Note to Self #6

How to avoid dream killers & joy stealers

Do no talking

Be all about the action

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It


Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

When its convenient to naught try.

When it’s naught expected of you to persevere.

When the odds are stacked beyond reach.

When everything around you looks and says and feels otherwise…

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Self Motivation 101: Love Notes

I never realized how badly I wanted my dreams to come true, until I was given the opportunity to make them happen.

Now I cannot stop dreaming, planning and acting upon my dreams.

Because I know what I am capable of, I am unstoppable in my quest to create the life I want.

It all starts within me.

Motivation for Perspective: I am Open


The art of accomplishing goals is one that is delicate and rough, especially when attempting to establish yourself from your dreams, into your reality.

The sheer idea that you could live the life you have dreamed of, desired, fantasized, should be enough to make any Go Getter find the courage to begin.

A beginning is all we need.

A thought. An action.

Each motion forward in effort, secures our destiny.

God does not need us to be totally sure what the outcome will be, God only needs us to believe.

I believe that this journey, this journey in which the rules of life, the ones I thought I had to follow, no longer apply to me.

I am unstoppable. I am without mental, spiritual and creative limitations.

The sun shall rise on my dreams. The moon shall overshadow my fears.

I am open to the art of accomplishment. I am open to the art of perseverance.

I am open to all which is in store for me.

I am not shut.

I am wide open.

A Sweet Embrace

I wanna hug you.
Not just hug you
I want my breasts
To press upon your chest
And your arms to envelop my body.
Hands on my thighs leading towards my waist. Breathing in your scent,
Staring softly and intently into your face.
Remembering you.
Cherishing the moment, falling deeply into fantasies of you and i.
Far away from our reality. All that might be calling me, daring me to believe.
I breathe you in again, and just like that,
We whisk away to another time. When it was all we had, so relish in it. Every
Moment spent is content. I want to replenish. I need to refuel.
Holding you. Holding me.
This is what fills up my make-believes.
I’ll be the mama. You be the daddy.
Or may be you are my King, and I your Queen..see what takes hold of me when you press your chest, against my breasts?
Gliding your hands along my back.
Gently scratching as they make their way down back to my thighs.
You breathe in my scent and I watch your face fly into a serenity.
I study you, feel your own fantasy, feeling special that this embrace takes hold of you as much as it does me.
I hope you remember my smile.
The gap in my teeth. The thick brows that shade the slanted eyes above dimpled cheeks.
Until we meet again.
Breathe in me and meet me in your fantasies.

Motivation for Perspective:Go Getter Monday

Did you know, that there really is nothing to it, but to do it?

Mondays have become the most unwelcomed day of the week and for seemingly good reasons; however when we are focused on our goals and visions, Monday becomes a welcomed second chance.

New ideas or concepts or relationships, can spark a successful venture or fill-in the missing link. Preparing for the success we want, begins with doing the things that warrant the success we seek.

You get what you give to your hustle.

Wake up each day poised for opportunity and success, take no not for failure, but for the motivation to press forward for the yes!

So what are you waiting for?
Go Get It!

The Feast: A State of Mind

Lagoon-Green-Water-WallpapersIt is a another end of another year. It is also the time when we most reflect upon our lives, for the future and the past. We seem to coherently draw to one accord, to reference human life, no matter our own, but we all seem to silently turn over its value in our minds.

I for one am so consumed with what I am doing and if I am readily prepared for what is to come. And other than that I say, girl please don’t worry about not knowing and therefore elaborating the worst in your mind, so that you feel absolutely petrified at the work of change.

The Feast is the manner in which you feed those things in your mind, which either help to motivate you towards your dreams or motivate you away from your dreams.

I am realizing with all things, The Feast comes into play; our relationships with positive and negative people, illness and hardships, our attitudes and our actions determine the outcome of The Feast.

When we focus and visualize and plan for the positive thoughts of energy and creativity, we bring forth other great spectrums to the biggest picture. When our light reflects exactly who we are and what we utilize as sustenance, it will draw light-minded people and an over flowing abundance of extras.

Extras, are the “I can’t believe this” moments. When what you have been attempting to reach, is now something bigger than what you perceived it to be. Those are the moments we always remember; How our blessing double folded.

When we focus and give energy and time and value to the negative thoughts in our minds and lives, we will bring forth habits, people and judgment, which will take away from the things we have worked to obtain. These are also moments we will always remember; Hardship.

The Feast can either be plentiful or it can be scarce. The choice is always up to you to have the life you desire.  Your mind has to be aligned with positivity, not only for yourself, but for others as well. We cannot win without the collaboration of light-minded persons.

Build up your mind. Build up your soul.

Allow The Feast to be in abundance and shared with many.

Peace and Blessings