Word of the Day

Singlehood doesn’t have to mean loneliness. It’s all what you make it.

Never be lonely enough to settle.

Change up your habits, by incorporating activities you may have always thought to do, but never attempted.

Push yourself to be more optimistic about the choices and decisions you state for yourself.

Alone time is prep time.

Its get your ish together time.

Its get to know who you are and what do you want time.

Its enjoying the many splendor of freedom time.

Its understanding where you fall short and desire support time.

Get all you can, but above else, get yourself some understanding.

Take the time to be alone.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

When you ask for the reveal of what’s to come, be ready for the answer.
Whether it’s what you wanted or naught, it’s what you needed to know.
When you stop seeking wisdom and clarity, you set yourself up for complacency.
Stop being afraid of the unknown because you don’t want to risk the facade.
Find your way.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It