Early Morning Thoughts: Figuring Out the Premise

I came across a quote yesterday while on Instagram and it resonated with what I am currently sorting through my mind, in terms of our relationships with people in our lives. Especially those which are fairly new and we may be trying to figure out what is their purpose and more importantly, if they are even needed in our lives.

Now I understand the saying of seasons and reasons, but sometimes…… is it even that deep?

Like do I need to contemplate every person or can I just be exclusive and hope for the best possible results from my choosing? Because there are some people who just pop into our lives; those are the random people who I feel need to be given a trial and error test, but more than likely they saw a glimpse of you which they connected to, they have no earthly idea of who you are and if you are not careful, you wind up playing a specific role each and every time you are in their presence.

The façade is a slippery and easy slope to partake in. It is so tempting because it can seem so much easier than taking the time in getting to know someone for who they want to be to you. And if you decide to wear the façade, you may find that what they want from you requires more than you are willing to give.

So with that part being said, I don’t want the façade, but then again I don’t want the mundane experience of normalcy.

It would be perfect if what ever intentions were first brought to the table, were to remain as a constant; no variables or substitutes, but a genuine reason to connect.

I am having to really take the time to evaluate each relationship and be truthful with what I am willing to give to maintain it or to disseminate it. Because let me be honest, I hate to waste my time investing into any relationship under false pretenses. And yes, people get involved in things that they later decide are not for them; what I am saying is hindsight is too late…what about foreshadowing? Thinking logically before even engaging in conversation. Asking yourself: Is this really necessary to the goal or is this for fun.

How does sparking this conversation align me with what I want for myself, as far as the people I surround myself around?

My mind is stuck in this mode of how does that piece fit the puzzle; does it complete the puzzle or does it throw the puzzle off. And I guess that is what I am trying to correlate with our relationships we enter into; whether personal or professional, are they necessary or are we choosing to overlook that question for the simple reason of entertainment or potential.

Why are we carrying on relationships that leave us questioning why we began them in the first place?

Motivation for Perspective: Red Flags

A red flag is the same thing as a helping hand.

Sometimes we can become so caught up in what we want the situation to be, we neglect to see it for what it is.

The danger in defying our intuition, is the inability to accept that we know better. And the fact that we proceed any way guarantees us the short end of the stick.

It’s time to ask yourself; is it really worth the risk?

Regret is the result of not listening to your instincts.

Always trust your energy when it washes over your body like a protectant, attempting to shield you from poor judgment.

Know yourself to know that you are in complete control of your life. No one should want you to relinquish the reigns of your journey.

If people or a person can only see you for what they want you to be, how will they cope once who you are is inevitability before them?

*you can’t hide from me….said me*

And what is more important?
The dream you they envision or the dream you are not living?

Regret is the result of wrong decisions.