Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

This week, should anything less than stellar or progressive take place, not only will we not fall, but we shall not break nor stray off course.

We are in the Steel Legged Stance.

The position one takes when something attempts to move you off your focus, your promise.

When trouble, disappointment or bad news attempts to sway us from what we claim, We Will Get To Work.

We will get to work reaffirming the promise, doing the exact opposite of what fear wants us to do: give up.

We believe in ourselves and we believe in our ability to will what we desire, through energy and work.

So this week and each following week, after you rise and give reference: get in your Steel Legged Stance.

And be not moved by what you see, but by what is promised.

Here’s to a week of claimed victories.


Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Often, we look for our blessings to be manifestations of material things, because a lot of us were raised to believe goodness takes shape in tangible form.

However, through living our lives we come to realize at some point, hopefully, that our most cherished moments take place through healing and self realization.

Peace. Love. Hope. Understanding.

These are all blessed gifts that come to comfort us in times of storms, trepidation and loneliness.

We gather ourselves, because we know how to comfort our wounds. Not to say we don’t falter and revert back to non-serving habits: self pity, fear and doubt, however we are aware enough to recognize we are digressing and courageous enough to turn the narrative around for our good.

Nothing which attempts to bind us in despair shall last when we seek to persevere and overcome.

We only lack when we believe we lack.

We only remain fearful we choose to believe in the fear.

We are only lonely when we believe loneliness is our only option.

Reaffirming who we are through our gifts of peace, hope, understanding and love, joins us to our inner spirit which holds the power to bring us through any and all darkness.

My thought and prayer for us this week, is that we daily seek power in the words we speak and the thoughts we choose to focus on.

When we find ourselves not promoting our light, we quickly change the narrative and shift the direction of our energy.

We deserve the very best, no ifs ands or buts about it.

However we must first begin that with and within ourselves.

This season is all about expectancy, what are you claiming for yours?

AP Real Talk

A Real One Reaps Respect

Never lower your gaze to engage in foolish acts, only to shade your eyes for the powerful glow of your vision.

Focus now when instances occur to disprove your growth. Challenges only comes to those striving to be a Champion.

Gurrl, go forth and win with style and grace.


Dusst to the small stuff.

Word of the Day 

There are times when you will find it difficult to be positive for not only yourself, but for the happines of others as well.

Give it 5 minutes of your time by writing out your feelings of frustration, then read over what you wrote and begin to recognize what needs healing.

Allow time for earnest and intimate prayer/meditation to remove the thoughts and feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, envy, pessimism and fear.

Give yourself the freedom to be heard and healed through your power of prayer. Some things can be dealt with in-house,  if we would allow ourselves the space to be honest and move toward reconciliation of peace,love, happiness and strength.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Before you use your energy to engage in situations where you know the outcome will be a non beneficial one, think about something worth your time and efforts.

A lot of times what we deem hard or time consuming, is really an excuse to continue to put it off because it requires some thought power and patience.

Don’t be so quick to avoid the work because you aren’t sure on how it will turn out. That’s the thing about new experiences, they’re new! You have to be willing to see it through.

I mean, anything different has to be better than the same ol’ you’ve been doing. Why not work towards improvement?

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

….maybe in order to move forward, you first have to slow down.

Too many times I thought doing multiple things meant productivity and progression, and it is those things, but was it propelling me forward or just in a cycle of forever seeking…

This past five months taught me a lot. That success is best shared with someone you support and who supports you.

Hiding who you are to appease others will only hinder your growth and awesomeness.

Being afraid to communicate means you aren’t communicating with the right people; self reflect.

That love is real. It’s so beautifully real. Even the moments in between the love experience; break-ups, make-ups, heartbreak, dramatic gestures, memories.
And so it should be appreciated in its truest form, because when love is stretched, it can take on other characteristics from shame and hurt and anger…it’s still love…it’s just a bit jaded.
So treat love with much much much care.

And I may think I don’t have time, but I do. I create the time for my moments and my success.
I just have to do it.

I hope you take some time to self reflect on you and are better able to view your biggest picture; grasp a new angle/point of view in which to gauge your success, in whatever aspect you visualize.

Create the time to slow down…you won’t regret it.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Remember this one thing as you attempt to handle obstacles and trials within your life;

I want you to enjoy the ride, even the pitfalls that seem to stagger in between our happy moments! Because in those pitfalls, you are humbled to see that you are still here. Still standing. Still moving towards rectifying the situation….and that counts for something!

To be kept even when things seem to come at you from every direction, your mind is still in tact, be thankful for that. For it is no small gift, to have a peace of mind and a sound mind through trials and turbulence.

Keep your mind strong. Stay optimistic in the stormy times and prepared to move forward.

Make A Plan.

Take Action .

Set Up Shop.

Go Get It