire more people. I hope my writing allows people to consider new ways of looking at the world. I also want to expand my reach and write for publications I don’t have bylines in yet. I’ve got my sights set on The Root, For Harriet, Ebony, and many others.

I’d also like my blog to support more activism. I was very moved when I participated in the Black Lives Matter protests here in LA, and I’m hoping to bolster this activism through my blog.

Name two of your favorite bloggers you follow.

Areola Bandz, PhD AKA Monique John’s blog, Twerked is always a good read. She talks about sexuality in our generation and always has an interesting perspective. She’ll make you think twice about judging Amber Rose and have you wish you could twerk like a video girl.

There’s also Blavity, my favorite blogger collective. It’s a blog written by and for Black millennials—and it’s bomb. The bloggers are so on point. The blog makes me laugh, smile and clap my hands because of all the truth. It’s encouraging to see so many young Black writers doing their thing. I plan on writing for them in the near future.

A Womyn's Worth Writer Shae

What legacy do you want to leave behind for others to know about you?

I’ve never thought about that one. I guess I’d want to be known as the sassy culture critic that spoke her truth and was a leader for change in our country. Maybe like Angela Davis—but bald.


Stay connected with Shae via social media:

Twitter: @awomynsworth





Self Inflicted Stress

This topic is very much-needed for myself as well as for each of you.

image courtesy of

As a matter of fact, I find in writing, I am able to better self reflect as well as lend an encouraging hand to others.

The cycle of going forth each day and daring to make it better than the previous, can consume me. I begin to think about all that I have yet to accomplish and the weight of my personal standards can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder if God looks down upon me and shake his head at my adamant attempts of breaking my own will.

I have been attempting to write a book or two, begin to assemble a production team for my company, save money so that I can invest in my dreams and make more money in the process. And while it seems easy enough in theory, it has proven to pull out some insecurities I thought were long gone.

Appreciation is a strange concept when it comes to baring your inner most thoughts and relaying them to others. It was one thing when I was younger, singing in the choir or playing a character on stage; then everyone is willing to come and watch you or support your efforts. Getting older, appreciation seems to take a whole new action.

Maybe because in my mind, I see it as a matched excitement, while it comes as a “oh that’s nice” or a “half interested question quickly followed by a lack of interest.”

My stress comes from me believing I have to gain the approval of those around me, wanting them to desperately be fully engaged in what I have going on. Wanting them to support me by spreading the word of my blog or my ideas, my attributes, my gains….at 29, I am still forgetting that my will is my own and that it is rare to have those believe in what I am called to do, simply because they cannot see, dream or feel the things I am privy to.

And is that not the true blessing? That this was given to me, to grow and nurture. These dreams I have do not go to anyone else but me. Sure there are others who aspire to accomplish the same things I do, but what has been given to me to create, is completely my own.

In this moment, I am realizing I have a complex. And as much as I would like to shake it off, it is not working. I am going to dig a little deeper to pull through the muck of mental frustration and restless energy.

What can I do with restless energy, besides sabotage my creative energy. Therefore I have looked into the option of yoga. Being able to center my focus and push through the volcanic pressure to channel my purpose solely to those things, I asked God to grant me.

Those things I would sit inside my dark closet and pour my heart and soul out to him. The stillness I felt after I would lift my face from the floor, tear-stained, face hot….I would sit and await the vibration that would sweep slowly and steadily through my body, setting me into a zone of total peace. I would listen for his voice. I would listen for my heart to connect to the energy and show me the way or reassure me that I was on the way.

I don’t know what others want. I only know what I need. And being that God says he will supply my every need, I know I will inadvertently give what needs to be given to others.

Self inflicted stress is a real issue. It haunts those who spend too much time thinking and not enough time doing. I realize that now. I see that by not attempting to write everyday, I force myself to worry about am I really a writer and should I just stick to the day-to-day grind of doing what needs to be done to survive, instead of doing what I love and being a survivor of the day-to-day to become a conqueror.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be in the same situation next year, wondering what would have been if I had started this year.

The book will be completed.

The production will begin.

I am tired of my self-inflicted stress.

I am ready to win.

Drop me comment about some things you have self reflected upon and what are the steps you are taking to rectify your present mind set. I would love to hear from each of you. And if you have any good books or articles, share those as well. Peace and Blessings


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Procrastination: My Petition For Success

WP_20140402_010 (2)

I think the hardest thing in the entire world to do, is to try. The moment you attempt something of passion or something you have never done before, in the manner in which you are attempting it, with the vision you see for it, you will become lazier than a group a dandelions swaying in the shady breeze of a scorching hot summer day. To say that I am slightly a procrastinator, would be a total misconception and major understatement.

What in the world have I been thinking I could complete my mission while continuing my present behavior. Chill mode is not the mode of a consistent and successful entrepeneur.  Chill mode is the danger zone for an artist, too much of one thing can never be good for the mind.

Which brings me to what I have seriously though about. Really looking to meet with others who are currently trying to write or be more creative with what they have begun and push towards the next level of their creativity.

A space where writers understand the nuances of being great, not in a cocky jerk head type of way, but in a what I wanted to say, I said and people got it.

If you would interested in exchanging emails for encouragement, I am totally open to that.

Please be sure to comment and let me know of somethings you do to stay motivated and writing.

Also, please take the poll and let me know your thoughts on writing groups or writers’ workshops both online and off.

Special Edition Feature: Morisha Danee, The New Voice of Feel Good Music

This Special Edition Feature is truly a magical moment!

This Feature is made for the lovers,

the lovers of Feel Good Music

the lovers of Soulful Melodies and Uninhibited Lyrics.

And She?

She is your new favorite Feel Good supplier.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Morisha Danee Interview

NOVEMBER 4, 2014

Morisha Danee1

Be sure to follow Morisha Danee for new music and album information

Twitter: morishafans

Instagram: morishadanee

Dear America: Black. Life. Matters.


Think about that.














The language of United States Governmental policies, laws, amendments and memorandums, do not speak of the Life we seek to live on a daily basis. The message has been learned from the beginning, to implement practices which blatantly harm innocent persons and the community, without  punishment, precautions, moral recompense, financial reparations, verbal apology, and/or death for law enforcement officers when using such tactics as “No Knock Warrants” “Fleeing Felon” “Pedestrian Stop” “Stop & Frisk” “Traffic Stops,” to name a few.

Grand jurors are turning their heads the other way, in order to protect a system that inevitably, does not care about anyone other, than the people who help to make the system the killing machine that it is.

And even they are disposable.

Black People have been the target of this system for over 400 years, and it is the reality of that; to remain in America, in its present and historical condition, Black life will continue to be the daily target of a white supremacy racial system.

 The past two years the national local news accounted for several stories of Black People being shot to death, without any reason, other than a white person was afraid.

Renisha McBride (19yrs) shot in the head while trying to get assistance when her car broke down.

Jonathan Ferrell (24yrs) shot 10 times by a police officer after being involved in a car crash, seeking help. Some nervous white person called the cops.

Darius Simmons (13yrs) shot by neighbor who claims the boy stole from his house. He shot him in front of his mother. No proof the child stole anything.

Jordan Davis (17yrs) shot because he wouldn’t turn down his music at the gas station. After almost two years, the jury recently found his killer guilty of first degree murder.

Trayvon Martin (17yrs) shot for wearing a hoodie while walking down the street. His murderer is still free.

The list goes on and on, with senseless crimes ending in the lost of Black Life.

The recent escalation in more Black Life being taken by the hands of police officers, has caused an awakening for a lot of Black People, who are tired of standing by, awaiting leadership. The mobilization of Black community advocates and supporters, who have risked their lives to speak out against the improper practices and policies, of a morally corrupted system in Ferguson, Missouri, regarding the slaying of eighteen year old college freshmen, Michael Brown, has caused more people nation wide to begin to link up with like-minded persons to form a strong coalition of prevention in their communities.

Social media has been a champion for people on the grounds experiencing the harsh treatments and witnessing the brutality of the police and has helped to keep falsified information from the controlled national media from having the final say-so. No more are we allowing ourselves to believe what the system feeds us or tries to force feed us by fear.

Black Life matters because it was created for a purpose. And that purpose was not to be killed senselessly by inferior mindsets of fear. No, Black Life is the essence of creation. The beginning of human existence.

And no amount of bullets, nor chains, nor systematic illnesses can drive out that which created everything.

Don’t believe that last statement? Do your research. Everything derives from people of color. Black People created it and the information was either “discovered” or taken.

Black labor and intelligence and strength and spirituality, were used to build America, and it still is. Our very culture is used as a carbon copy to sell, market thousands of products to the public.

Now is the time to remind ourselves of just how great we are. To remind us of what we are capable of creating and producing. Every voice needs to be raised and heard over the chaotic deafening sound of silence and actions of complacency.

Voting in your local and state elections helps to ensure the proper officials are in place to rectify policies and legislation which does not seek to protect the interests of all citizens and serve them in humility, honor, trust and excellence.

Black Life.



Let The Righteous….Protest

Let the righteous call upon the ears of the down trodden, the fear-filled, the weary and worn.

Let them be filled with peace and hope and strength and courage.

Let the righteous walk into the fields of desolation and despair and plant seeds of truth which bare fruit of wisdom.

Let the land be filled with knowledge and wise counsel so the children will not fall.

Let the righteous sing praises unto our God, that the rain will be made as a waterfall and cleanse the anguish from the hearts and minds of the people.

Let the righteous be not afraid to lead. Be not condemned to the ways of the wicked and untrustworthy.

But glorified examples of fearlessness and love.

We stand in peaceful protest to unjust practices of corrupt law enforcement and government nationwide.

Peace and Blessings,

Stay Safe


Why is everybody trippinnnn?
What’s really good in the hood?
Who’s losing they mind?
Can’t seem to find a way, to pass the test. Keep coming back to the same problem. Can’t find the strength to truly solve put them to sleep bury them under. To trapped them down.

Silence, you just need some gratitude. Someone to appreciate you.
Honey, I know exactly what’s the matter!
You are waiting for someone else to recognize your gifts, to speak in ya spirit. To love on you. To want you. To need you. To hold you. And squeeze you. And please you.
Well then do it for yourself!
Will it for yourself.
Live it! Be it! Call upon it.
Let it fill you. Fill you..
Say, I am beautiful.
I am wonderfully made.
I am.created to be my best.
Whatever I put my mind to I can pass the test. This won’t hold me for long. I am stronger than my situations. Stronger than hardships. Stronger than my heartache. Stronger than my thoughts of doubt. Because I love myself too much to count me out. My wisdom comes from experiences which make me strong. God is keeping me here. I must go on.