Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Often, we look for our blessings to be manifestations of material things, because a lot of us were raised to believe goodness takes shape in tangible form.

However, through living our lives we come to realize at some point, hopefully, that our most cherished moments take place through healing and self realization.

Peace. Love. Hope. Understanding.

These are all blessed gifts that come to comfort us in times of storms, trepidation and loneliness.

We gather ourselves, because we know how to comfort our wounds. Not to say we don’t falter and revert back to non-serving habits: self pity, fear and doubt, however we are aware enough to recognize we are digressing and courageous enough to turn the narrative around for our good.

Nothing which attempts to bind us in despair shall last when we seek to persevere and overcome.

We only lack when we believe we lack.

We only remain fearful we choose to believe in the fear.

We are only lonely when we believe loneliness is our only option.

Reaffirming who we are through our gifts of peace, hope, understanding and love, joins us to our inner spirit which holds the power to bring us through any and all darkness.

My thought and prayer for us this week, is that we daily seek power in the words we speak and the thoughts we choose to focus on.

When we find ourselves not promoting our light, we quickly change the narrative and shift the direction of our energy.

We deserve the very best, no ifs ands or buts about it.

However we must first begin that with and within ourselves.

This season is all about expectancy, what are you claiming for yours?


New New

This morning I woke up

Thanked God

And my mind went directly to you.

I shook my head to loosen your energy

“It really got a hold of me”

I won’t say like Smokey, cuz a hold is relative.

I am not thirsty for your physical affection,

however I am waist deep in need of admiration and support

Some stronger wings to lift me up, you stand like you were sent here to do exactly that

however I am up to my head in having to be patient and wait

I think about the fictional character of Charlotte

I’ve been dating since I was fifteen, where is he already…

Asking where he is, but when he appears, will I be ready?

Am I suppose to be ready now?

Cuz… you are

But are you here for me only?

I woke up

Thanked God

Then your energy tapped into mine,

And I could not shake you

And I was not afraid.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Don’t start blaming other people now! The faces change, yet only yours remains.
Ownership of our mis-takes can develop a powerful energy and discernment.
No more frontin’ for others, no need to when you speak the truth to yourself.

Stop demanding of others what you are not willing to provide for yourself.

The Go Getters have set up shop.

Motivation for Perspective: Countdown to My Blog-a-versary

Good Monday Morning Beautiful People!

Today I thought about doing some sort of countdown to commemorate my first year of blogging. April 3 will mark one full year that Hey Girl Hey!!! has been a functioning and thriving source of my creativity and my writing. I am overjoyed with how quickly time has seemed to pass by, only because I was so busy trying to push the limits of my blog, I did not notice the months quickly merging into the next.

And so from my thinking, I gathered some motivation to share with you. You know how I do!

But seriously, I want you to know there is always time to do what we desire and what we love. It takes courage. And some may say, it takes courage to start a blog? And I will answer; yes, it takes courage to start a blog. A personal platform, in which you are either informing others about particular topics or sharing your life experiences, can be a daunting task, at times. But that is the thing to remember when embarking upon new adventures.

In the beginning, it is fun, it is exciting and it is something you look forward to engaging in daily. However, as time goes on, the initial fuel can begin to deplete and the energy you once had to go after your desires, can fade. In those times, it is important to step back and regroup and try not to scare yourself or discourage yourself from attempting again. Sometimes it is a matter of incorporating new ideas or people and sometimes it is a matter of overthinking the process; seeing what others have accomplished and fast tracking your goals by what you think you should be in your craft, in your journey.

Stop doing that to yourself! Their journey is supposed to look how it looks, because of what they have gone through to get where they are. And honey, everything that glitters….is not gold.

I want to encourage you to stay on your path. Focus on your dreams and visions. Stay committed to what you have given your word to accomplish; to complete every task and learn from each of your mistakes. Because one day, you will look up and see that the anniversary of beginning is just a few days away. And you will have the opportunity to look around at what you were able to accomplish or create in a year’s time; from a thought to an anniversary…..the reward is real.

You just have to what?

Go Get It!

Flyy Girl Friday Feature: Dorie

Spring is upon us and with the change of the seasons,

brings a bright and endearing attitude about new goals and adventures.

Dorie of Dee Grows Up embodies this winning attitude through her

diverse blog posts and fun photography.

This twenty-something has a fresh lease on life and she wants to help others

find their way to individuality.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome


Hi, please introduce yourself to the readers:

Dorie, (Dee) from Miami, Florida.

Give us a brief description of your blog, Dee Grows Up:

My blog is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the 20-somethings out there still trying to define this thing called adulthood. It’s where I talk about the experience of being an awkward 20-something navigating my way through life and the many lessons I learn along the way. It’s about my trials and my triumphs. I also share everything that inspires me from music, fashion, and art to other 20-somethings that I admire. I know I won’t be in my twenties forever, so as I grow my blog will grow with me, hence the name DeeGrowsUp

Why did you begin blogging?

I began blogging last summer when I graduated early from college. I felt like I was catapulted prematurely into adulthood territory and left to figure it out all on my own. But with prayer and guidance from my family, friends who didn’t mind reading my annoying and desperate 5-paragraph text messages, AND pouring myself into starting up a blog, I was able to survive that summer in one piece and with my sanity.


What motivates you to dedicate time to blogging?

Writing and designing have always been a hobby for me, and I really do feel, I have interesting stories to share. If I can dedicate at least one hour out of my day I can knock out a decent post. I love getting feedback and responding to comments. Although I don’t have a problem writing and talking to myself, it’s motivating to know that someone out there is listening.

In one year, what do you hope manifests from your blogging?

I want to focus on growing my readership and knowing that I’m having an impact on others someway and somehow. I also want to branch out of my comfort zone and start doing interviews, and also blogging about my spiritual journey. I’m also going to start selling a few products this year so be on the lookout! But more than anything I hope this year manifests more opportunities to connect with and work with other bloggers
Name two of your favorite bloggers you follow:Dorie3

Two of my favorite bloggers are Miranda Elise from and Krystal Scott from Miranda, blogs about college life, and keeping God in the midst of your relationship; her blog posts are like excerpts from a novel and are so interesting to read. I admire Krystal because her blog is a place to stay inspired and have faith in God.

What legacy do you want to leave behind for others to know about you?

I want others to know about me that I have a rebel heart. I am known for going against the grain and doing things that people would totally not expect from me. I have a spontaneous personality and a YOLO attitude. Life is too short to second guess. By the way I live my life, I want to inspire other people to not live confined in what they doubt that they are capable of doing, or what other people underestimate of them. I’ve actually had to grow into this type of attitude. I used to be painfully shy and it was only about 2 years ago that I started taking risks and REALLY living my life. The benefits and opportunities have since come knocking in abundance and I have never looked back.


Be sure to connect with Dorie via social media


Motivation for Perspective: I am Open


The art of accomplishing goals is one that is delicate and rough, especially when attempting to establish yourself from your dreams, into your reality.

The sheer idea that you could live the life you have dreamed of, desired, fantasized, should be enough to make any Go Getter find the courage to begin.

A beginning is all we need.

A thought. An action.

Each motion forward in effort, secures our destiny.

God does not need us to be totally sure what the outcome will be, God only needs us to believe.

I believe that this journey, this journey in which the rules of life, the ones I thought I had to follow, no longer apply to me.

I am unstoppable. I am without mental, spiritual and creative limitations.

The sun shall rise on my dreams. The moon shall overshadow my fears.

I am open to the art of accomplishment. I am open to the art of perseverance.

I am open to all which is in store for me.

I am not shut.

I am wide open.

Flyy Girl Friday Feature: Artesia Rochelle

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

It is once again that time of the week when we showcase a woman who exemplifies the meaning of a true Flyy Girl.

Today on the blog we have more of an artistic flare to present to each of you.

With a compilation of music reviews, popular tv shows, books and the randomness of life,

Artesia Rochelle has quite a variety of content for every reader.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Flyy Girl Artesia Rochelle.

Artesia Rochelle

Artesia Rochelle

Please introduce yourself to the readers:

Artesia Rochelle, Dallas, Texas

Tell us about your blog, is a personal blog dedicated to ART.   LIFE. LOVE. LITERATURE. MUSIC. NEWS RANDOMNESS.
Why did you begin blogging?
Writing has always been a form of self-expression for me so I began blogging as a way to simply share my voice with others.
What motivates you to dedicate time to blogging?
My passion for writing and the personal desire to share certain life experiences with potential readers motivates me to dedicate time to blogging. On the occasion that I may not be so motivated (we all have them), I have unexpectedly received emails and social media messages from readers of the blog, encouraging me to get back on the horse so to speak which is motivation at it’s finest!
In one year, what do you hope manifests from your blogging?
I’m looking forward to sharing even more of my life story in the year to come and hope that my blog will become more of a source for readers to relate to and share their experiences as well.
Who are two of your favorite bloggers you follow?
There are so many great blogs out there these days. Two of my favorites however, are the ladies of and
What legacy do you want to leave behind for others to know about you?Artesia3
I would like for others to know that there’s so much more to me than what’s on the surface. Because I am an introvert by nature, a lot of times people will meet me and have one impression then read my blog and have a totally different impression. So needless to say, blogging has certainly become a part of my personal legacy by allowing others the opportunity to really get to know me. I hope to continue using this platform as a way to build other aspects of my legacy with things that are equally important but all fall under the umbrella of making a difference in the lives of others. Being a true friend, life mentor, voice of encouragement, force of reason, solid supporter and an overall genuine spirit, that’s what I want to be remembered by.

Short Story: Difficult to Satisfy Pt 3

**corrections, the character Mekhi

Kerra was looking forward to shopping with Paula. They spoke often enough while she was away, but it seemed like she could barely get her friend on the phone since her return. She was surprised at herself at how happy Paula sounded over the phone when Kerra called her on short notice. In fact, Paula seemed a little relieved for the invite. No matter, Kerra was happy to chill with her friend. As she stepped into their favorite shoe store, Nine West, her phone vibrated; a text from Paula, omw be there in 15mins.

She cleared out from the message and placed her phone into her purse and begin to make a nice comfy section for their shoe haven. It was going to be an expensive type of day.

Dammitt! Paula shrieked silently as she entered the elevator, thankful she was the only one. How could she behave like some sex starved schoolgirl?! Her behavior was shocking her into a fright, she could not believe how thirsty she appeared for a man who had just been hired, to handle the sensitive needs of the staff, and she was attempting to find out what other needs she and he may be able to assess privately. Something about his intoxicating scent, just would not allow her mind to form work appropriate thoughts of him….Mekhi.

She played out their earlier exchange as she found her car in the parking deck. Upon her normal early arrival onto her floor, she noticed the light in Mekhi’s office was on. Thinking she would pop her head in for a friendly Good Morning, however the pleasantries turned into an hour-long session of local sites, eateries and weekend indulgences. The only reason she finally made her way to her own  office, is because Manda, her assistant came to deliver a message from one of her recent partners, with the graduation program.

Sitting there running off at the mouth with Mekhi, she missed their scheduled phone conference. She could feel the heat of embarrassment rising from the tip of her toes. While struggling to maintain expressionless as she gathered her bag and briefcase, she could not determine if it were from the shame of her secretary finding her sitting casually with Mekhi or the guilt of not wanting to leave his office.

Either way it may it hard to get through the remainder of the day. As soon as Kerra called with an impromptu shoe shopping trip, she jumped at the chance to cut out early from work and from the curious glances Manda were sending her way. Each time she came into the office to hand off a report or pick up an assignment, she would peer at Paula’s face . Paula would not dare raise her eyes to look at her assistant, she knew her eyes would give way to what she was thinking….and what she had in mind, was not something she wanted anyone to know. No one.

Flyy Girl Friday Feature: Courtney Cook

Welcome back to the latest edition of Flyy Girl Friday!

To kick off Women’s History Month, today’s feature is all about the lifestyle we lead.

With so many things we want to accomplish and the things that have to be done,

life can take control of you before you are able to get a grip on it!

Courtney Cook is the blogger for you! From travel to professional development, wellness and spirituality,

Binding Balance has you covered.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

                                                                          Courtney Cook.CourtneyCook1

Please introduce yourself to the readers:

Hi! My name is Courtney. I was born in Baltimore, MD and was raised in Northern Maryland. I currently reside in the Washington, DC area.

Tell us about your blog, Binding Balance:

My blog, Binding Balance at, is a lifestyle blog covering posts on travel, beauty, style, professional development, recipes, faith, and more. The tagline, “Pulling together different parts, since life’s a balancing act,” emphasizes the importance of having balance in life. I believe we all have so many areas we give attention to. Although some areas might be more important than others, they all have value to me. For instance, my career is significant to me, but at the same time, traveling and enjoying life also has value while I am young and able.

Why did you begin blogging?

I launched my blog on November 1, 2014 as a way for me to express my ideas, suggestions, or thoughts on general topics. I have always enjoyed writing, therefore blogging is an outlet for me to exercise those skills. I also wanted a web space to call my very own, where I have control over the content and image. For a while I thought, there are so many bloggers out there, how would mine be different? But the mere fact that there is only one me with my own personal experiences and perspectives, as there is only one you, encouraged me to create my blog.

What motivates you to dedicate time to blogging?

I honestly just enjoy blogging; it has become a positive and productive hobby. I believe blogging is more than just writing, but also building a brand and represents a part of the individual. This motivates me to dedicate more time, to ensure it’s the best possible representation of me.


In one year, what do you hope manifests from your blogging?

In one year, I hope to network more with fellow bloggers and continue to build an audience. But it isn’t about the numbers to me, if I inspire just one person through a post or encourage someone else who is considering starting a blog, it’s worth it. I also want my blog to always provide something for readers to walk away with; this is why most of my posts will be more generic rather than personal.

Who are two of your favorite bloggers you follow?

There are several bloggers I follow, but one of my favorites is Marlena at She is also a beauty YouTube Vlogger. She has gorgeous, creative makeup ideas and seems to be a very positive person. It was also inspiring to see her recently launch her own business, MakeUp Geek Cosmetics. I also follow Shawnda, BronzeGoddess01, who is also a Youtube Vlogger. She has great videos covering motivational and dating advice. Her videos are very personable as well; you can count on her to always keep it real with the advice! It was inspiring to see her become an author with the launch of her book.

What legacy do you want to leave behind for others to know about you?CourtneyCook3

I want to remain honest at all times with my posts. As a twenty-something, I do not have life all figured out, no one does, but as long as you’re heading in the right direction, appreciating your blessings, and pressing forward, that’s what matters most. Overall, I want to fully embrace having balance in life, while enjoying my present and planning for the future.