Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

At some point, you will hit your head against the wall enough times to realize you cannot continue the short cut route, to longevity.

There are tests and trials that must be issued to you, in order to gain while going through.

There are major benefits to sacrificing; you just have to stand long enough to endure.

When your mind starts to waver and your body begins to grow weak from worry or stress, re-center yourself through: prayer, meditation and positive affirmations; reminding yourself of your why.

A change is going to come, whether you want it or not, but how you handle it depicts what you take away from it.

Embrace the journey.

Embrace the process.

Embrace the sacrifice.

Prepare for the blessings headed your way.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

I recently had a talk with a colleague who is also a good friend, and I shared my frustrations about wanting to step out as a full time entrepreneur, but naught having a tangible product or vision.

So many ideas are running through my mind, and I know the passion is there to promote the brand, but my work ethic has taken a spiral for in that area.

Laziness leads to a total lack of commitment.

And in listening to and realizing the truth and my part in allowing things to go so far left, I understood that I changed.

I wasn’t focused on the biggest picture, and I lost the lesson of:
Complete One Idea at a Time
1) Make two columns
     A. What am I actually doing
     B. What I actually want to do
2)Prioritize your columns
    What are you most passionate about
3) Decide how your lists overlap
     A. What things go hand in hand
        ¤ create a flow chart of how one completed passion fuels the next
4)Plan your effort
    A. What’s your new routine for success
        ¤ i.e. 9am -meditate
        ¤       9:30am-work on sketches
What are you willing to do to bring your passion to life?

5) Make it work
    You are the only determining factor in how successful you are and will be.

Energy can naught be denied, it attracts what it puts out.

I felt my power source to be weak, but that is because my mindset was weakening, I wasn’t focused nor active and I wasn’t seeking the right energy. It reflected in my creation of….well, nothing.

Moral of the story is, don’t let lazy take hold of you. It’s okay to chill and relax, but watch that!

Don’t allow lazy to become your routine.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Remember this one thing as you attempt to handle obstacles and trials within your life;

I want you to enjoy the ride, even the pitfalls that seem to stagger in between our happy moments! Because in those pitfalls, you are humbled to see that you are still here. Still standing. Still moving towards rectifying the situation….and that counts for something!

To be kept even when things seem to come at you from every direction, your mind is still in tact, be thankful for that. For it is no small gift, to have a peace of mind and a sound mind through trials and turbulence.

Keep your mind strong. Stay optimistic in the stormy times and prepared to move forward.

Make A Plan.

Take Action .

Set Up Shop.

Go Get It