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Yesterday was the second episode of the show and I am so happy and thankful that JordanL (Detroit, MI) stopped by the studio for an amazing interview.

The topic of the day: The Benefits of a Support System and recent events of police brutality.

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Hi everyone and thank you for tuning in with me June 28th for the debut of HGH!!! Radio on WAENFM.COM

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Morisha Danee was our special guest and the show featured songs from:

Iman Omari-Tummy

Amel Larrieux-Get Up

Q-Tip- Believe

Morisha Danee-Attention

King Los-Confidence

And Me! Audrey Prim-Greater–2016

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The Journey to Motivate Continues


I am embarking on a new journey to continuing motivating the masses and adding a lil flavor while I do what I do.

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Go Getter Edition: From Swishahouse to Silicon Valley Why Chamillionaire Made the Switch

1430166372chamillionaire_peter_holslinI would love to think by now I no longer have to give a premise to my publishing, so forgive me if you are looking for one.

 The energy is high and once you see Go Getter Edition, you know it is time to Get It!

While reading some articles on my FB page, I came across one entitled:

Chamillionaire Wants to Be a Chabillionaire

Now at first I was like, “yeah right” but then I got to thinking, why not check out his mindset, I mean he isn’t talking about something crazy, to want more, so why not take a click to hear him out.

And I am so glad I did.

Apparently the 35-year-old Houston Rapper turned Entrepreneur in Residence “EIR”, Hakeem Seriki, has found his path from rich to wealth with the investment partnership of, Upfront Ventures, an investment firm located in Santa Monica, CA.

Of his days being in the music industry he states,

“I walked around the music industry for a bunch of years, right? I saw a lot of rich people. I didn’t see wealthy,” he tells me. “I got into the tech industry, I see wealthy every day. The Snapchat CEO is 24 years old and a billionaire. How many billionaires do I have to walk around the music industry to find? I’m in Silicon Valley, I’m in L.A., I’m in Santa Monica, and I’m seeing billionaires all over the place. And they’re young. That’s not in the music industry.”

In his new role as EIR, Chamillionaire gets to set his own schedule and surround himself with an investment team and learn about obtaining capital. He is free to come and go as he pleases and is constantly surrounded by individuals who are all looking to gain capital as well. They are from all walks of life, each seeking the opportunity to win.

 Though he declines to name who’s been coming in, Cham says visitors include scientists, Ivy League graduates, people who have brilliant ideas and “people who are just winging it.” Essentially it’s a grab bag of people touting projects Upfront might be interested in getting a piece of—something that could prove to be a total flop, or could just as well end up as the next Uber or Snapchat.

“There are people that are doing things that I would’ve never even thought possible,” says Cham, who’s giving his first interview about the EIR since it was announced in February. “To be in the midst of that is just amazing to me. Coming up as a rap artist, man, I come from a world where people couldn’t just walk into a room and just get all this money. You had to be a rapper or a basketball player and you had to be exceptionally great at that.”

When I tell you that you can find motivation anywhere at any time…..I have been experiencing a rapid stream of opportunity and it is no coincidence that it is coming on the tail end of my frustrations. I hate complaining about the same things and when I hear that happening, I know I am not doing my part to make the situation better for me and those around me; whether we admit to it or not, our attitude does affect how others view and treat us. So while it is okay to vent, it is not okay to be negative.

Remember, it is not a coincidence when goals begin to be accomplished in your life, it is the action of Going After what you want that accomplishes goals.

Nothing comes to a wisher but a wish.

Set Up Shop. Go Get It.

Music Review: J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive


Yeah I know, it’s a male feature on HeyGirlHey!!! ….but once you finish reading this review, you will understand why.

I must admit, I previously listened to J. Cole in passing,  therefore I’m gonna spare you the search engine biography and lyrical acension thesis.
However, being a lover of music and having longed missed the days of lyrical storytelling and unapologetic views of life; I am thanking God for 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

This has to be the motivational record of the century! When was the last time you heard a mainstream, commercially successful rap artist tell you to love? To unite? To be an example? And to challenge others who are as successful to pay it forward, with love? Yeah, ponder that.

Now this ain’t a Ghandi album, because Cole goes hard with all his viewpoints. For instance G. O. M. D. (get off my d) where he definitely was feeling his space. It is definitely a “haters beware” groove, without the tiring, redundant reference. Definitely a banger.

While listening to A Tale of 2 Cities, I imagined myself taking all current albums and stomping them beneath my feet while waving my arms and hands in the air….when you listen to the album, you will understand.
  No Role Modelz, could be the anthem for a lot of us. The 80s baby. The “I’m only getting older, what do I want outta life” anthem. Funny how a song can sum it up perfectly. Who and what are we looking to for inspiration? Who and what are we gravitated torwards?
  -that”s a whole new topic

What I hope to convey through this review is, J. Cole gave us our musical sanity back. We can let the entire album play and never skip a song. We can bare the burdens and those ever growing boughts of traffic. The unfairness of society. The beauty of God given things, family, friends, love and happiness.
We can be inspired to be creative and produce something epically dope as well.

This album reaffirms the sentiment of being a big changer on a small everyday level.

Do You Wanna be Happy?, Cole asks. I say, listen to this album, it is a start.

2014 Forest Hills Drive


Do You Wanna Be Happy?
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J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive
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Morisha Danee: The New Voice of Feel Good Music Pt. 1

Two thousand ten brought about a change for so many lives, one life in particular was to be changed forever on a fateful day in Mississippi,  a miracle would take place. A miracle that would set forth motion for a renewed beginning.

The rebirth of Morisha Danee, The New Voice of Feel Good Music.


Morisha Danee is a risk taker. The first time I spoke with her, I could feel it. Anyone who offers natural hair care advice to a complete stranger, is a risk taker. Morisha herself has been au natural for about a year and half now. Although growing up she longed for straight, pressed hair, she is thankful for the texture of her crown.

My mom was pretty old school, she’d say, straight hair for a young girl made her too grown. She laughs. 

We began to make conversation and she reveals that why school is never out of the plans, she chose not to go in that direction initially after graduating high school.

Right after  graduating school, got married. I mean right after, and then had my son.  I just kinda went in a different direction once moving from Chicago.  But I had options.  There was Julliard School of Performing Arts, and Columbia University in Chicago…I just didn’t go, but  I can always go to school. If I decided that I have done what I can with pursuing a music career, I would like to be a music teacher.

Morisha grew up in a household of older parents, so for her  to have such a mature spirit at 27, is to be expected. She is the youngest of four. One older brother and two older sisters. The age gap is quite substantial to say the least.

My brother and oldest sister are a pretty good deal older than me. My second sister is kinda closer in age to me. She’s in her thirties. My dad is 69. I have old school parents.

 She laughs

But I am also family oriented and my family are my favorite people.

When Morisha was around fourteen or fifteen, she signed to a major record label. Although signed for a year, she didn’t put out any music, because she was having a hard time getting out of the gate. The record company’s mission and Morisha’s vision were not aligning.

It was a horrible experience.

Says the singer of her time signed to Epic/Sony Records.

I was signed there for a little over a year.

What I thought: was great! These people are giving me the opportunity to put my music out and reach people. What it was: Selling sex. They wanted me in belly shirts and short shorts. They wanted me to sing about experiences and situations, I was not comfortable singing about and I was too young to sing about.

I was young. Fourteen, fifteen. I wanted music for my age group. Sing about stuff that mattered to me that I felt other people my age would relate to.

When asked on how she feels about people who go along with the image of the record company, Morisha responds,

Sellout. A real artist should want to give the fans who they really are. Instead, you are left to sing songs which have no personal connection to, because you aren’t able to contribute to the writing process or the composing of the song. And then they say, I want you to show me more booty. I want you to show your breasts more. You don’t need to know how to sing, we can make you sound good. You just stand there and be sexy.

She continues.

I never want my fans to question my authenticity. I write music with people in mind who enjoy all the pieces of the song. The track, the production, who mixed it, who mastered it. I like to work with the same circle on my projects. That’s what I want people to connect, when you hear a song like “Keeper” you know that’s Big Cee.

Big Cee is Morisha’s band drummer. One of the songs off her upcoming album [the follow-up to her EP This Is Me Part 1]  entitled Billy Joe, is a song the two collaborated on.


Any woman could relate this song to their specific man. I draw my inspirations for my songs through observations of life around me. And however I feel will produce the music I create; different feelings equal different music. The idea of genre placement does not fit me. I draw from the 50s with a lil’ jazzy, hip hop and R&B sound. I want what I create to sound like me.

When asked how she begins to create the framework of her songs, Morisha replies,

For Billy Joel, I wrote the song with a melody in mind and I sent it over to Big Cee and he created around what I initially laid down. I enjoy the effect of using live instruments. It produces the kind of music that will last a lifetime. Live music helps to create originality.

And Morisha’s story is quite original. The songstress almost never sung another note; she was involved in a serious car accident, which left her voiceless.

I stopped singing some years before the accident. I was 18 when I moved from Chicago, and I didn’t begin to sing again until I was 23, the same year my neck was broken in a car accident…. I was scared to death. I couldn’t sing.  I could barely talk! 

Looking in the mirror, I would sit back and just cry, thinking to myself, my voice cannot be gone. How could I not have the choice to sing again? I thought, because I did not use my gift, God took my voice away. I just did not know what to do. 

She chuckles.

My voice was weak once I started using it again, but I was happy that it was not gone. Grateful that it wasn’t over for me as a singer. I worked hard. I sung every single day. And from that first day out of the neck brace, I vowed to never stop singing, and I haven’t since.

Morisha wants her fans to know just how much their support means to her, that the music she puts out, how they receive it and relate the lyrics to their experiences, has her filled with  gratitude.

Love my fans! If I could spend personal time with each fan, I would. The fans think I give them what they want, but the fans give me what I need. I appreciate the support they give me to do what I love. It has been journey that has taught me that; time, prayer and effort, will take me far, I have to keep motivating myself.

And we, the fans, will be ready to cheer you on.

IMG_20140921_203053 (2)

Stay tuned for: Morisha Danee  Part 2! Q &A This Friday as part of the Flyy Girl Friday Feature

Nov. 7