Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Every test brings out your best.

It’s about who can withstand and hold on longer.

The test isn’t your adversary, your doubt is.


Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Train your mind so you can use the body.

When you want it enough, you will do whatever it takes to obtain your goal. It’s decision time.
You in? Or you’re out.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Change happens.
It is a necessary part of our development to achieve the goals that we have.
It is the catalyst which transitions our dreams into reality or our deepest insecurities.

Change ignites action on our part….
Because now we have to decide what am I going to do? Now that things have changed, what will be the next move to ensure that this new change does not knock me off the path towards success.

Having a plan to go along with our goals, allows us to navigate through the plains of an ever changing environment. When we write down what we desire and what we hope to accomplish, it helps us to formulate options when situations arise that changes the course of our journeys.

You can’t be caught off guard or unprepared when you align yourself with a plan to succeed no matter the circumstances.

Change is inevitable.
So don’t fool yourself about what the picture looks like now, keep stretching your vision to incorporate the full view, because right now, these moments we cherish or loathe, will not always be.

Step out of your comfort zone and start planning for the next step, or change will come and plan for you.

Go Get what is yours.
Plan how to capitalize off of your dreams.
Work towards your goals.
Reflect what you want everyday.

It’s all about consistency Go Getters!
Set Up Shop.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

After a weekend of revelations, I find comfort in knowing that I still have another chance to level the playing field for my success.

We can either wallow in self pity and self doubt, or we can admit our part and strive to make amends with the promises we make unto ourselves.

The obstacles come to test us and build us spiritually, mentally and sometimes physically; as hard as it can be, and believe me honey, I know it can get tough, but this too shall pass.

So when you step out of your frustration and use that energy to fuel your hustle, things behind the scenes will begin to work themselves out.
Because when we are in motion, so is karma.

Whatever we put out, comes back to us tenfold.
So I ask the Go Getters:
What is coming back to you?

Motivation for Perspective:Go Getter Monday

Did you know, that there really is nothing to it, but to do it?

Mondays have become the most unwelcomed day of the week and for seemingly good reasons; however when we are focused on our goals and visions, Monday becomes a welcomed second chance.

New ideas or concepts or relationships, can spark a successful venture or fill-in the missing link. Preparing for the success we want, begins with doing the things that warrant the success we seek.

You get what you give to your hustle.

Wake up each day poised for opportunity and success, take no not for failure, but for the motivation to press forward for the yes!

So what are you waiting for?
Go Get It!

The Feast: A State of Mind

Lagoon-Green-Water-WallpapersIt is a another end of another year. It is also the time when we most reflect upon our lives, for the future and the past. We seem to coherently draw to one accord, to reference human life, no matter our own, but we all seem to silently turn over its value in our minds.

I for one am so consumed with what I am doing and if I am readily prepared for what is to come. And other than that I say, girl please don’t worry about not knowing and therefore elaborating the worst in your mind, so that you feel absolutely petrified at the work of change.

The Feast is the manner in which you feed those things in your mind, which either help to motivate you towards your dreams or motivate you away from your dreams.

I am realizing with all things, The Feast comes into play; our relationships with positive and negative people, illness and hardships, our attitudes and our actions determine the outcome of The Feast.

When we focus and visualize and plan for the positive thoughts of energy and creativity, we bring forth other great spectrums to the biggest picture. When our light reflects exactly who we are and what we utilize as sustenance, it will draw light-minded people and an over flowing abundance of extras.

Extras, are the “I can’t believe this” moments. When what you have been attempting to reach, is now something bigger than what you perceived it to be. Those are the moments we always remember; How our blessing double folded.

When we focus and give energy and time and value to the negative thoughts in our minds and lives, we will bring forth habits, people and judgment, which will take away from the things we have worked to obtain. These are also moments we will always remember; Hardship.

The Feast can either be plentiful or it can be scarce. The choice is always up to you to have the life you desire.  Your mind has to be aligned with positivity, not only for yourself, but for others as well. We cannot win without the collaboration of light-minded persons.

Build up your mind. Build up your soul.

Allow The Feast to be in abundance and shared with many.

Peace and Blessings

Be so optimistic to the point it becomes contagious.

When you set the tone, others cannot help but get on board.

They will join the positivity or they will leave.

Either way, you win.

Never, ever, quit speaking those things you desire into existence.

Because everything you put forth your foot to accomplish, God will increase.

It starts with the mind and travels through the body for action.

Your Perspective sets the tone.

What will yours be?

Stay Focused…They Will Follow….They Always Do

To say that I am excited about becoming a first time business owner is an understatement, so imagine my total surprise when I receive a less than celebratory response from my peers and loved ones…I know you aren’t suppose to care whether or not someone else finds your accomplishments appealing, yes, in theory that seems to be okay to believe, but in reality, I want a big deal cheer.

Why does the over exaggerated gestures become so special occasion reserved once we reach a certain age? Is it now the norm’ to say, “You don’t get a pat on your back to do what you are supposed to do?” But if that were the case, wouldn’t more people be business owners? In fact, more people would risk a failure, just for the sake of an opportunity to succeed. So, why aren’t more people entrepreneurs?

When it comes to the world of “know it alls,” why aren’t more applying all of what they know?

I admire people who are able to take a craft or skill set they love and turn it into a profit, without destroying their love for what they do. When I go to certain shops or read articles about business owners who have been entrepreneurs for 10+ years, I think, I am so glad it is possible.

Faith, is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1) Yet, I am thankful for examples of what having faith will produce, because it is times when I share my news with my friends and with my loved ones, and I do not receive the feedback I believe I should receive, I think about those who have gone before me when starting out on the journey of being a successful business owner.

And I stop pitying myself and I think to myself. And I speak to myself, mentally and sometimes a loud and I remind myself of how far I have come in such a short period of time, and I find the energy to move forward in my craft, in my skill set.

Being a Go-Getter is more than a saying to me; it is my life. Every day I will constantly remind myself of how much more creative I can be and how far I am willing to push myself to create the legacy I want to live and pay forward.

The point is this: If you are waiting for the cheers from the crowd to keep your energy up while you run this race, honey child, I have news for you: get ready to pass out. People are not assigned the same faith as you for your situation, which is something you have to walk in alone…and that is okay. But do not give up. Keep your head focused on the cause and they will follow…they always do.

Where Are You Going

Communicate or disintegrate.

Participate or Contemplate.

Prepare or Want.

Do or Dream.

Improve or Patch-Up.

Accountable or Unreliable.

Go-Getter or User.

Whatever you choose, is solely up to you, but don’t choose wisely and watch where it will lead you.

The words you speak to yourself will manifest within you. It will drive you to make the choices which will later speak of you.

The ability to choose wisdom in the whirlwind of a storm, makes it easier to enjoy those moments of calm.

Your life is awaiting on you to choose.

Now, what will you do….


Resist The Urge To Go Off

nostress_coverI was speaking with one of my dearest friends yesterday, who just happens to be over eighty, and she said a statement which could not have summed up my string of thoughts better:  Everyone wants to be grown. Everyone wants to be the boss. No one wants to listen.

I thought to myself, you ain’t never lied about that. I despise being in position of authority over adults. Why? Because adults have come to believe that being of a certain age entitles them to never have to learn a lesson ever again. Adults believe that age accounts for intelligence and know how, and that they are always at liberty to question any and all authority.

I am experiencing only my second time being a supervisor and for the second time in my life, I hate it. I have always worked better alone, because I appreciate the quiet, I welcome the solitude of the company of none, especially in matters of completing an important task or project. Yet when you couple a loner with know it all adults, it can create an energy like no other.

So here are some strategies I am adopting for the next month, as a trial basis to a new way of life.

1. Meditate before leaving home; I’ve even found a meditating station on my internet radio.

2. Learn to explain all instructions thoroughly and provide them in writing; I have to learn everyone receives information differently. In taking the time to effectively supervise, I in turn lower my stress levels.

3. Accept the fact that confrontations are a part of the role. It is time to embrace them as a way to finally clear the tension; whether your co workers know they piss you off to no end or not. Confrontations are the perfect time to be honest about how you feel about their work performance. All with respect and tact no less.

4. Leave work problems on your work desk. Do not. I repeat Do Not take work home with you. Your anger and frustration becomes an ant bed of irritation…and if others aren’t careful or aware, they could step into a mine trap. Don’t explode on the ones you love.

5. Pray for a successful and productive day for not only yourself, but for your co workers and the population you service. Ensure you speak positively into the workday before you begin. This way, your spirit can remind you of your request when you feel your temper rising.

6. Talk yourself off the ledge of “going off.” Sometimes before I respond to a co-worker, I have to tell myself to be mindful of my tone and my language. Pick a smile over a frown and a soft, steady tone over one filled with venom.

We have to be strong-minded enough to disengage from moments of pettiness. A lot of times, people will get off your back, when you no longer allow them the opportunity to get you all worked up. So shoulders back, head up and one foot in front of the other. Take the time to invest in your spiritual so when the attacks come to hit you with stress and frustration, you are prepared to win.

Have an awesome Peace of Mind today.

No Stress1