Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

The best way to welcome more is to appreciate what you have.

Because even in what you think you lack, you’re still standing and able to see a new day!

Take moments to enjoy that victory and know that nothing has happened that has not worked out for you.

Believe in your ability to remain resilient and lean towards gratefulness when tempted to doubt.

Its all in your attitude!

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Happy New Year!

I came across this neat idea via Facebook about a better way to celebrate the year.

You start with an empty jar and each week, you write down something good which has happened and place it within the jar.

At the end of the year on New Year’s Eve, you open the jar and read over all the good things that have taken place and reflect upon them.

I thought this is too good not to share! So I am hoping that you will join me this year as we focus on the blessings and learn the lessons, with your very on Blessings Jar.

To add-on to this wonderful idea, I also made a separate jar for my goals, the things I want to manifest in this season, with the spirit of action to make them a true reality so that I too can place those into my Blessings Jar.

We have to be diligent and serious about the things we are daydreaming about and playing out in our minds. The time is always now to go after what we seek and stop waiting for a push from someone else. PUSH YOURSELF TOWARDS GREATER!

Each month I will post on my social media and on the site about the status of my Blessings Jar and I hope that it will inspire you to take part in this journey with me; focusing on what we have the power to change and having the courage to do just that.

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