Word of the Day

Unforeseen circumstances are trials which test us to make sure we are clear that what we asked for, is exactly what we want.

The finishline will be moved a few times when greater is the goal.

Fret not. Faint not.

You will win.


Pushing Forward: Short Story

Elleon couldn’t believe she had gone this long without accomplishing the dreams she’d set for herself as a young girl growing up in a world of fantasies and make believe. She would spend countless hours rehearsing songs and dance moves, even perfecting the skill set of keeping her imaginary audience engaged in her performances. Yet here she is, a young adult….well does late twenties still count as young? And she was trying to catch up to the promises she made herself a long time ago….What would that young girl say to Elleon if she could see her now? Stand in front of her, and really see her.

Would her younger self simply hug her and know the efforts put forth to accomplish those dreams she lived and breathed? Surely her younger self had to know her expectations for life are just so high and how much Elle beat herself up over not being the success story she needed her to be….she wanted her to be…..she knew Elle could be.

I hope I haven’t disappointed her too much, Elle thought. I hope when she looks from the inside out, she isn’t ashamed of my accomplishments. I hope she doesn’t silently pity me when watching others doing the things she wanted me to do and enjoying the lifestyle she always wanted.

But who is she to judge, right? I mean she’s just a child! What does she really know about life and the aftermath of innocence? What does this wide eyed, big idea dreaming, anything is possible, kid really know about life anyway!?

I can’t be too hard on her. She really didn’t have any other choice but to dream. It was what kept her from believing the things other kids would spat out about her. Her appearance, her clothes, her height, her weight, her teeth….everything was subject to scrutiny. So could I really blame her for dreaming big and encouraging me to reach for the stars? Elle whispered the words silently in her mind.

“Dammit! I owe her that!  I owe her the opportunity to know she wasn’t dreaming in vain or that she was crazy for dreaming outside her environmental box! I will be my own hero again. I will swim in the soul of my younger self, fearless and ready, willing to win.” Elle spoke the words out loud, something she rarely did anymore.

Elleon  calmly brushed back a tendril of hair from her face and began to walk upon the stage.