Clark Atlanta University

Clark Atlanta University Alumni Feature


Good Tuesday morning readers!
Today is extra special, as I will be the featured “Alumni of the day,” for my Alma mater: Clark Atlanta University.

Please be so kind as to click the link below to read my write up; speaking on my lessons learned while at CAU, as well as my present day and future goals.

I cannot possibly explain how excited I am without sounding obnoxious, so I’ll just leave it up to you to check out the article for yourselves.

Have an amazing day! Peace and Blessings


What I’m Reading: What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day

I first discovered the insatiable Pearl Cleage during college. Although I’ve read this book before, it never ceases to inspire me. The book is about a woman who is positive for HIV. Her world changes, and she goes back home to visit with her sister, before heading to San Francisco to live the rest of her life….. Only she finds it won’t be so easy to leave her family and friends for good, due to the wretched conditions of the community. The following is an excerpt from the novel. It really makes me think about my prayer/meditation lifestyle. Am I waiting to pray out of danger or to remain safe?

Before we hung up, Joyce asked me if I ever prayed. I told her I had tried to start up when I got sick, but I quit because I knew I was hedging my bets. I figured if I was smart enough to know that, God must know it too, and would probably not only grant my selfish prayers, but might figure I needed to be taught a lesson for trying to bullshit him in the first place. I know once you repent, Jesus himself isn’t big on punishment, but according to all the Old Testament stories I ever heard, his father was not above it.

June is National AIDS Awareness Month, and June 27th is International AIDS Awareness Day. Get informed+Inform Others+Community Awareness+Community Engagement= Change