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Short Story: Difficult to Satisfy Pt 5

Clinton was wound up with undeniable anticipation of seeing Kerra at his party. He knew in his mind he was behaving like a hormonal fifteen year old boy, but his heart always beat louder than his logic. From the moment he laid eyes on Kerra at a community fundraiser event her previous employer hosted, he knew that she was one of a kind. The appeal of Kerra was not her look, but what she evoked from within. How she felt about the causes of inadequate fresh food supply into communities cut off by transportation and poverty and what she did to help bring the monies to grow food locally and train residents to maintain their crops, all with no corporate or federal backing; she was some special kind of woman! The fact that she was breathtakingly beautiful was a happy bonus!

That night he made it his business to introduce himself; with his family’s history for good measure. The Judges were a family who were known throughout the community for their service excellence and sustainable efforts with community programming. He figured he would have no problem catching Kerra James’ attention that night. And although he wanted to speak about business, his logic told him that it was not all he was after. Thinking it was the alcohol, Clinton put his glass of scotch on the passing waiter tray. He settled into a corner of the room, enclosed by two columns that adorn the Herndon Home, and watched Kerra, more carefully than before.

She seemed to move throughout the crowd as if she were a gracious Queen. No arrogance shown in her demeanor, her effortless smile and the intent look of genuine interest she gave each person who wished to speak with her, made him want to reach out to her. God! How he wanted to pull her tall frame into his and slowly guide her around the room, slowly basking in her glory, savoring the rays of her goodness. It made a man like Clinton feel good to have a woman who draws other unto her, without being provocative. Her femininity was intoxicating, he wondered how her tall frame would feel hugged closed to his. Without another moment to waste on his far-fetched fantasies, he gathered himself to approach her.

Clinton let out a deep sigh as he brought his mind back to the present. He was awaiting the arrival of his best friend Matthew Pitts, who also served as his business partner. The two had been building their marketing firm for the past five years. Just as he were about to call Matt, his friend entered the coffee shop wearing a wide grin across his face.

Either you have good news or you found a parking space close to the shop? Clinton spoke cheerfully.

Ahh my good man, not only do I have good news, but I too found a close spot! But before I get ahead of myself, lemme place my order. Did you order yet? Matt removes his jacket and picks up his menu, peering over the top to get Clint’s reaction.

No, not yet. I was waiting on you. And instead of ordering at the counter, now you just fill out this cards and take it up front. He pushed a card towards Matt, who speedily filled his out and waited for Clinton to pass his.

After their orders were in, the two sat across each other in the booth as Matt got settled in to share his good news.

Remember the chick I use to date who does the PR for the LemonLime Restaurant Group? Shelly. Shelly Kilmer?

Clint nods his head.

Well, she tells me that they are preparing to open a new restaurant on the main entrance of Lenox Mall. They aren’t currently working with a marketing firm and they don’t currently have an in-house personnel….she put our name in the hat man! We could totally get this bid!

Clinton looked at his friend’s grin and felt his spreading across his own face.

Man, this is great news! We have been waiting to bag a top brand, this could be the start of many more to come!

I know. Matt spoke. This is why it is important that your party is beyond what it normally is. We have to show these people what we are capable of even on a birthday party level! Matt was so excited his arm movements help to exaggerate his words.

Clinton understood what he was saying; however he was positive that what he had planned for his special night would have everyone leaving in high spirits. The party was handled.

Listen, I know you have everything handled already man, it’s just, I am so pumped about this opportunity! I’ve been so excited, I haven’t had time to find a date for the party. He thought for a quick second. Maybe Shelly? Nah. Too soon for business and pleasure….although, we’ve had our pleasure before. He grinned despite his efforts not to.

Clinton shook his head at his friend as he chuckled.

What about you Clint? Who are you bringing to the party? Matt asked.

Clinton thought about telling Matt of Kerra’s invite to the party, but decided against it. The two never really seemed to hit it off. Matt did not understand the affection Clinton held for her.

I honestly have not yet decided if I should have a date present.

Would that have anything to do with the fact that a Ms. Kerra James is in town? Matt asked casually as he seasoned his piping hot breakfast plate. He looked up to meet Clinton’s gaze, awaiting his friend’s answer.

How did you kn…

Man, how many times do I have to tell you? I know people everywhere. They see it all and figure to tell me. Besides, when were you going to tell me that you knew?

Clinton sighs. I don’t know. You always give me so much crap about Kerra. I guess, I didn’t want to hear it this time. Plus, it’s just a party, not like she and I will be alone. He turned to look out the window as he ended his sentence. In his mind he could see her again at that fundraiser, looking beautiful and regal. And he thought about how he’d wanted a moment alone with her then. He dragged his hand down his face as if wiping off the emotion of the memory.

And so it begins. Matt muttered. Chasing Kerra.

In his mind, Kerra should be falling at her knees to have the affection of Clinton Judge. He could have anyone he wanted, and he wanted her, a Black woman.


Short Story: Difficult to Satisfy Pt.2

Hey my loves! Today is part two of my short story from last week. I had a pretty good response to the part 1, so I decided to continue with it…the more you say you like it, the more I will do my best to produce the goods.

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Paula was determined not to be the last one in the office tonight. She had promised Roderick her schedule would loosen up after the partnership was secured at work. Things were going great for Paula. Her hard work was paying off and so has her time working in the trenches during her earlier years at Sow A Seed. It was a non-profit organization who sought to help youth graduate and learn a trade for self dependency. So far under her leadership, the organization had graduated their first group of twenty students. All were reading at 6-8 grade reading levels. By the time Paula contacted persons from her personal network to jump on board with donations and connections, all twenty youth were either reading on their correct level or beyond. She was proud.

Her team was spectacular, she truly knew she could not have achieved the success without them. As she gathered the last of her belongings, Paula’s thoughts were interrupted at the sound of her executive director, Jeffery Waters, tapping at her office door. She turned to see not only her E.D., but a tall, muscular gentleman standing slightly behind him. Usually Paula did not stare, but something about this man’s eyes would not allow her to glance absentmindedly…he seemed to speak with her without saying a word.

Hi Paula, I know you are on your way out, but I wanted to introduce you to our newest member of the staff. Mekhi Borders is our new staff mentor. He will be servicing all of the program managers and case managers who deal with sensitive cases and those who just need someone to talk things through….his voice trailed off.

Paula knew he was thinking about Samantha. She had a promising career at Sow A Seed, however she tragically took her life after a family she was working with died in a tragic homicide. Sam had grown very close to the family of a mother and three children, two boys and an eight month baby girl. The mother was a survivor of domestic abuse, however her abuser was able to track down her and the children, no one survived. Samantha was extremely withdrawn and blamed herself for weeks after the murder. No one ever thought she would take her own life.

Paula took the hand that was now extended towards her. Pleased to meet you. I have heard great things about your work ethic and dedication to the cause. Congratulations on your first graduating class, Mekhi spoke, very clear and his voice erupted like a deep thunderstorm. It didn’t jolt you awake as much as it made one paid attention, and Paula was about face.

Oh, umm thank you! She spoke. I am sure you will find that SOS is a friendly and helpful environment. And if you need anything, I am more than happy to help where I can.  The moment the words came out, she could have sworn she saw Mekhi’s left eyebrow go up.

I will keep all those things in mind. Thank you for your time, I know you probably want to get going.

It was then Paula realized she had been on her way out the door and home to Roderick. Funny how she had forgotten so quickly.

Yes, yes we better allow her to go along. Don’t want hold you up Paula, see you in the morning, Mr. Waters spoke.

Right! She laughed absently. Mr. Waters had turned to walk ahead of her and Mekhi. As he held the door of her office open for her to pass, Paula could smell the fresh and crisp scent of his cologne; had to be Burberry Plaid.  She had always wanted to smell it on Roderick, but it did not work with his original scent.

She heard herself say, Burberry Plaid?

And he responded with a shocked smile, Why, yes? I know it isn’t as new as some of the other things, but it seems to agree with me.

Paula smiled as she gently brushed past Mekhi as she exited the door. She could feel him slightly shift his weight towards her, just barely noticeable, yet she clearly felt the solid impression of his chest against her arm and back.

Goodnight Paula.

Goodnight Mr. Borders. She smiled as he went in the direction of his office and she to the elevator.

As she rode down to the parking garage, she couldn’t help engulfing the scent of his cologne, which now clung to her shoulders and back.

She looked forward to tomorrow morning at work.

Short Story: Difficult to Satisfy

Hi my peeps! I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday. Earlier this year I shared that I am embarking upon the journey of writing my first book and sometimes I come across characters who do not necessarily fit the particular book I am writing, but I still like to give them the opportunity to be known. If you could be so gracious as to leave a comment, like or share about the following, I would most appreciate it. I am always looking to grow in my writing, so do not be afraid to tell me what you think.

Peace and Blessings!


One. Two. Three. She picks up the phone, clicks settings and scrolls down to the “blocked calls” finds his number and swipes left to call.

It is officially his birthday. She had waited for him to reach out to her and invite her to whatever he had going on, he was known for throwing a fabulous party. Plenty to eat and drink and the music was always on point. The phone buzzed in her ear as it rang.

She started to hang up on the fourth ring, but Clinton’s voice came over the receiver. Hello? Who is this?

Kerra did a quick look at the phone as she pulled it away from her ear to check that she had in fact called Clinton. She had. His voice was deeper and heavier than she expected

Clint, its Kerra. I wasn’t expecting to catch you asleep, its kinda early for you isn’t it? She knew she had taken a chance calling him after almost a year and a half of no contact. So many things had changed in that time period. She had thought at the time there was more out there for her….now she wasn’t so sure.

His intense and steady silence made small beads of sweat drip down the small of her back. All of a sudden she felt hot and nervous.

Clinton? She whispered into the phone.

I’m here. I’m just, just trying to get my barings together. I mean, I wasn’t expecting to hear…this is a surprise. He finished.

Listen, I won’t keep you long. I remembered today is your birthday and I , I wanted to be the first to wish you a special one. She sighed deeply, And I am not sure if you know, but Dorien and I..

I know about you and D. Kerra, it’s late and I have a lot to do later on for the party. If you’d like, I can send over and evite and maybe you and Carla can swing through later?

It was a start, she would take it. Yeah, I would like that. Maybe once everything calms down, we can talk?

Yeah, maybe we can. Clinton breathed easily back into the phone. It’s good to hear your voice Kerra. Is the email the same?

Yes, it is.

Cool. I will send it over shortly.



Kerra watched the screen fade to black as she placed her phone back on its charger before laying back against the cool satin pillows stacked strategically across the top of her bed. She focused her thoughts on the raindrops that clung to the large floor to ceiling windows of her condo, and then watched as the drops slid slowly downward.

She couldn’t help but wonder if she were like those raindrops. Clinging to things and people who could not hold on to her, allowing her to fall downward to her demise. She sighed deeply. But not Clinton, never Clinton. He had always been someone real she could go to, no matter what.

Even after she broke his heart and refused his proposal of them moving beyond just being friends; he was still there, he never wavered. Even after she told him she was not ready for a relationship, however; two weeks later had begun a serious romance with Dorien; he gave her his blessing.

Kerra didn’t know if she were coming back to Clinton because she needed him to validate her, or she needed him to love her. Either way, she knew she needed his essence again; the kind of essence that assured her she could step out and fly.

She just hoped that had not changed.

She hoped.