Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Say this a loud:

I am worthy of what I seek.

I am not correct in all my ways, but I strive to do what is right and true.

I rise to every challenge and conquer my fears through love and faith.

I am worthy of everything that is good.

I am free to believe and achieve.

I am worthy.


AP Real Talk

A Real One Reaps Respect

Never lower your gaze to engage in foolish acts, only to shade your eyes for the powerful glow of your vision.

Focus now when instances occur to disprove your growth. Challenges only comes to those striving to be a Champion.

Gurrl, go forth and win with style and grace.


Dusst to the small stuff.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

The power of I Am…

Take this simple approach today to speak into your doubts, fears, challenges and uncertainties with the positive affirmative opposite.

I am happiness when faced with sadness.

I am brave when faced with fear.

I am loved when faced with loneliness.

I am successful when faced with doubt.

We have the power to align with the source and overcome the thief of joy and contentment. Let’s start this week in a direction of manifestation.

I am grateful to be a purposeful vessel in my lifetime.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It

Word of the Day

A daily devotion of going over positive affirmations, is a sure way of connecting you to your goals.

Reaffirming that you are what you seek, will build up the courage and strength, to go after what is yours.

You gotta become fearless.

Failure is still a stepping stone, a piece of the foundation.

You have to focus.

Only what matters, matter.

Speak what you seek. Then be what that is.

Word of the Day 

There are times when you will find it difficult to be positive for not only yourself, but for the happines of others as well.

Give it 5 minutes of your time by writing out your feelings of frustration, then read over what you wrote and begin to recognize what needs healing.

Allow time for earnest and intimate prayer/meditation to remove the thoughts and feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, envy, pessimism and fear.

Give yourself the freedom to be heard and healed through your power of prayer. Some things can be dealt with in-house,  if we would allow ourselves the space to be honest and move toward reconciliation of peace,love, happiness and strength.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

We have to be careful about the type of energy we allow into our lives, if only for a moment we are to be in a certain place or entertain a certain person or people, we have a responsibility to ourselves to protect that which is important to us; our sanity.

When you allow the impressions of others to influence how you view yourself, you are saying that their perspective of you is more relevant and powerful than that of yourself.

You will feel that shift within your being. You will feel the seeds of doubt begin to grow…with the excessive questions that mount from insecurities.

Before you get crazy with the ideas of “maybe” do yourself a solid favor, pray.

Reaffirm yourself.

Take a cerebral look over where you’ve been and how there were things set up to destroy your dreams or plans and yet you made it through.

When you thought all hope and promise of better was gone and yet here you are, surviving and sh*t.

There is a need for constructive criticism and correction, however don’t allow the wrong type of energy to become your guide rather than  a measuring stick for progression. Learn the art of discernment and practice it.

Take what you will and leave the rest for them…for their opinion is not yours to consume, it is something they have digested as their truth.

My dear, you have your own. Use it.


**photo courtesy of Everyday Feminism**