Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Your motivation is just like your gift, 

It isn’t given to you for only your sake,

But for those you encounter who need to

Be reminded who they are

And why they matter.

Sometimes even when we are experiencing our own dim moments,

It is still our duty to shine the light.

Remember, what we do, matters.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It


Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Shine your light in your own dark places, and when it’s dimming, draw closer to the light of others who care about you.
Allow them to reignite the spark that is a happier you.
Sometimes we need a little assist to remind us that everything will be alright
Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

I Am not Afraid

There are some people who live life openly, without shame or regret.
We do what we feel because we are fueled by our energy to be real, transparent, especially with those we accept into closer quarters of our life.

We need to know that there are people we can connect to and exchange vibrations. Sometimes we are mistaken. Sometimes we misread the energy, and that is okay.

For we were still real and geniune in our perception.

I can’t tell you why there are some who choose to play with our energy or choose to engage under false pretenses, but I figure they are placed to have us open our eyes to what is more important and relevant.
We can become so focused on what we do not have, that we find fault in what we do.

And how do we recognize the difference between distraction and substance, especially if it’s wrapped up into one?

Le sigh….
All I can think to say, is to pray.
Pray for understanding.
Pray for discernment.
Pray for wisdom.
Pray for the ability to endure patience.

Time will tell the story. Fuel your energy to your passions, those who are real, will come.

Peace and Blessings

Short Story: Difficult to Satisfy Pt.4

Paula parked her car and headed towards her friend awaiting her inside their coveted shoe store. She was happy that Kerra was back around more often. When she and Dorien were together, Paula rarely saw her friend. Their whirlwind romance had taken everyone aback, but nobody was more affected, in her opinion, than Clinton. Although he and Kerra had always only been friends, anyone with half a mind and the eyesight to go along with it, could see their was a natural and organic attraction between the two. And sure, Paula understood her friend’s hesitancy about moving forward with a relationship with Clinton….it was no small feat. So, she had always kept her thoughts about their budding romance to herself. Who was she to complicate someone else’s thought process, especially when hers seemed to be slipping away from her, rather suddenly.

When she entered the store, Kerra was sitting with about ten or so shoe boxes surrounding her. As she stuck her leg out from behind her long flowly skirt, Paula admired her friend’s awesome legs. Paula always thought Kerra would have made a great shoe or leg model, people can make a living doing anything these days!

Those look fabulous on your feet. You should definitely get those! Paula half – teased Kerra.

Spinning around elaborately, Kerra smiled at her friend as she theatrically elongated her legs, strutting in a small circle, clearly enjoying the attention Paula’s compliment had drawn. The two giggled like sisters and gave way to a warm and genuine hug. Time could never manage to drive them a part. The were made to be friends.

I had begun to worry that you were not going to make it. Hope you don’t mind, I had to start without you, the shoes were beckoning me to them. I gave in.

Paula laughed gently at her friend, Kerra had always been the more artistic one when it came to fashion. Not that she was frumpy, but Paula enjoyed a more causal chic approach, while Kerra was definitely content to be dressed to the nines, despite the weather or activity. She believed looking her best capitalized her appeal, and it did.

I am really excited about Clinton’s party. It has been so long since I have been out amongst friends and good music. You know he throws the best shindigs.

Paula nodded in agreement. Since the first time they met Clint DJing out in the Highlands, at this seedy and tightly packed sardine bar, they knew Clint was the go-to-party guy around town. It amazed Paula to this day that Clinton was the man behind the turn tables. It was a huge shock to both of them that night….Kerra more so than Paula.

She let out a knowing giggle at the memory.

What are you over there thinking about? Kerra asked.

I am thinking about the first time we met Clint at that hole in the wall bar over in the Highlands. That tiny place was packed tight with people and everyone was there to hear Clint spin. She shook her head from side to side. And when we went up to the booth to meet him, I was expecting someone different. It makes me giggle every time, because I just wasn’t ready. Not at all.

Kerra nodded her head. She too had been stunned to learn Clint’s identity. He was a young and handsome, physically fit man…..he was also not Black. In fact, Clinton is white. And while the world spoke of progressive attitudes and behaviors, in the real world, it was completely different. Although she and Clint had never been intimate or displayed any physical affection, she cared deeply for him. She never thought she would connect with a man in the manner she connected with Clinton. It was as if, they had known each other their entire lives, the chemistry was definitely there.

However, so were her parents, friends, colleagues and community. The looks and stares she would receive from Black men when she and Clint would go out for drinks or dinner or a walk in the park, were scary. It was almost as if their eyes alone had permanently etched a scarlet letter into her chest. She never quite understood why it was blasphemy for her to be seen out in public with Clinton, but Black men dated, married and reproduced with various nationalities…what was the big deal with her then?

Well, despite his appearance, Clinton has been a great friend to the both of us. His endless connections and reach have afforded each of his friends advantages we may not have had.

Clinton’s family was a wealthy family who accumulated their wealth through construction and environmental advances. When Kerra was looking to work with a new environmental group in the city, it had been Clinton who made the connection stick. She appreciated him stepping in when she needed him. It was a relationship that she still engaged in today, her experience with that company helped her to develop her career.

I think I will take these and the strappy knee boots. Kerra spoke, pulling herself from her nostalgic thoughts.

Okay, I think I will just go with the t-strap platform. Allows me to show off my arch and my pedicure. Paula wiggled her toes in the shoes as she spoke the words. There was nothing like a little retail shoe therapy to take her mind off her previous thoughts.

As both ladies gathered their selections and headed towards the cashier, they each were simultaneously wrapped up in their own thoughts. Each thinking what the next move was ahead of them.

Exactly what was to come?

And they each would soon find out.

Try to Understand

There are times when I have to chin check myself, mentally, when I am too focused on the business affairs of others.

Those moments when I become too consumed with figuring out “why” in someone else’s life, rather than placing all of that energy on my own ‘whys,”  shows up when I am faced with challenges, because;

Those things we find easy to pick out in others, always finds a way to show itself in our lives, while we are focused on screen-shooting the problems others are facing.

When you understand that your moments of struggle are only temporary, you will learn to be slower to speak or give an opinionated statement, about the trials and tribulations others are enduring.

No one is made perfect. Every single person breathing will make mistakes, we have to learn to allow people to make the mistake and be poised to help when they are willing and ready to turn the situation around.

Take the time to understand, so that you may know how to help, rather than to hinder.

Before you begin to “put your mouth on a person” or speak about their situation in a non-positive light, reflect on a time when you were not as you are now.


Stay Focused…They Will Follow….They Always Do

To say that I am excited about becoming a first time business owner is an understatement, so imagine my total surprise when I receive a less than celebratory response from my peers and loved ones…I know you aren’t suppose to care whether or not someone else finds your accomplishments appealing, yes, in theory that seems to be okay to believe, but in reality, I want a big deal cheer.

Why does the over exaggerated gestures become so special occasion reserved once we reach a certain age? Is it now the norm’ to say, “You don’t get a pat on your back to do what you are supposed to do?” But if that were the case, wouldn’t more people be business owners? In fact, more people would risk a failure, just for the sake of an opportunity to succeed. So, why aren’t more people entrepreneurs?

When it comes to the world of “know it alls,” why aren’t more applying all of what they know?

I admire people who are able to take a craft or skill set they love and turn it into a profit, without destroying their love for what they do. When I go to certain shops or read articles about business owners who have been entrepreneurs for 10+ years, I think, I am so glad it is possible.

Faith, is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1) Yet, I am thankful for examples of what having faith will produce, because it is times when I share my news with my friends and with my loved ones, and I do not receive the feedback I believe I should receive, I think about those who have gone before me when starting out on the journey of being a successful business owner.

And I stop pitying myself and I think to myself. And I speak to myself, mentally and sometimes a loud and I remind myself of how far I have come in such a short period of time, and I find the energy to move forward in my craft, in my skill set.

Being a Go-Getter is more than a saying to me; it is my life. Every day I will constantly remind myself of how much more creative I can be and how far I am willing to push myself to create the legacy I want to live and pay forward.

The point is this: If you are waiting for the cheers from the crowd to keep your energy up while you run this race, honey child, I have news for you: get ready to pass out. People are not assigned the same faith as you for your situation, which is something you have to walk in alone…and that is okay. But do not give up. Keep your head focused on the cause and they will follow…they always do.

New HeyGirlHey Feature: Flyy Girl Fridays


Hi Ladies and Gentlemen!

HeyGirlHey!!! is introducing a new feature entitled Flyy Girl Friday.

Starting September 5, 2014 each Friday a Flyy Girl will be featured on the site along with a brief write up of why she is considered a Flyy Girl

Whether it is your sister, mother, aunt, cousin, best friend, girlfriend, god-sister, co worker…send in a photo and tell why you think she should be the week’s Flyy Girl Friday Feature.

Everyone has the chance to be featured, so make sure you nominate your friends and family, make their day by showing them some love and let them know just how flyy you know they are.

Please email photo, your name and name of nominated person, along with a brief  description of why you think they are Flyy Girl-worthy.

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Send in your nominations early, so you have a better chance of having your Flyy Girl featured!

Peace and Blessings

Beautiful and Unexpected: HeyGirlHey 500 Views!!!


Today marks 500 views of HeyGirlHey!!!

Can you say super geeked and excited?!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who comes to my blog and reads what I have to say and shares my articles and commenting with your own.

Goal digging has its rewards.

Stay woke! Keep following your passion, it will take you where you need to be.

Memory Lane: For Darryl

Memory Lane

Sometimes my mind takes me down an old forgotten path of youthful decisions and risks. And most times I can laugh at my memories…Then there are those memories that make you lean back and indulge….

I don’t say this to have you all conjure up old flames or friends, but today I was hit with the realization, that some of those once in a lifetime encounters can have character development impressions which never go away.

Special people come into your life and already have an expiration date in mind. Those special people are selfless enough to know that you and their time is not infinite. They are so special because as much as they tell you the end is near, you only will yourself to become more attached.

That is the beautiful and detrimental existence of companionship. It is given to bring us calm, yet when the season is over, it can bring us great pain. I have been fortunate to connect with others without being sexually engaged, and I have found some depth defying emotions having known them….

One in particular always seemed to be a beautiful mystery to me. I never questioned his absences, only because I had college to deal with and, and I did not want to waste our moments together  interrogating , I wanted memories to replay over and over for later, after we left each other.

Quietness in a man is a rare visible trait women are able to experience, and therefore imagine all men to be somewhat simple and clueless in general. But he was so the opposite. He was a flower of many petals,  which I never pushed to unfold. I just wanted to enjoy the flower. Marvel in its being. Marvel in its survival.

The last time I saw him, I was sitting on a train headed to the West side of Atlanta. As I was sitting doing my usual people watching, he appeared through the train doors. My entire body jumped for joy. He is here! In the flesh! After our last phone call, I never expected to see him…he told me he was getting married…he couldn’t talk to me anymore. Click…

Funny thing is, I never knew he was in a relationship; I never asked. Maybe it was the naivety of my youth. Maybe, somehow I knew, but I didn’t want to be responsible. I didn’t want to not experience companionship with him.

I watched him walk on. Still regal. Still absolutely magnificent in his stature. A beautifully strong man.

Lord knows, I contemplated the entire time until my stop on approaching him. Sliding casually into the seat next to him. Or calling his name to have him turn around. But something stopped me. For whatever reason, I thought, if he wanted to be found, he would find me. So I didn’t call out to him. I didn’t ask the flower to unfold.

My stop came. I got up. I walked out, but before walking away, I positioned myself in his view outside the train windows.  And I willed my energy to tap into his energy and have him to see me. He did. As he looked at me with a face of complete shock and understandable confusion, I smiled as the train pulled away.

I knew what the confusion was for; why hadn’t I approached him? Well, things changed between us with that last phone call. I could no longer allow him to hold the place he held in my thoughts, my plans. I just wanted him to know, I would always know him. I would always know who he is.

…. He passed away about a year ago. I read it on the tv screen. He was trying to calm down an altercation and was fatally shot.

I am proud to have memories of him. He taught me a lot in such a brief period of time. Never. Ever. Ever, judge a book by its cover.

For Darryl.