Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Sorrow always hits hardest before your greatest joy.

So while we undergo moments of hopelessness and pain, we need to meditate on how much lighter and peaceful we will be once the storm breaks!

We never know how much we are attempting to carry on our own, til we make the decision to let go of worrying and focus on finding gratefulness in whatever we can.

Every single test in this season is building character, exposing our areas for growth and instilling a permanent spirit of humility.

Accept the lesson and say thank you anyway. Seek peace and watch yourself vibrate higher into who you are being called to be.


Word of the Day

I am grateful for a new day

I am grateful for second & 50th chances.

I am grateful for self forgiveness.

I am grateful for my support system.

I am grateful for life and to live it.

I am grateful that faith creates my reality.

I am grateful greater is always a prayer away.

Grateful to know I have more to be grateful for than I have to complain.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Practice the art of being grateful.

It is more difficult than we think.

To stand in a storm and still smile,

To find purpose in your chaos,

To treat people kindly when you want to scream.

To give a brave face when you are afraid for tomorrow’s challenges.

We have to be what we want.

No, it is not easy. But it is worth it.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Don’t wait for tragedy to happen in your life before you begin to appreciate the many blessings you currently possess.

Go forth each day knowing your presence is enough for you to be grateful for another chance to do and be better.

Joy is an inside job.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It

Listen to Give

Memory Lane

I am an avid game player on my phone. Whether it is a word game or a card game, specifically uno and spades, and board games like dominoes. In playing these games, sometimes you luck up to get a game going versus a real life human, rather than a computer. You have the option to chat with others, if you so choose to. One particular day, I was challenged by a fella to play a word game. He was no one I knew or had met before, which is not a prerequisite to play, but after some time of playing, he messaged me through the game chat.

He told me he was thankful I accepted his game challenge and thankful I helped him to think harder about his word plays. And then what he said next, surprised me. His mother passed away about two months ago, and he found playing games online as a way of not thinking about his grief.

At first I thought, here goes another person telling me their story, without me asking. How can I possibly understand the magnitude of such a lost? But then, my spirit said, listen.

I engaged in the convo to thank him for deeming me a worthy opponent and I took the uncertain step of asking him questions about his mother and what else he has a means to heal and move forward.

His mom died of cancer and she is the same age as my own mother.

It made me think and it made me grateful.

It made me think because, I sometimes worry if my mother will live to see me walk into the greatness I envision for myself and the faith she has in me to obtain it. And it made me grateful because she has been here every step of my journey, rooting me forward. In any measure, it’s a lost I am not ready to take.

In our chatting, I was able to recommend my blog to him, as a means of motivation and hopefully some inspiration about healing. I wanted to say, you are so strong and awesome to still decide, to still choose to be happy, to be forward moving in a time when life can seem to stand still.

All in all, I am glad I listened. I am glad I did not miss the opportunity to share in someone else’s life. In that brief conversation, I learned that I have a lot to be grateful for, and it is imperative that I acknowledge that every day, as cliché as it sounds, it is the realist thing you will ever hear.

So, if and when you come across a stranger, whether online or off, should they reach out for conversation, calm your spirit enough to hear what they have to share. It could be a ramble of incoherent thoughts or it could be a golden nugget; either way you never know how much you taking the time to listen could be the difference between someone having a better day or a sad one.

Share your joy.

Give your light.

It is not the will of God that we keep these things for ourselves. Listen to Give.