Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Even the strong get weak.

I know that people look to you to be a pillar of encouragement and assurance; however there are times when you yourself, are going through your own storms of “why.”

In those moments, it is imperative that you set aside as much time as you need to be a lone so that you can regroup and meditate through your struggle.

Speaking words of positivity over your situation, allowing yourself to breakdown for the release that is on the other side of “why” to your “how.”

How did I ever doubt my ability to bounce back?

How did I manage to keep my sanity in the midst of the craziness?

How can I do more to allow myself to trust in my own strength even when I am weak?

But take those questions of “why” and replace them with a positive spin…instead of looking at the situation as a negative, work through it to establish an affirmation for every dark thought.

I am stronger than my obstacles.

I am a loving vessel attracting the desires of my heart.

I am headed in the right direction, however the right path will not be void of trials.

Every trial is just an exercise to build my muscle for endurance.

I am coming out wiser, kinder, more faithful and persistent.

The thoughts of doubts can only manifest if we speak them to be.

Stand on that small piece of hope, no matter how thin it is, trust it can will hold the weight of your fears, your tears and your pain.

That tiny mustard seed of faith can and will work wonders as long as you seek it to be everyday you wake to a new day.

I have faith that each of us seeking better will be victorious in our search.

We have already won because We refuse to give up!

Encourage yourself especially when you feel like there is nothing you can physically do, for that is when all your focus most go inward to uplift those spaces that are filled with fear and doubt.

Hold firmly to who you are, tears, anger and being lost momentarily does not change that you are indeed worthy of what you are pushing toward…it means you too are human.

Separate yourself for yourself.

Pour into yourself daily and watch the clouds break away.

The Sun wants to shine on you, it is shining on you, just have to lift your head up from the problem and start recognizing the solutions that are coming.

They are coming.

Make A Plan…anyway

Take Action…anyway

Set Up Shop…anyway

Go Get It…everyday


Word of the Day

A lot of times the worst mistreatment we endure, is self abuse.

We keep finding ourselves in situations of lack, because continuously, we place ourselves there.

Looking for the easiest route to a momentary thrill or pleasure. A quick fix for what we actually desire long term.

And could it be that we know when focusing on long term goals, things are rarely what we want them to be? Its never with who you think or where you thought you’d be.

That’s the illogical focus; Not being able to live the fantasy.

But here’s the gotcha: the reality is sure to surpass your fantasy.

Give fate and your commitment the chance to blow your mind.

Let go. Whether it’s one finger at a time, or you release it fully all at once.

Let go. Let it go.

And reach toward what’s meant to be.

Draw nearer til you feel it. Til you’re living it. Let go.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

In all our efforts to go after what desire, we cannot forget to stop and smell the roses.

Enjoy the moments of family, friends and fellowship.
Make sure that your connections go deeper than securing a new connect.
Make it meaningful.
Make it worth your time.
Because you’re growing and you need people in your life who truly care about you and show it through action.
Enjoy those people.
Take the time to spend time together.
We all need those moments.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Sometimes we have to encounter moments or extended moments of hard lessons because the greater reward causes for thick tough skin, logical thinking, resourcefulness and patience.

Because if we were to obtained what we believe we should have and when we should have it, things would fall a part quickly and all the effort was for naught.

Therefore in order to come into what is rightfully our own, we must endure some crazy and challenging things and people to help us better prepare, plan and manage what is to come.

Here’s to hanging on with all your faith and all your strength.
The very best is yet to come.
Believe that.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Word of the Day: Clarity

The ability to operate with clear instructions.

When you gain a clear vision of what you are embarking upon, it is imperative you stay the course until further instructions.

Ask for clarity  and I promise you will receive it. You just need to follow through.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Time is given so much responsibility: to heal wounds, to help us forgive or forget, to understand, to plan and to begin.

However, the first business of responsibility lies within us; to make sure that we first begin the process in order for time to do what it does best, keep on going.

Don’t worry yourself so much about the time, for it will tick regardless; but be more in tune with the process. Follow each step, pay close attention and learn as much as you can.

In time, you will notice just how far you’ve come from where you started.

So, whatever you are beginning, I am praying for your process. May it be completed.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Rest Stops along the path towards success, are not meant for us to stay and become comfortable.
They are REST Stops for a real reason; use that time to reflect, regroup and take action.
Sometimes, I get to chilling so hard at the Rest Stop, that I don’t just rest, I come to a complete STOP.
And that is dangerous for not only me, but those around me. Because if I were living my true purpose, they would better understand who I am and where I am coming from.
When we take an extended Rest, we start to tell ourselves and others, this is all I am….which is a lie.
And when we are using our Rest Stops appropriately, hopefully we are reflecting the right light and inspiring those around us.
For it is truly our calling in life, to imprint good upon this Earth and how can we do that if we are resting all the time?

Time waits for no man nor woman, so what is now won’t be later. Take full advantage of those opportunities presented to you. Make something from  lack and I know it will come back ten times more.

Time to pull off….