Word of the Day: Empathy


The ability to step into your feelings and show concern for another’s pain or hurt.

Sometimes it’s naught that we need to say anything, but just being there is enough to let someone know you care and a hug can make the difference between someone being on the edge of despair or in the arms of comfort.

Take time to empathize.
It’s nice to be nice.

Word of the Day: Self Respect

Self Respect

The act of consistently upholding oneself to a level of excellence.

Ever heard that saying, you gotta give respect to get respect? Well, it’s not true when dealing with others, unfortunately…however, it is true when we apply it directly to ourselves.

What we engage our thoughts, hearts and bodies and what we speak, have a direct correlation to how much we respect our own self.

If you respect yourself, show it. Speak it. Think it. Be it.

Watch the growth that manifests from within you and see how doors of opportunity will present themselves to you. Why? Because you set the standard!

When you respect yourself, there are endless possibilities to what you will accomplish, be it personal, professional or romance related.

The choice is always yours.
Respect yaself!

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It

Word of the Day: Clarity

The ability to operate with clear instructions.

When you gain a clear vision of what you are embarking upon, it is imperative you stay the course until further instructions.

Ask for clarity  and I promise you will receive it. You just need to follow through.

Make A Plan
Take Action
Set Up Shop
Go Get It