Ode to Romance

The term is hopeful romantic.

I enjoy being around people in love.

Like, they like each other in love!

Their vibration is so high,

It makes me feel special to share in it.

It gives me hope 🙂

I love and enjoy romance. I am a Pisces, can’t help it.

And I am a Black Woman; Man Please

Love is supposed to feel good, that why its a necessity.

God says to love. You were created in love.

How could you not desire love?

Make love.

See love.

Be love.

Feel love.

Taste love.

Hear love.

Speak sweet words from your lips love.

Love that is strong enough to correct.

Trusting love.

I am just a hopeful romantic,

who bubbles over a the slightest thought of real love.

Enthralled with the idea of cool breezes

And clear skies

Sandy beaches

All within reach of us.

Who ever usis?

I am just a hopeful romantic.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Keep showing what you are capable of contributing.
It will pay off in due time.
It will click with the right connection and that door you seek to walk through will be awaiting you, wide open.

Faithfulness will take you far.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Word of the Day: Hindsight


Your inner “I told you so/shoulda/woulda/coulda.”

It’s naught a bad thing. It is truly natural to reflect on our mistakes, misfortunes for future notice! You gotta know where you come from to know where you are going.

Do better. Think better. Be better.
Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

I woke up to his creativity.
Better than love making to me
I was absorbing his energy
New wave frequency
Reaching within me, scratching that mfin itch I just couldn’t seem to appease.
He got me rethinking how much happier I can be. Will be. Shall be.
If need be, I will carry all his seeds
Planting them each carefully in fertile ground. Space them out evenly. Give em room to grow. Fresh air to breathe.
Nurture his carefully planted growing legacies…
That’s what waking up to his creativity takes me.

New New

This morning I woke up

Thanked God

And my mind went directly to you.

I shook my head to loosen your energy

“It really got a hold of me”

I won’t say like Smokey, cuz a hold is relative.

I am not thirsty for your physical affection,

however I am waist deep in need of admiration and support

Some stronger wings to lift me up, you stand like you were sent here to do exactly that

however I am up to my head in having to be patient and wait

I think about the fictional character of Charlotte

I’ve been dating since I was fifteen, where is he already…

Asking where he is, but when he appears, will I be ready?

Am I suppose to be ready now?

Cuz…..here you are

But are you here for me only?

I woke up

Thanked God

Then your energy tapped into mine,

And I could not shake you

And I was not afraid.

A Sweet Embrace

I wanna hug you.
Not just hug you
I want my breasts
To press upon your chest
And your arms to envelop my body.
Hands on my thighs leading towards my waist. Breathing in your scent,
Staring softly and intently into your face.
Remembering you.
Cherishing the moment, falling deeply into fantasies of you and i.
Far away from our reality. All that might be calling me, daring me to believe.
I breathe you in again, and just like that,
We whisk away to another time. When it was all we had, so relish in it. Every
Moment spent is content. I want to replenish. I need to refuel.
Holding you. Holding me.
This is what fills up my make-believes.
I’ll be the mama. You be the daddy.
Or may be you are my King, and I your Queen..see what takes hold of me when you press your chest, against my breasts?
Gliding your hands along my back.
Gently scratching as they make their way down back to my thighs.
You breathe in my scent and I watch your face fly into a serenity.
I study you, feel your own fantasy, feeling special that this embrace takes hold of you as much as it does me.
I hope you remember my smile.
The gap in my teeth. The thick brows that shade the slanted eyes above dimpled cheeks.
Until we meet again.
Breathe in me and meet me in your fantasies.