Spring Queens

Flyy Girl Friday Feature: Dorie

Spring is upon us and with the change of the seasons,

brings a bright and endearing attitude about new goals and adventures.

Dorie of Dee Grows Up embodies this winning attitude through her

diverse blog posts and fun photography.

This twenty-something has a fresh lease on life and she wants to help others

find their way to individuality.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome


Hi, please introduce yourself to the readers:

Dorie, (Dee) from Miami, Florida.

Give us a brief description of your blog, Dee Grows Up:

My blog is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the 20-somethings out there still trying to define this thing called adulthood. It’s where I talk about the experience of being an awkward 20-something navigating my way through life and the many lessons I learn along the way. It’s about my trials and my triumphs. I also share everything that inspires me from music, fashion, and art to other 20-somethings that I admire. I know I won’t be in my twenties forever, so as I grow my blog will grow with me, hence the name DeeGrowsUp www.deegrowsup.com

Why did you begin blogging?

I began blogging last summer when I graduated early from college. I felt like I was catapulted prematurely into adulthood territory and left to figure it out all on my own. But with prayer and guidance from my family, friends who didn’t mind reading my annoying and desperate 5-paragraph text messages, AND pouring myself into starting up a blog, I was able to survive that summer in one piece and with my sanity.


What motivates you to dedicate time to blogging?

Writing and designing have always been a hobby for me, and I really do feel, I have interesting stories to share. If I can dedicate at least one hour out of my day I can knock out a decent post. I love getting feedback and responding to comments. Although I don’t have a problem writing and talking to myself, it’s motivating to know that someone out there is listening.

In one year, what do you hope manifests from your blogging?

I want to focus on growing my readership and knowing that I’m having an impact on others someway and somehow. I also want to branch out of my comfort zone and start doing interviews, and also blogging about my spiritual journey. I’m also going to start selling a few products this year so be on the lookout! But more than anything I hope this year manifests more opportunities to connect with and work with other bloggers
Name two of your favorite bloggers you follow:Dorie3

Two of my favorite bloggers are Miranda Elise from MirandaElise.com and Krystal Scott from TheFeistyHouse.com. Miranda, blogs about college life, and keeping God in the midst of your relationship; her blog posts are like excerpts from a novel and are so interesting to read. I admire Krystal because her blog is a place to stay inspired and have faith in God.

What legacy do you want to leave behind for others to know about you?

I want others to know about me that I have a rebel heart. I am known for going against the grain and doing things that people would totally not expect from me. I have a spontaneous personality and a YOLO attitude. Life is too short to second guess. By the way I live my life, I want to inspire other people to not live confined in what they doubt that they are capable of doing, or what other people underestimate of them. I’ve actually had to grow into this type of attitude. I used to be painfully shy and it was only about 2 years ago that I started taking risks and REALLY living my life. The benefits and opportunities have since come knocking in abundance and I have never looked back.


Be sure to connect with Dorie via social media


Fashion Queen: Melba’s Boutique

One may never know the wonderful places their current city has to offer, if you don’t take the time to stroll through. This past Saturday, I decided to head over to the Lee Street Flea Market to catch a deal on some much-needed Cast Iron Pots and Pans, but as I put on my best bargain hat to shade my eyes and precious blowout (it’s a natural hair thing), I stumbled upon a lovely shop, Melba’s Boutique.

I could not believe a gem of this kind, could be found right in my back yard…well, close to it. Melba has some gorgeous pieces, that are sure to catch the eye of any true vintage fashionista. If the quality doesn’t get you to open the coin purse, the prices will! My favorite piece is the “Pastel Princess Petal Dress,” a steal at $12!

The moral of this lovely fashion story is this, never judge a place by its location, you could be passing up the outfit of a lifetime. Support your local businesses and support your community. The relationships you build with them, can be beneficial to you as well…I mean how much can you get for $12 at the mall? Exactly! So, if you are in the SW Atlanta area, stop by the Lee Street Flea market on Saturday and look for Melba’s Boutique, tell her Audrey sent you!

Spring Queen Feature: Respect The Queen Clothing & Accesories

pinkcrown Respect The Queen

Respect The Queen has more to offer HeyGirlHey!!! readers.

So if you thought yesterday’s styles were  beyond dope, then get ready to dig into those wallets and pull out the coins!

Respect The Queen is dedicated to delivering the art and the message with their unique pieces.

Head to www.respectthequeen.bigcartel.com

and place your orders today!





Spring Queen Feature: Respect The Queen


Oh no! I know you didn’t think we were gonna boost you up about the awesome fashions of Respect The Queen and not show the goods?!?

Nah, never that!

Respect The Queen has every woman of purpose covered, whether you’re more casual or big on bright colors.

But rest assure, whatever your fly, Respect The Queen has you covered!

Be sure to check out all the merchandise you see here, simply by clicking a picture.

Or visit www.respectthequeen.bigcartel.com




Spring Queen Feature: Respect The Queen


Spring Queens is back for another week of spotlighting talent and entrepreneurial ambition.

This week’s Spring Queen is all about expression and empowerment. I truly hope each of you get a “take away” from this feature. Be it an actual item of clothing you choose to purchase, or encouragement/inspiration to go after your dreams and goals.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce

Respect The Queen.

Who is the woman behind Respect The Queen? Introduce yourself to the readers. 

Respect The Queen

Respect The Queen

The woman behind “Respect the Queen” is Terra J. I’m a 35-year-old single mother originally from Saginaw, Michigan. However, I currently reside in Dallas, Texas.  I’m currently in the process of finishing up my MBA in Public Administration.  By day I am a litigation clerk for a local law firm. By birth I am a Queen! I am a mom! I am human! I am transparent! I am authentic! I am a work in progress.

What is the motivation behind the Respect The Queen brand? How did the concept become a successful business?

I was born in to chaos and I struggled all of my life to maintain my Queen stature. I lacked the fatherly role model every “Queen in Training” deserves as a child. I became very rigid and cold. Against all odds I continued to move forward in my life! About a year ago I began to look deep within myself and through this journey I realized I deserved so much better in life. I realized I had lost the Queen within! I began to tap into a power beyond my understanding. I started to talk to other Queens who also experienced trials and tribulations. I’m a business major so I began to ponder on how I could use my experience, strength and hope to help every women tap into her inner Queen.  I ran across a beautiful Queen by the name of Kellie Brew and the magic began.  In the meanwhile I have met a variety of African Queens who just happen to be artist and they have helped my vision come to life. My vision is for African Queens to see themselves on all sorts of apparel because I feel as though we are underrepresented and/or exploited in the industry.  Success means many things to many people but for mean success is when a Queen is empowered and uplifted after a “Respect the Queen” experience.

How does it feel to be a Boss? What does that term mean to you?

I really don’t see myself as a “Boss” but as an advocate for Queens all over the world. A “Boss” leads people to help him or her live their dreams. I personally want to uplift and empower Queens to live their own dreams.

How long has Respect The Queen been in operation? Tell us about your first year compared to where you are now.

Respect the Queen was established in November of 2013.  I haven’t been in business for a full year . The difference today is I have evolved into a better woman. I’ve been able to dig deeper into my soul and identify with my customer’s on a deeper level. I’ve been able to establish actual relationships with my customer’s. My customer’s have full access to me outside of a business relationship. We chit-chat about life and I make an attempt to impact their lives. The difference between “Respect the Queen” and other ‘s is I truly want to establish life, long relationships with my Queens.

With creativity, comes the drama of one’s own mind. How do you manage the highs and lows which comes with being a creative individual?

Yes, there are a lot of highs and lows when running a business. Some days I receive very negative attention and it hurts my soul because I know my hearts  true intention. Prayer and meditation keep me grounded. I read a lot and I stay involved in my community. The Queens that I’ve been able to establish relationships with truly uplift and inspire me more than I do for them. At the end of the day if I just help one Queen tap into her inner Queen then I know I’ve done what My Creator intended for me to do and that for me is enough.

Tell us about the moment you sold your first piece of Respect The Queen clothing?

I was so scared no one would feel the concept behind my vision. A friend from my hometown  bought my first piece. I was so scared she wasn’t going to like it once she received it.  I remember the first notification I received with pictures of her rocking my shirt it was the most amazing feeling I’ve felt other than giving birth to my son. For the first time in my life I knew that I could do anything  I set my mind to. It wasn’t about the money by far! I didn’t’ care if I sold another shirt! The inspiration, motivation and empowerment that came with that first sale has inspired me to continue to live my dreams.

Fill in the blank.  The most important thing I did not know when I first started that I know now is, ______.

I did not know my family as a whole would not support me but that mere strangers would be my biggest supporters! 

I follow your brand on Instagram. One of the many things I enjoy about your page, is that you are socially awake in an era where a lot of people of influence choose to “go along to get along.” Why are you choosing to join the trenches of causes such as the Leon Ford case?

I met Leon via Instagram and his spirit spoke to mine. I joined Leon because we are supposed to support one another. We cannot afford to continue to turn the other cheek on issues we all have faced at one point or another in our lives and/or we know someone who has encountered these issues. I know what it feels like to be black in America. That alone inspires me to help anyone I can.

What do you say to those who believe there is nothing they can do to create change in their community?

I say they are the reason we continue to face these issues in our community. We cannot expect to drastically change overnight. We did not get into this situation overnight!  It will take a joint effort to build back our communities. We must uplift and empower each other. No one else is going to do it! One small act of change every day is far greater than no change at all. We must unify or die!

What is the legacy you would like to leave both personally and professionally?

My personal and professional life is always intertwined. I tend to try to separate the two but they go hand in hand. If I only had one thing to leave behind in this world, I would want to leave my people with the ability to uplift and empower each other without exploiting one another. This is the legacy I will leave for my son and his family. That for me is something money cannot buy!


***About the Spring Queen: I am not an artist! I am not even a designer! I’m just a Queen who had an idea of how to mesh art and apparel! Fortunately it worked! Take a risk on yourself or no one else will! 

Spring Queen Feature: It’s A Natural Thang Salon


Hold up, wait a minute Spring Queen Features ain’t finished!

I know it has been a good little week since the last feature, but have no fear and shed no more tears, it is back and in full effect!

This week’s feature goes out to one of my favorite Pisces in all the land, Rayna Nash, salon owner and incredible natural hair stylist.

Before we get into the fabulous styles she creates, let’s get to know the woman behind the locs…..

It's A Natural Thang Salon Owner & Stylist

It’s A Natural Thang Salon Owner & Stylist

Why this profession as a natural hairstylist?

RN: I chose natural hair as my area of expertise because I’m a proud Black woman and thankful and grateful for every aspect of the creation of us being from the Divine Creator! I think as a race [Blacks] we’re created with so much character and our natural hair is a distinct reflection of that unique beauty. I’ve actually never had a desire to work with relaxed or straight hair. I remember in hair school trying to get away without giving our “live models” a relaxer, which was a requirement for passing. But that’s how much I despise the “creamy crack!”

How long have you been a natural? Why are you still natural?

RN: I have been natural since 2000. Truth be told, I’ve been wanting locs since I was in seventh grade (1994) but my mom felt like I needed to be “established” first….locs and naturals were not as acceptable during that time. However, as soon as I went off to college, I jumped aboard the Natural Chick Train with a one way ticket! I will absolutely forever be natural for the rest of my days solely off principle and respect of believing the Creator did not make a mistake in my creation process. Plus, I love mu endless artsy options in finding new character in my “love tresses” to accent and emphasize. I could not do half the styles I do with straight hair.

Now tell us about the atmosphere of the salon. I know, but I want readers to know how you would describe it. 🙂

RN: My salon has an ultimate welcoming vibration. you come once and instantly become family. We welcome every client with open arms (literally lol). We strive to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Any day at Its A Natural Than Salon, is bound to be a treat for each client. We just enjoy vibin’ with whatever a client has to offer and in that process continue producing healthy wholesome hair! I have been told by so many clients that we have “growing hands” that I am very close to making that our claim to fame! [laughing] Truth be told, I’m truly just great-filled that the Creator chose me to be the conductor of this hair movement. I wouldn’t want things to be any other way!

What are the products you have to help your clients maintain their fresh styles?

RN: I’m a  pretty simple type of stylist when it comes to products for the hair. Although I know that there are all kinds of products out there for every type of texture, I also am very old school with what I feel is necessary in maintaining great natural hair. For the most part, I don’t think there is nothing a little shea butter blend or natural oils ( including jojoba, coconut or castor…to name a few) cannot fix or make better. The finer the hair, the lighter the product (water/oil blend). However, the thicker and more resilient the hair, the more concentrated the product (shea/oil blends). A typical night routine while maintaining a protective style consists of spritzing the hair with a water/oil blend and then rubbing the hair with a shea blend. Cover the head with a satin or silk scarf to allow hair to marinate over night to rise the next morning with well moisturized hair. Products are available at Its A Natural Thang Salon $5-$15 depending upon size.

A lot of women hate shrinkage, what is one way to prolong shrinkage without an insane amount of heat?

RN: A common way to avoid shrinkage is to avoid using products that have a dampening agent in them like water or cream, but instead using something with oil or butter base. In addition, medium to large plaiting or twisting sections on the head nightly and pulling apart (combing out) in the morning help to prolong length.

What is the biggest misconception you believe women have about transitioning to becoming a naturalista?

RN: The biggest misconception I feel women have when transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is thinking their natural texture is too “nappy” or kinky to complete the process. This misconception has kept so many women from going 6-9 months of the transitioning to deciding too just throw in the towel and put the creamy crack back in their heads. [But] what they don’t know is that their natural texture is softer than it may seem. It’s the “transband” which is the area on the hair shaft where the relaxed hair stops and the au-natural new growth begins, that creates a very intense hair battle of the strong versus the weak. This area typically tangles up badly because of the two different textures, which gives an illusion that the woman’s hair is extra kinky and unmanageable. When in reality, if the relaxed part could just be cut off, the strong new growth would have a chance to be free and flow accordingly.

To not be biased…is it possible to have relaxed and healthy hair?

RN: Technically it is possible to maintain healthy hair and still have a relaxer, however, the truth of the matter is, once the creamy crack is applied to the love tresses, it instantly wipes out all the curly and wavy natural texture of the hair. I am an avid believer that our hair in its natural texture (given proper TLC) is simply the healthiest state it can be in!

What about coloring? Is putting color chemicals into your hair healthy? What products do you recommend for hydration?

RN: The thing about color is that it’s not the coloring process that is unhealthy for the hair, it’s the lack of aftercare that creates a situation. The hair ultimately needs even more TLC once colored. The client cannot allow the hair to dry out or it will get brittle and break off. Here is where the spritzing and rubbing routine discussed earlier comes into play. It is crucial to try to create an ideal moisturized atmosphere for color treated hair at all times because it is now in a semi-sensitive state.

What is the next level for Its A Natural Thang Salon?

RN: What’s our next step??? To take this show on the road….we are trying to be an International Thang baby! Stay tuned!

Rayna resides in the South Atlanta, GA area. Its A Natural Thang Salon (itsanaturalthang.com) 

Featured Product: Phab & Phierce Accessories Online Boutique

Today may be the last day for Phab and Phierce Accessories to be featured on Hey Girl Hey!!!

but it is only just the beginning for the frenzy that this online boutique is sure to create with its wonderful fashions and great pricing!

If you have continued to pass up the option of clicking the link for the boutique, you are truly missing out on looking your very best for the workday, special event and night out with the girls!

Phab and Phierce  Accessories has you covered from head to toe, so check out some feature products

and be sure to head to phabandphierce.com for your fashion fix!


Natural Girls Rock Necklace ($20)

Natural Girls Rock Necklace ($20)

Natural Wild Beauty V-Neck Tee ($26.50)

Natural Wild Beauty V-Neck Tee ($26.50)

 I Woke Up Like This Custom Tee ($24.50)

I Woke Up Like This Custom Tee ($24.50)

Featured Product: Phab & Phierce Accessories Online Boutique

It is all about the trend of color, ease and statement making pieces on this edition of

Phab and Phierce Accessories Online Boutique feature!

They have you covered from multi-layer bracelets, outfit completing cuffs and the vision to help you

piece it all together. Shop phabandphierce.com for you accessory obsessions!


Cross & Stud Green Bracelet ($15)

Cross & Stud Green Bracelet ($15)

So In Love Stackable Bracelet ($15)

So In Love Stackable Bracelet ($15)

 "This Spring, it's all about patterns and pops of color. Phab and Phierce pairs a Black and White Striped Maxi Dress (H & M, $29.99), Dessert Cutie Floppie Fedora (Forever 21, $16.80), and Touch of Glam sandals (Forever 21, $22.80) with some of their statement pieces to make a complete look.

“This Spring, it’s all about patterns and pops of color. Phab and Phierce pairs a Black and White Striped Maxi Dress (H & M, $29.99), Dessert Cutie Floppie Fedora (Forever 21, $16.80), and Touch of Glam sandals (Forever 21, $22.80) with some of their statement pieces to make a complete look.

Spring Queens: Phylicia Fair, Phab & Phierce Accessories LLC Boutique


Phylicia Fair  Owner of Phab & Phierce Accessories Online Boutique

Phylicia Fair
Owner of Phab & Phierce Accessories Online Boutique

This week is the kickoff to Spring Queen; the series of women making their mark in the entrepreneurial world this Spring and taking control of their legacy and making strides to ensure its longevity.

This week Spring Queen is the Phabulous Phylicia Fair of

Phab & Phierce Accessories Online Boutique!

Hey Girl Hey!!! had the opportunity to ask Mrs. Fair a couple of questions regarding her decision to become a business woman and the journey of the decision to the finish product.

We all know it is easier said than done to be the Boss, now meet a woman who is Boss’d up in the phabulous world of accessories.

What do you believe led you to open your own online boutique?

 For so long, I wanted to have something of my own and something that was an extension of who I already was. I’ve always loved jewelry and accessories and would always receive compliments at work or out in public on a particular bracelet, ring, or necklace I’d have on. People would ask me, “Where did you get that from, that’s cute”, and I began to think to myself, “Why can’t I have my own accessories line?” From there, the idea was born.  I believe that accessories can very much change your complete look. It can take a basic outfit like a t-shirt and jeans, and turn it into something fabulous just by adding the right accessories.


How awesome does it feel to be a Boss?

[laughing] It’s definitely a great feeling to be able to wake up when you want to, make your own schedule, rules, and plans. However, it’s a great deal of responsibility that comes along with it. You have to be very disciplined and determined because it’s all up to you whether or not you succeed. You have to work much harder, in my opinion, but, in the end, it’s worth it.  I was never the 9-5 person, and I hated the fact that I was hustling everyday to go to someone else’s job. I believe that everyone should venture out to be their own boss at some point in their life. It’s liberating.


Walk us through the process of developing your product.

Everything has a process, especially, when it comes to starting your own business. One of the first things I did before anything else, was that I created my vision board of Phab and Phierce. I’m a very visual person, so for me, this is and still has been one of the most effective stages of the process. This allowed me to get inspiration for the colors, look, and feel of the online boutique as well as the products. From there, I surveyed trusted family members and friends to get their feedback on my ideas and took it from there. I’m the type of person who likes to layout everything in front of me before making a decision, so I conducted lots of research of the industry and spoke with professionals who were already in the industry to be sure I knew my product and my audience.


What is the most important thing you wish you had known before starting your boutique?

Wow. There are many things that I have learned that I wish I’d known earlier, but I’d say the most important thing I would say is to study, study, study! Study your competition, but stay true to your brand. Always. Never make a decision that doesn’t reflect who you are or your brand. It’s one of the guiding business principles that I live by, and I will tell anyone starting their own business the same.


If you could choose a celebrity to be your brand ambassador, who would it be and why?

[smiles] Well…anyone who knows me, knows that I love Beyonce, not only as an entertainer, but also as a business woman. I have been following her career for so many years and one thing that sticks out to me about her is that, whatever she does, it’s done for purpose, with purpose, and on purpose. I respect that. She is an example of a celebrity who has branded herself seamlessly, and done so with so much class. So, yes, Beyonce would definitely be my choice!


What sets your brand a part from the other online boutiques?

My boutique features many items that are what I like to call “statement accessories”. I love wearing accessories that are different, unique, and classy. Something that catches people’s eye and can easily become a conversation starter. I also wanted a product that was affordable for the everyday, working woman. I’m a firm believer for balling on a budget! You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to look fabulous, and that’s the message I want to come across to women.


Where do you see Phab & Phierce Accessories in one year?

There is so much potential for growth, as a matter of fact, I plan to add more than accessories in the future, and branching off into fashion and clothing as well. I don’t want to give away everything, but I do have a few things up my sleeve!


Phylicia Fair channeled her inner creativity and savvy nature and began  Phab and Phierce Accessories, LLC in 2014. Her inspiration derives from her interests in fashion, design, and women empowerment. Outside of empowering women to accessorize their lives, she works in program development for youth & young girls around the Metro Atlanta area. She has participated in events with Urban Spice Magazine, The Garner Circle PR, and Enchanted Closet, Inc. Her online boutique can be found out www.phabandphierce.com
Phylicia lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and enjoys traveling, the arts, shopping, and serving in the community. 


Spring Queens: It’s Good To Have Something of Your Own


It is that time of year where the environment around us begins to come alive with new vigor and energy. The sun shines longer and brighter…..and the mosquitoes come out!

But seriously, Spring time is a great time to gather inspiration for you! Yes, you!  You deserve to accomplish and obtain your dreams and goals.

You deserve to be the Boss.

This Spring will be a focus on women who are starting anew this year with promising entrepreneurial ventures destined for success!

Tune in each week starting April 7, 2014 to catch the featured Spring Queen of the week.

I will post information about each Queen’s services and the newest and latest products.

If you or someone you know would like to be featured during this season of Spring Queens, please fill out the following form to ensure proper protocol for having you and your business featured.

Join me in celebrating the hard work of perseverance and determination as these ladies go for what they want.

Remember: “good things come to those who wait  HUSTLE!”



“It’s liberating. It is your baby.” {Phylicia Fair, Owner of Phab and Phierce Accessories Online Boutique}