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Procrastination: My Petition For Success

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I think the hardest thing in the entire world to do, is to try. The moment you attempt something of passion or something you have never done before, in the manner in which you are attempting it, with the vision you see for it, you will become lazier than a group a dandelions swaying in the shady breeze of a scorching hot summer day. To say that I am slightly a procrastinator, would be a total misconception and major understatement.

What in the world have I been thinking I could complete my mission while continuing my present behavior. Chill mode is not the mode of a consistent and successful entrepeneur.  Chill mode is the danger zone for an artist, too much of one thing can never be good for the mind.

Which brings me to what I have seriously though about. Really looking to meet with others who are currently trying to write or be more creative with what they have begun and push towards the next level of their creativity.

A space where writers understand the nuances of being great, not in a cocky jerk head type of way, but in a what I wanted to say, I said and people got it.

If you would interested in exchanging emails for encouragement, I am totally open to that.

Please be sure to comment and let me know of somethings you do to stay motivated and writing.

Also, please take the poll and let me know your thoughts on writing groups or writers’ workshops both online and off.